4Chan Warning for Parents: What Is 4Chan and Is It Safe for Kids

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As a parent, you are probably trying to keep up with every trend your kids follow. Then, you also have to figure out if it’s safe or not. And we know how hard it can be to figure things out from online posts. Everyone writes whatever they want and you have to make sense of it.

Lately, I saw my kids being on 4Chan. I have no idea what it is, and the internet is full of contradicting posts! I can’t figure it out by myself. Please, help a concerned mother. Is 4Chan safe for kids?

So, in this article, we will try to answer the question of whether 4Chan is safe for kids in a simple way.

Part 1: What Is 4Chan and its Dangers

4Chan is an online forum. This means that anyone can create a topic and others can post anything they want. This is great when things are safe and simple. In fact, a part of 4Chan consists of topics about memes. (funny posts).

However, there is a darker side.

The Dangers of 4Chan

4Chan is also home to a lot of things that could be dangerous for children. There are several posts featuring pornography, violence, substance abuse. One doesn’t need anything verification to create accounts and post content on 4Chan. People can post anything they want anonymously.

If you try to google online with keywords like “4Chan bad things“, or “worst 4Chan posts“, you will see some news coming out, displaying those most filthy posts or 4Chan.

Bonus: Let’s See Some Examples of 4Chan Dangers

Here are two examples of what kinds of dangers exist on 4Chan. And we remind you that those threads can be accessed by anyone quite easily.

4Chan Hentai

4Chan Hentai is a thread dedicated entirely to hentai. If you don’t know what that is: Hentai is animated pornography. Think of cartoons like Pokemon, but engaging in sexual acts. What is more, hentai often features taboos like incest, rape, pedophilia, etc.

4Chan Teen Nudes/ jailbait

4Chan Teen Nudes and Jailbait are two more examples of the debauchery of 4Chan. Both focus on pornography showing women who have just come of age or, semi-sexual photos of teens/ pre-teens. Worse even, some cases show outright child pornography.

Bullying and Harassment

But it’s not only the posts that can be dangerous. 4Chan’s community is often a hateful place. There have been thousands of reports of abuse, bullying, and even sexual harassment toward its younger members.

Worse still, there is very little moderation and monitoring. As a result, those dangers can make it even in the safer posts.

Is 4Chan Safe For Kids Child Abuse

Part 2: How to Protect your Kids from 4Chan

4Chan is a website. This means that it is accessible on any device that has a browser. Consequently, you will have to protect your kids on two fronts; Computers and mobiles. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools that can help you in both cases.

Method 1: Protect your Children from 4Chan on the Computer

As we have already established, 4Chan is a dangerous site. After all, it has led at least one teenager to try taking their own life.

So, when it comes to protecting your children from it, nothing short of the best will do. This is why we would like to introduce FlexiSpy; the best parental control solution on PC or Mac!

Protect your Children from 4Chan with FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is the best solution for concerned parents who want to protect their children from online dangers.

  • It works around the clock, offering 24/7 protection.
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  • We all know that children will often disobey you if you tell them something. This is why FlexiSpy is 100% undetectable. Your kids won’t ever find it and delete it.

But what makes it the best parental control solution for 4Chan?

FlexiSpy has one of the best website-blocking algorithms in the market. You just put in the URL of the site you want to block and voila! The site is history.

FlexiSPY Hack Mac PC

4Chan users have been able to bully their victims via their social media. FlexiSpy can help you keep bullies away with its Social media monitor. Just pick the Social Media service you want to block, and FlexiSpy will give you unlimited access.

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Method 2: Protect your Children from 4Chan on Mobile

Nowadays almost every child has a phone with access to the internet. Naturally, if your kids have a phone, chances are, they’re accessing 4Chan on it. And the problem is that phones are much harder to monitor and control.

Thankfully, there is a solution even for mobiles.

Protect your Children from 4Chan with mSpy

mSpy will protect your children from 4Chan child’s play. It is a discreet parental control app that offers full, 24/7 monitoring and protection.

You can install it on any kind of device, Android or iOS and you only need a browser to run it. What is more, it is extremely easy to use. Despite its impressive features and capabilities, mSpy is very intuitive; everything is just a click away.

How Can mSpy Protect your Children from 4Chan?

mSpy is the best parental control app on Android and iOS. What is more, it is ideal for protecting your children from 4Chan.

Its website monitoring feature will let you know exactly what sites your kids are visiting.

Is 4Chan Safe For Kids mSpy Web Tracking

And if you see something suspicious, mSpy can block websites in just a few steps. What makes mSpy unique, though, is that if you block a website, it also blocks all derivatives. So, if you block 4Chan.com, it’ll also block 4chan.com/memes etc.

Is 4Chan Safe For Kids mSpy Web Block

If you are worried your kids will go on 4Chan in incognito mode, you can use mSpy’s keylogger. The keylogger will log every letter typed on the device, no matter what.

mSpy takes this one step further with its keyword alert feature. It will let you set up an alert and notify you every time your children type a specific word or phrase. Like 4Chan for example.

Is 4Chan Safe For Kids mSpy Keyword Alert

So, if you want complete protection for our children on their mobiles, click the button below.


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4Chan is not dangerous in itself. However, it has an unregulated community of users that can post anything they want. What is even worse, is that its community can and has been dangerous to people. So, if your children are using 4Chan, you should stop or monitor them.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several apps and sites out there specializing in memes. The most common one is 9GAG. It is both an app and a site where you can find memes. What is more, it even has some rudimentary parental control options. Even so, we would recommend using a parental control app too.

Yes. There are routers that allow you to apply parental controls for each user separately. Unfortunately, there is no way to do the same thing without a special router.

Yes. You can control who and when you use your WiFi connection with a series of tools. You can use spyware like mSpy to block access to Wi-Fi networks, or specialized routers. What is more, some mobile phone models also offer similar features both for Wi-Fi and data.