10 Hard Truths – Why Don’t Guys Like Me Back

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One of the most terrible situations you can put yourself in is to witness the guy you love like another pretty girl. It’s like a part of you just died instantly. We all know it’s normal; a lot of girls get “friendzoned” big time even as you read this.

However, there is this feeling of doubt whenever a guy rejects you. You can’t help but ask yourself: Why don’t guys like me back? Am I difficult to deal with? How can I make them like me?

Well, if you want guys to like you, you have to step up to their standards as well. And you can only do it if you know your shortcomings and improve yourself from there. So, in this article, we will help you figure out why the guys you like don’t like you back.

1. You’re Too Clingy

Being clingy can be a sign of sweetness and love, but when it’s done too much, it’s a waving red flag for guys. You see, if you are always around a guy you like to the extent that you disturb his peace, he won’t appreciate it.

Some guys love to be alone from time to time and they can play video games or watch some matches. If you won’t even let him be alone, he will find you annoying, which is the last thing you’d want to know.

Be clingy and touchy when it’s necessary like if he needs comfort because he’s sad, you can hug him or whatnot. Don’t cling to him like a monkey hanging on a branch.

You have to respect his personal space, too. And if he wants to be alone, let him be. Don’t follow him or do any silly and clingy gestures that would annoy him. That way, he’d know you value him.

2. You Both Have Compatibility Issues

Maybe he liked you, but as time went on, he discovered things that make you both incompatible. They say that opposite attracts, but sometimes, like-minded individuals tend to be more attracted to each other.

Woman Man Disagreements

There may be times when he likes to watch a movie, but you prefer the movie he despises. Another instance could be when both of your beliefs and political views clash all the time.

This isn’t your fault, though. It’s just that both of you are so different that there’s no way to find a compromise in the middle.

3. He Might Be Gay

One of the most pressing reasons why a guy may not like is because he’s gay to begin with. Another situation is when he only figured it out when the both of you are still getting to know each other. He rejected you because he likes guys, and he doesn’t want you to get hurt by deceiving you he’s into girls like you.

If this is the case, then there’s no reason for you to pursue him, as he’s never going to be sexually and romantically attracted to you no matter what you do.

4. He’s Intimidated by You

Guys love to be the one who intimidates. More often than not, they want to dominate every situation. But if you’re a girl whose aura is a little bit over the top, you’d easily intimidate guys. They’d think that they can’t touch you or speak with you normally, which can be pretty exhausting to think about.

Also, you may have intimidated him by the way you talk or when you’re bragging about every single achievement you have accomplished in your life. It’s okay to be proud, but don’t push it too much to the point where the guy you like feels small.

5. You Rush Things

If the guy you like wants to take things slow, do it. Otherwise, he’d have a bad feeling about you. You see, some guys just want to chill and figure things out while they’re dating. You don’t have to rush things such as planning big things like marriage or whatnot. You have to focus on the getting-to-know stage.

Rushing Relationship

Well, sometimes, you just get carried away, but always be mindful of your actions when dealing with the guy you like. This is because you could make or break the good things between you, too.

6. You Always Talk about Yourself

Guys don’t like a girl who talks too much, let alone talk only about herself all day long. You may not be a selfish person, but to bring up yourself whenever you engage in a conversation with the guy you like can be a big red flag.

Seeing you being selfish gives him the impression that you don’t care about what he has to say and share. It would appear that you only care about your story, not what he truly feels. You see, guys also want to be heard even if they’re silent.

7. You’re Way too Dramatic

Drama is only good for a show, but in real life where you deal with real guys, being too dramatic is the last thing you’d want. You see, there’s already too much drama in the world. Try to be sensitive, your guy has problems to deal with as well.

Moreover, don’t be too dramatic whenever you disagree on little things. And most importantly, guys hate if you make a scene whenever you argue with them. They don’t like you crying around, trying to get people’s sympathy for no valid reason. It doesn’t hurt to grow up, does it?

8. You’re Indecisive

When guys ask you what you like to eat or receive as a gift, don’t think too long about what you want. You should know what you want.

Indecisive Person

Guys don’t like to be kept wondering or waiting about what you have in mind. This is because it could give them the impression that you are not capable of making good decisions, when you can’t even decide on little things.

9. You’re A Control Freak

Yes! You should be able to make decisions, too. But don’t make all of them, leaving the guy voiceless. It would give off a vibe that you’re a total control freak that only wants what she wants. So, let the poor guy do what he wants to do. You see, liking someone and trying to form a relationship with them also means respecting their boundaries and personal choices.

10. You Have too Many Male Close Friends

Any guy would definitely be taken aback if they find out the girl they’re planning to pursue has many male close friends. If he sees you always hanging out with your guy friends and being touchy feely with them, he might feel threatened. This is especially true if you are still in contact or friends with your exes.

This confusing situation can be one of the reasons why he just decided to give up and not like you back. He’d rather have his peace of mind than go overthinking things and getting jealous all the time.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the possible reasons that’s always left you asking “Why guys don’t like me”, try to correct your mistakes. However, in the items where it’s not your fault, don’t let it diminish your value. You are just as important as the guy you badly like. Sometimes, things just don’t click. So take your time to improve yourself, the right guy will just come along.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, yes, it does matter to some men. They want someone who’s attractive to their eyes. However, it all boils down to security and how a woman makes them feel about themselves.

It really depends on how you date someone, but it does come with certain expenses. If you want to meet up in a fancy restaurant or give the person a gift, you have to shed some bucks to make that happen.