Millennials Language: What Does “Dog Water” Mean

By Last Updated: January 16th, 2023Categories: Communication

For Fortnite players, there’re secret codes that only they know, like the “Dog water”. Have anybody said this to you on Fortnite? Well, he/she was criticizing your skills.

It’s the end or the middle of the game, the person sent “dog water” to you when he/she thought you played badly (at least, that’s what the person thought). Or it could you just got shot by the enemies and they were mocking you by saying “You’re such dog water”.

You’re not a Fortnite player? Don’t tell me that your kid, colleague, or friend just said “dog water” to you. Among the young, this is actually not a pretty good word, it’s slang for causing or insulting someone.

If this is what you’ve received from a person you know, maybe he/she is acting mean to you. But we can’t say for sure. Depending on the situation and the tune, it can be just kidding. To find out the truth.

What Does Dog Water Mean in Fortnite

Dog Water means “trash”, “rubbish”, “useless”, or “worthless”.

It’s mostly used by players in video games (typically, Fortnite) to describe someone having a terrible gaming performance. But it’s never harsh and negative, it’s more like kidding slang.


If the person really means it and is angry at your performance, the harsher “useless”, “trash” and others will be used instead.

For instance:

  • You’re literally dog water.
  • He just missed all his shots, he’s so dog water.
  • OMG, such dog water how do you even live?

So, did you receive this in games?

If you did, well, consider improving your skill and don’t take them seriously. Your teammate or the enemy is not really insulting you. It’s more like a joke.

If not, you play well, I suppose and you may use this on others then.

What Does Dog Water Mean in Real Life

As time goes by, the slang “dog water” is also used in real life to describe someone who messes up something. It can be sports, competitions, painting, singing, cooking, etc. But all in all, it still stands for “rubbish”.

Where and When Did Dog Water Start

It’s said that the slang “dogwater” or “dog water” was said by M1lk, a Youtuber who posts highlights of Fortnite clips. In December 2020, he used this phrase in his video to trash-talk and mock another player. These were his words back then:

You’re literally free, Boxed you, Dog water, 0 Pr, You have no earnings, No wager earnings, You’re free, Literally so free, Freer than a free sample at Costco, Your dog water, literally so dog.

Since his tune of him was in a very drollery way, whoever watched this video was entertained. This expression “dog water” started to go viral after that, especially since some talented guys have made funny memes to further spread this slang.

And years from now, this slang doesn’t die. It’s still the No.1 choice of Fortnite players teasing others. Moreover, it gets into real life too.

FYI: Why Did M1lk Say “Dog Water”

People tried to understand the reason why M1lk said dog water instead of anything else. And they worked out a reason actually.

M1lk’s Fortnite clips may be extracted from his streaming on Twitch. He intended to say “dog sh*t”. However, due to the strict supervision on Twitch, such a bad word is never allowed. So, he had to replace the “S” word with another one, and that was “water”.

How to Use Dog Water

It can be used as a noun and adjective. You can just type or say “ You’re (such/so) dog water”. You can use it in whatever way in the game, polite or rude, to mock or criticize the person.

If you plan to use it in real life, don’t say that to your parents, teachers, or anyone that’s elder and strict with you. Even though they can’t understand you in the first place, they will find out on Google or through another teenager.


Cat water is also a Fortnite slang too, just like dog water. It’s used to describe someone who has a terrible performance in the game – even worse than dog water. So, it means “rubbish”, “trash”, or “extremely useless/worthless”.

For instance:

  • Broski, you are so dog that you’re cat water.