Where Is My Boyfriend? Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location

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Being in a relationship is not always butterflies in your tummy or seeing hearts all over. There will always be times when your relationship will experience rough patches.

As a woman, I truly understand that there are some girlfriends out there whose primary concerns are loyalty and trust. That is why some of them wanted to track their boyfriend’s location in order to clarify some things.

Common Reasons Why Girlfriends Track Their Boyfriends

When a girlfriend tracks her boyfriend, it doesn’t mean she’s a psychopath. There are other reasons why a person would want to track someone, especially if they are in a relationship. Here are some of the reasons why.

Scannero Tracker

Reason One: Lack of Trust and Communication

Trust is a vital component in having a healthy relationship. But once it is broken, as a girlfriend, you will be concerned about your boyfriend’s honesty and if he’s really telling the truth. And tracking your man’s location is one way to test his honesty.

A woman’s intuition rarely lies, and sometimes we can sense if our partner is hiding something, specifically if he’s cheating through his actions and even small details and changes in his attitude. Hence, tracking his phone is an option to confirm these allegations.

Why Girlfriends Track Their Boyfriends

Reason Two: Safety Purposes

Incidents like theft and accidents may happen at any time and wherever. As a loving girlfriend, it becomes essential to always ensure your boyfriend’s safety and be aware of what is happening to him.

Overall, tracking your boyfriend’s phone through GPS can give the ultimate peace of mind. Therefore, to all girlfriends out there, this guide will share with you the best options on how to track your boyfriend’s phone through GPS.

Method 1. Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location via Scannero.IO

One of the most convenient ways to track someone’s location is by tracking down their phone number. And there is no other phone number site that works more effectively than Scannero.IO.

Scannero.IO offers a quick and direct way of tracking your boyfriend’s location. What’s more amazing about this tool is that it supports all network carriers and can work in almost every country! Yes! Even if your boyfriend is on the other side of the world, you can still freely track him down with Scannero.IO.

Scannero Tracker

And rest assured that your sneaky boyfriend won’t know he is being tracked. Scannero.IO will quietly penetrate into his phone and remotely access its GPS feature. You can then see his current location via the map provided. How cool is that?

With just 3 easy steps, you can track your boyfriend’s location without any hassle!

  1. Access the Scannero.IO site by clicking the button below. Then create an account, and select a subscription plan to proceed.
  1. Next, type in your boyfriend’s phone number.
  2. Create a trick message. The goal is to make your boyfriend hit the link attached to the text.

When he hits the link, you will then see his current location. Pretty easy right? Try Scannero.IO now!

Method 2. Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location via Google Find My Device

Google’s Find My Device is a tracking feature available for every Android user. Using this app will help you to track your boyfriend’s phone location for free.

Google Find My Phone

Here are the steps on how to track your boyfriend’s phone;

  1. On your Android device, go to Google Play Store and install Find My Device.
  2. Launch the app and enter the Google credentials of your boyfriend’s phone. Then, tap on the device associated with it.
  3. You will see a map with the exact location of your boyfriend’s phone.

Method 3. Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location via Find My iPhone

For IOS users, Find My iPhone is one way to see someone’s location. This one works the same as method 2 and is also pretty simple to execute. So, if you and your boyfriend happen to be iPhone users, then this method could help you.

Find My iPhone

So, here’s what you should do:

  1. On your iPhone, go to the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name at the top of the screen and click the Family Sharing option.
  3. To add your boyfriend, tap the Add Family Member. Choose the Invite in Person option and enter your boyfriend’s Apple ID and password.
  4. On your Find My iPhone app, just tap your boyfriend’s iPhone device and from here, you will find his iPhone’s location.

Unfortunately, this method will not also offer you secrecy because he will be notified once you track his iPhone. Also, once your boyfriend has disabled his location sharing you will not be able to see his location at all.

Method 4. Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location via mSpy

In some instances, tracking your boyfriend’s location may not be enough to confirm if he’s cheating or not. Sometimes you have to go through extra measures to confirm your allegations.

mSpy is an all-in-one tool that can effectively track your boyfriend’s phone and help you confirm his infidelity at the same time. Yes! This tool is packed with amazing features that will surely bring out the truth in no time.

mSpy Dashboard

If you want to silently track his location without him knowing, feel like a super spy as you secretly follow his tracks with the help of mSpy’s GPS feature! This feature will automatically be enabled once you install mSpy on his phone. And with just one click his real-time location will be shown on the live map. How cool is that?

Another tracking tool is the GeoFencing feature. This nifty feature will let you create a digital fence and will let you know if your boyfriend leaves or enters a certain location. You can set the target location yourself and be alerted right away to your email address. You set up places like restaurants, motels, or if he goes out of your town. This feature will help you know if he’s lying about his whereabouts and more!

As I’ve said above, mSpy is packed with a lot of amazing features like reading your boyfriend’s iMessages on Social Media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

mSpy Cheating Exposer

Let’s find out the ultimate secrets of our “loved” one! Sexting, flirting, cheating? All in one app!

Track Cheating Partner’s GPS Location 24/7 Remotely

Read private messages, IMs&SMS, Social Media Apps

Find Media Library for selfies & videos as evidence

If you wish to gain full access to his accounts, you can easily hack them with the help of the Keylogger feature. This will record his typing history and reveal possible account credentials and deleted messages!

Aside from these, mSpy still has a lot of features that can help you in your tracking mission. So try it now and find out the truth.

Steps to Find My Boyfriend with mSpy

Step 1

First, register an account on mSpy by clicking the button below.

Step 2

Select the type of device you want to track to proceed. You can then choose a subscription plan.

mSpy Sign Up

Step 3

Next, mSpy will send you a message on the email that you used for registration. The email should contain your account confirmation and the installation manual. Use the manual to install mSpy on your target device.

Step 4

After the installation, log in to your account and access the Dashboard. From there, select the GPS Location option and you will see your target’s past locations. If you want to see his current location switch to the Map View tab.

mSpy GPS

Step 5

For GeoFence, you can then set up restricted areas. After that, once he leaves or enters that area you will receive a notification right away.

And that’s how easy it is to track your boyfriend’s location with mSpy. Try it now!

mSpy Cheating Exposer

Let’s find out the ultimate secrets of our “loved” one! Sexting, flirting, cheating? All in one app!

Track Cheating Partner’s GPS Location 24/7 Remotely

Read private messages, IMs&SMS, Social Media Apps

Find Media Library for selfies & videos as evidence

Final Thoughts

Now that we are done. I hope that you have learned from us how to track your boyfriend’s phone through GPS. From all those methods, I highly recommend using the mSpy application. Hassle-free, very convenient, and has no limited restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

In tracking someone’s phone, use the eyeZy application. It is a professional spying tool that will give you full access to your target’s phone activities.

Absolutely, with the help of eyeZy, it has a stealth mode feature that will give you the power to spy on your target’s phone without them knowing it.