Set Up YouTube Parental Controls & Keep Your Kids Safe

By Last Updated: October 7th, 2023Categories: Parental Control

The world we live in today is truly modernized. As young as a 9-month-old baby knows how to hold a phone and watch YouTube videos. When kids are becoming a nuisance at home, parents resort to letting their children access YouTube.

Why Do You Need to Put Parental Controls on YouTube

Since millions of inappropriate videos and comments were tracked down on YouTube in 2015, parents were warned of their ill effects on children. YouTube worked hard to remove them to ensure that all videos streaming is suitable for kids. Thus, the creation of the YouTube Parental Controls feature.

For parents who love to let their kids watch YouTube videos, you’d better install a Parental Control app to avoid any of these potential threats.

Presence of Child Predators

Child predators have once flooded YouTube with videos and comments. Though most of them have been removed, there isn’t any way we can be sure that no child predator can slip through. We must be vigilant on the warning signs of child predators or pedophiles.

Stop Cyberbullying

YouTube becomes a platform for cyberbullying because comments are unfiltered. Trolls can say whatever hurting remarks they want. Which will demoralize the youngster’s whole being. Just like the horrible and true cyberbullying stories we’ve heard before.

To Prevent Kids from Watching Inappropriate Videos

There are people who’d use cartoon characters or superheroes to make unacceptable videos like Spiderman peeing on Disney’s Queen Elsa. This bad-mannered behavior can be imitated by children. And there are illicit videos streaming on YouTube too that you wouldn’t want your kids to see.

And to restrict youngsters from watching uncensored videos, you need YouTube Parental Controls. Because with 5 billion videos uploaded daily, you wouldn’t want to gamble on your child’s safety on YouTube.

Therefore, parents must be guided on how to block YouTube videos. In other words, how to put YouTube Parental Controls on your children’s device.

YouTube Kids App Parental Control

How YouTube Kids Parental Control Work

You can set up YouTube Parental Controls on your device using the YouTube Kids app. It’s designed for young users. YouTube Kids app intends to prevent child predators and cyberbullies from reaching out to children.

  1. Kid-friendly Videos Only: The videos streaming on YouTube Kids are filtered. So kids won’t be able to watch mature materials. Only the child-friendly ones.
  2. Block Inappropriate Videos: You can easily block YouTube videos that are unsavory or easily click the Report button. There may be any that can pass the YouTube Kids filter. Like harsh prank videos or unacceptable Disney character videos.
  3. Set YouTube Time: You can limit your child’s screen time with YouTube Kids. So you won’t be the bad guy. The app itself would prompt a time-out.
  4. No Comments Section: This feature keeps child predators and cyberbullies away. They can’t comment on any sort of links or inappropriate words.
  5. Eliminate YouTube Kids Search Engine: You may limit your child’s YouTube search or totally disable the search button. This way, your child can only search those videos that are approved by YouTube human quality controllers.
YouTube Kids App Poster

Set Up YouTube Parental Controls & Protect Your Kids

Here are the instructions on how to put YouTube Parental Control on your child’s device.

Step 1: On your child’s device, go to Google Play or Apple Store. Or simply go to the YouTube app, click the profile photo on the upper right corner and scroll down. Tap YouTube Kids.

Step 2: Then download the YouTube Kids app.

Step 3: Click Install and accept the terms granting permission to access your device.

Step 4: Hit the Open button and set it up.

Step 5: Just tap the lock icon button on the lower corner to set search and time limits.

Step 6: Enter the numbers to confirm you’re an adult.

Step 7: Now YouTube Kids is safe for your children.

Is YouTube Parental Control Really Safe

No, it’s not 100% safe because there still are adult videos that haven’t been taken down. Since you can’t watch over your child during screen time, you need to teach him/her what inappropriate videos are. Though not all are older enough to distinguish that. So what more can parents do if YouTube Parental Controls can’t filter disturbing videos all out?

Here’s another alternative to YouTube Parental Controls that might work better for your needs.

Block YouTube Videos Using mSpy to Better Protect Your Kids

mSpy is a phone monitoring app that works best as Parental Control. It’s trusted by most parents because it can reliably track your child’s mobile activities undetected. Meaning, day and night, you’ll know what your child is watching on YouTube. mSpy is easy to use and can be installed with one-time access. Add another level of protection to your child’s device with mSpy.

Block Website/App

You can block both the YouTube website and the app using the mSpy Block Website or App. Since YouTube cannot totally filter the disturbing videos, better cut off this site/app or any other video-sharing app. This can totally prevent your child from watching unacceptable videos.

Check What They Search via Keylogger

You can check every word search on YouTube using mSpy Keylogger. Once you know it, you can furthermore check online if it’s really safe for kids or not.

Activate Keyword Alert

For you to be notified once they type in any inappropriate word or phrase, mSpy can secretly send you an email alert. So you’ll be able to intercept and correct him/her immediately. All you have to do is monitor what they’re up to remotely every day.

You can also protect your kids from all forms of online harm and practices. With mSpy, you can track their Social Media chats. Know if they’re chatting with sexual offenders or cyberbullies. Also, read their text messages and view their call logs. You can monitor their exact whereabouts and receive notifications by setting up geofence on their phone. With mSpy’s built-in GPS Tracker, you’ll be kept posted all the time if your child is safe physically.

You better use mSpy Parental Control now.


mSpy Phone Tracker

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  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Set Up mSpy Parental Control for YouTube

Simply click the mSpy button above and subscribe.

Step 1: Create your mSpy account.

Sign Up mSpy

Step 2: Purchase the mSpy package deal.

Step 3: Then wait for an email with detailed instructions on how to install it on your child’s device.

Step 4: Install mSpy on the target phone.

Step 5: Now you can give the phone back to your child. Then log in to your mSpy Control Panel.

Step 6: Start blocking the YouTube website or app.

  • Scroll down below and click Block Website on your Dashboard.
  • Copy and paste the YouTube URL in the box below.
  • Then hit the Block button. Now the YouTube website is blocked on your child’s device.
mSpy Block Websites

To review the words or phrases they key in.

  • Click Keylogger.
  • And check the type in words or phrases on his/her device.
mSpy Keylogger

To activate the Keyword Alert.

  • Select Keyword Tracking.
  • Input the words or phrases considered inappropriate in the Add rule box.
  • Choose the Notify to email in the Notification box.
  • Then hit the Add button. Now it’s activated.
mSpy Track Keywords

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the only way to stop our kids from watching violent and mature videos is by using YouTube Parental Controls or eliminating it from their devices. This may sound harsh but effective. Anyway, you can still let them watch YouTube videos with restrictions if you want. But make sure to teach and remind them often what are acceptable videos aside from using these Parental Controls for an added protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, here’s how.

  1. On the YouTube app, search for the channel you’d like to block.
  2. Choose one video from it.
  3. Then tick the three dots on the corner above.
  4. Look for Block and tap it.
  5. Then choose Block the entire channel.

Now the YouTube channel is blocked.

This feature can help filter the videos you consider inappropriate or unwanted. If turned on, there are bigger chances you can never see these kinds of videos. Though this isn’t 100% guaranteed. So you better use the mSpy Parental Control app for added protection.