Funniest White Lie Ideas That Will Make You The Star Of The Party

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Have you recently been invited to a white lie party and have no idea what to do and wear?

If it’s your first time attending a white lie party I know the theme is a bit confusing or if you’ve already been to one maybe you’re running out of ideas on what to wear. Or maybe you’re hosting a white lie party and you want to make sure everyone will enjoy it.

Well, don’t panic because I got you! Here are all the things you need to know about this fun party and know the best white lie ideas.

What is a White Lie Party?

The themes of parties nowadays are more unique than before. One of the most unusual party themes you can see today is a white lie party. It may sound unusual, but this theme is a pretty good one.

At a white lie party, all the attendees should wear a white shirt with a white lie written on it. This party can either be funny or controversial.

What is a White Lie Party

It will be up to you what lie you want to write on your shirt. It can be something funny or inconsequential. There are white lie shirts you can buy online. If you want to make it a bit more personal or if you don’t have the money and time to buy one, just grab a plain white shirt and a black marker and write your lie.

The whole point of the party is getting to know each other better. So this may include sharing thoughts on the things written on your shirt, etc. Also, endless picture taking will take place and some fun games too.

Now, maybe you don’t know what white lie you’re going to wear at the party, don’t worry. We listed some hilarious white lie ideas below to make you shine at the party.

Smart and Quirky White Lie Ideas

Here are some fun and quirky white lie ideas you can write on your shirt at a white lie party.

1. “I am starting my diet on Monday”

Now, this is a lie that most people are guilty of doing. We always plan to start our diets but we never do. This white lie idea will surely amuse your friends.

I am Starting My Diet on Monday

2. “I don’t eat fast food”

If amusing people at the party is your goal, write this on a white shirt and attend the party while holding a burger, you’ll surely hear some snarky side comments from other people.

3. “I love long zoom meetings”

This is a lie to wear to a party with your co-workers, it’s hilarious and relatable. Just make sure to not bump into your boss.

I love long Zoom Meetings

4. “I always wear my seatbelt”

If your friends know how bad of a driver you are, well this white lie will suit you.

I Always Wear My Seatbelt

5. “I love my job”

You might want to avoid your boss the whole night if you choose this one. But hey, it’s relatable and amusing. So it will be worth it.

I Love My Job

6. “I always wake up early”

I attended a white lie party a few weeks ago and this is what I wrote on my shirt. And all I heard all night was sarcastic comments like “Oh my I totally believe you”. I and my friends really had a good laugh on this one.

I Always Wake Up Early

7. “I’ve been working out”

Aside from #1, this one right here is so relatable to a lot of people. But, you can wear this white lie as a sign that you’re really going to start working out for real.

I've Been Working Out

8. “I don’t like coffee”

If your friends always see you with a cup of coffee in your hands, this is the perfect white lie for you. It’s sarcastic and funny, it will surely crack them up.

9. “It’s just a perm”

This one is for our curly gals and dudes out there. If you’re tired and answering questions about your hair, then this white lie will keep them quiet.

It’s Just a Perm

10. “I’m a medium”

You can be a bit creative on this one. Write on a shirt smaller than your usual size to make it look tight. If there’s an award for the best white lie, you’ll surely have a chance to get it.

11. “My tan is natural”

When people always say you tan so much, the only way to keep them quiet and make them laugh at the same time is to wear this white lie at the party.

12. “I’m not addicted to TikTok”

We all have one friend who likes to hop and dance on TikTok trends, but if you are that friend. Well, this one is perfect for you.

I’m Not Addicted to TikTok

13. “I don’t drink alcohol”

If you think you’re getting drunk at the party you’re attending, we’ll this white lie idea will suit you. Your friends will totally be amused.

14. “I swear, I’m not drunk”

You can either choose this one or #13. But don’t forget to drink responsibly.

15. “I’m on my way”

If I will attend another white lie party, this is what I’ll be writing on my shirt. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s going to relate to this white lie.

16. “I paid $999 for this Tee”

This one is hilarious, I mean it’s a pretty obvious lie but it’s funny and creative.

17. “Your secret is safe with me”

You can either wear this lie for yourself or make fun of someone you know who’s bad at keeping secrets.

Your Secret is Safe with Me

18. “Money isn’t important”

This one is relatable for everyone at the party. You’ll surely hear laughs around you and some might even talk to you about it. Better prepare a compelling answer.

Fun and Epic White Lie Party Ideas

Here are some things you can do to hype up your white lie party.

  • Send our quirky and smart invitations to your guests. You can look for insparations online and send to your friends via email or you can print out a physical copy.
  • Set up a photo booth. And to make things more fun, make sure to include fun photo booth props and frames and put up a fun background.
  • Set up a DIY white lie shirt station. You can provide white shirts and markers.
  • Decorate with all-white designs and white lights. You can find white-themed decorations on Amazon like white fairy lights, tassels for the tables, balloons, and more!
  • Have everyone participate in a lie detector test. This will be the highlight of your party and it will surely be fun. You can prepare questions before the party or ask them about the white lie on the shirts. Just remember to be sensitive to avoid offending anyone.

Tip: Where to Get a White Shirt for a White Lie Party

If it’s your first time attending a White Lie party, I’m pretty sure you’re struggling with where to get your white lie shirt. Well, don’t worry, here are some ideas on where you can find the perfect shirt to stun everyone at the party!

  • Buy on Amazon – They offer a wide variety of white lie shirts in different styles and sizes.
  • DIY White Lie Shirt – If you don’t have budget to purchase a shirt, you can just grab an old white shirt and write your lie using a black marker. You can even add details if you want to.
  • Have a Custom Shirt Printed – You can also design your own shirt and have it printed. It will be more personalized since you can decide the style and even the quality of the shirt.

Now that you have everything you need, you’re now ready to slay the White Lie Party!


Parties are all about fun, so be sure to enjoy yourself, make friends, and have a good time.


A black lie is sometimes considered the worst kind of lying. It is defined as “callous selfishness” and malevolence. The only purpose is to get oneself out of trouble or gain some benefit not felt to be otherwise possible.

It is a lie that you tell to avoid hurting the feelings of the other person.