Two Most Effective WhatsApp Spy Apps For iPhone & Android

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WhatsApp is known as the first app to launch a Free messaging and calling IM platform, and because of this, it has become one of today’s most trusted applications. As a result, WhatsApp is now used worldwide.

Due to its popularity, WhatsApp now poses online threats to everyone due to online predators lurking around. And these evil people are always looking for victims to prey with, especially the youngsters. And many spouses suspect that their partner cheats on Social Media like WhatsApp.

There are many unwanted possibilities for using WhatsApp. Thus, we should track our kid/partner’s WhatsApp activity immediately using WhatsApp spy.

How to Hack Whatsapp Without Access to Target Phone

Is it possible to hack someone’s WhatsApp without touching the target’s phone?

Yes! By directly asking the person his/her login credentials. Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, it’s a gamble.

Even your child or partner won’t give that information to you easily. How much more for strangers? Or friends? Or relatives? No one would want their privacy to be invaded, especially on social accounts.

So, how to spy on Whatsapp messages without target phone?

Method 1: WhatsApp Spy App for iPhone & Android – mSpy

Learn how to track WhatsApp conversations using the spy app that suits both iPhone and Android phones. Here’s mSpy, an effective and reliable WhatsApp spy tool!

mSpy Social Media Checker

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Read conversations, see all the sent and received images

Record the screen of all activities on any social media apps

Undoubtedly, mSpy is one of the good choices among phone monitoring apps. It can help you track Whatsapp messages, view who they called to with date and time stamp, and duration. In this way, you can protect your kids from online predators.

Also, it lets you catch a cheating partner by checking through messages and calls. Aside from WhatsApp, mSpy also gives you access to other Social Network apps.

Quick Tour of mSpy’s Spying Features

Read Social Media App Chats – If you’re dying to know and read for yourself every conversation of your child or every Social Media affair of your partner, mSpy is the key.

Track the photos and videos your child is sharing with friends and family. We’d never want wicked persons to use these files for defaming intentions. Of course, monitor your partner’s messages to be able to catch a cheater.

mSpy Check Cheating Wift Facebook

Screenrecorder – With the mSpy screen records, every time the device screen changes, it will be recorded. Meaning, even the deleted messages can be read. Your cheating partner can’t hide anything from you. Likewise, a secretive teenager can’t outwit you.

Check Facebook Messages Activities mSpy

In addition to that, mSpy enables you to read SMS, browse all photos and videos including the downloaded ones, receive Geofence alerts, and more. Overall, it ensures your child’s protection and tracks your partner’s mobile and digital activities.

Easy Steps on How to Use WhatsApp Spy – mSpy

Step 1: Subscribe to mSpy and install

Click the button below and follow the set of instructions sent to your email.

Step 2: Access your Dashboard

Use the link sent to your email and log in to mSpy Control Panel.

Step 3: To spy on WhatsApp messages

  • Click Social Networks then WhatsApp.
  • See all WhatsApp messages including photos.

To read other Social Media Apps

  • To hack other Social Media Apps, go to Social Networks.
  • Choose the Social Media platform like Snapchat, Facebook tracking, etc.
  • Read all messages and view files.

To check the Screen recording

  • Select Screenrecorder on your Dashboard.
  • Then the specific app on the App name button like WhatsApp and others.
  • View the screen recordings.

There are many Whatsapp spy apps for Android and iPhone online, but mSpy is the leading choice. Try mSpy now!

Method 2: WhatsApp Spy App for Android – FlexiSpy

All eyes and ears for FlexiSpy , a spy app solution for Android phones. It can view all Whatsapp text/voice messages as well as multimedia sent and received by your child or partner. You’ll be able to spy WhatsApp conversations undetected.

FlexiSPY Hack Mac PC

Most importantly, FlexiSpy can record all voice and video calls on WhatsApp. Surely, you’ll be able to listen to all calls. If unwanted people call your child or bully him/her telling to kill himself/herself, you’ll know it. And if your partner talks to another man/woman and is cheating, you’ll find it.

So you can act immediately preserving your relationships and family.

FlexiSpy Record Video

Steps on How to Hack WhatsApp Using FlexiSpy

Step 1: Purchase the KidsGuard Pro for the WhatsApp plan and sign up for an account.

Step 2: To install on the target device, follow the simple 3-minute setup process.

Step 3: Access your web dashboard control panel to start tracking WhatsApp messages.

  • Click WhatsApp Chats on Dashboard.
  • Read all messages, view photos/videos, listen to voice messages or download document files.

To remotely access photos

  • Go to WhatsApp Photos.
  • View all photos.

To review the Screen Time Summary

  • Go to WhatsApp Activities.
  • View how often he/she uses WhatsApp and for how long.

Just click the button below to subscribe with FlexiSpy.

Keylogs on FlexiSpy

Final Thoughts

For the very reason that we would like to hack someone’s WhatsApp to keep our child safe, or to catch a cheater, we provided this useful article. Not only did it detail a way to hack and spy on a WhatsApp account but also gave two reliable options. All you have to do is try one that is compatible with the target’s device and then wait patiently for results. The WhatsApp spy app will do the rest for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are people who are viewing/visiting your WhatsApp profile every day, but you’ll never know who’s checking on you secretly. No default option can let you see any one of them. And even if lots of third-party apps right now offer an effective tool to know who does that, it’s all fake.

Yes, someone can see your WhatsApp messages from another phone only IF it’s been hacked. Rest assured, WhatsApp can’t work on both phones at the same time. Therefore, you should be careful in order to prevent your WhatsApp from being hacked.