Why Do Babies Stare At Me? Here Are The Reasons Why

By Last Updated: October 17th, 2023Categories: Baby Sitting

Babies are little cute curious creatures. While babysitting an infant you might have noticed a pair of round bright eyes staring at you. It’s like they’re looking through your soul.

It’s cute, but some people find it a bit concerning. Well, if you’re a first-time parent or it’s your first time babysitting, don’t freak out. It’s normal and all babies do that.

But what does it mean when a baby stares at you? Well, there are actually some interesting reasons behind that. And we listed them on this page. Check it out!

1. They are Drawn to Bright Colors

During a kid’s infant stage, their vision is not fully developed yet. But they do see colors. You might notice that if a baby sees something bright and colorful, their eyes are immediately drawn to that object. No matter what it is, as long as it has outstanding colors, expect your baby to stare at it nonstop.

They are Drawn to Bright Colors

2. They Like Outstanding Features

After some months, your baby’s vision will be clearer. They will start to see and notice objects and shapes. So when you try to talk to them, they’re not just listening to you, they’re staring at your glasses, earrings, necklace, and other things you wear.

Different patterns and textures are also fascinating for babies. And it’s also good to let your baby see different things while they’re growing up.

3. They are Drawn to Movement

Talking to your baby makes them stare at you curiously. This is because they observe your facial expression, how your lips move, and your eyes blink. That is why if you change your expression like when you smile or act sad the baby laughs. Well, it’s fascinating for them.

They are Drawn to Movement

4. They Try to Differentiate Between their Caregiver and Strangers

One of my friends asked, “why do babies stare at me?” He thinks maybe it’s something about his face or aura that makes babies terrified of him. If you think the same way, well, that’s not it.

They Try to Differentiate Between their Caregiver and Strangers

Babies stare at people because they’re trying to know if it’s the person who takes care of them or if it’s a stranger. And if they don’t recognize you, they will cry.

5. They are Learning to Communicate

Staring at people and things is an infant’s way to learn how to communicate. They will stare at people, and observe how they talk, smile, or laugh. And because they’re still learning, their judgy stare is their way of talking to you.

Tip: When to Worry About Your Baby Staring

The starting period is not permanent. Usually, a baby stops staring at the age of 4 months. But if a baby stares straight without blinking for 20 to 30 seconds and you cannot get their attention by calling them or waving a hand in front of them. Consult your doctor immediately, this might be a sign of a mild baby seizure.

We recommend that you set up a non-WIFI baby monitor in your child’s room or crib so you can attend to them immediately when emergencies like this happen.

Authors Note

When a baby stares at you, try to talk to them. It can help with their development and will improve their senses and speech. Don’t forget to have fun with your baby and let them feel how much you love them.


It is recommended that you speak to them using your first language or the language that is spoken by the whole family or the country you are in. It will be easier for them to converse to you and to other people.

Usually, babies start to crawl at 9 months. By this time you may need to baby-proof the house.

There’s no need for that. As long as you can talk to your baby on a regular basis at any time of the day. It will help their speech development.

Having a conversation with a child helps with their vocabulary. So if you rarely talk to your baby, there’s a chance that their speech and vocabulary will be affected.