6 Major Things – What Are You Looking for in A Relationship

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Everyone has standards and different preferences in life. From the kind of food to the style of hair, you have the freedom to choose. And this also goes with choosing whom you want to be in a relationship with. However, finding the right person is not as easy as getting a haircut or having a food trip. You have to be more careful as such decisions could make your life better or worse.

But how do you make good choices? Well, you have to consider the characteristics of the person you want to be with. They should fit with your personality. And you can only see that if you start asking the bigger question: What are you looking for in a relationship?

If you are having a hard time answering that, don’t feel bad. Read this article and we’re going to help you identify the green flags you should look for in a relationship. Read on!

1. You Are Looking for A Faithful Partner

Of course, your number one priority should be a partner who’s not going to cheat on you when things are not fun. You see, some people in this world only want you when it’s all fun and games, but when there’s trouble or whatnot, they don’t want a part in it. They’d rather have the company of other people in secret than help you overcome struggles.

So, when you’re dating someone, see if the person has a history of cheating. You may try asking their friends and family. That way, you’d get an early warning and not waste your time anymore.

2. You’re Looking for Someone Who’s Open and Honest

Yes, besides being faithful to you, you also need someone who can be open and honest with you no matter what. Someone who can tell you when you’re wrong and is open about his feelings as well. That way, you can avoid unnecessary conflict.

Couple Talking Openly

This is important because some people nowadays only say what you want to hear, not what you really need. If you only get compliments from the person you’re dating, there’s a huge chance they’re a people pleaser.

Also, you can test the person’s openness through compromises, too. You see, being open also means that they should be ready to take any suggestions from you whenever they do something wrong. It shows that they’re willing to learn to improve themselves and unlearn the bad things, instead of being prideful.

Being honest and open in a relationship greatly helps in resolving differences and arguments. These qualities can even help you and the person you want to be with become better versions of yourselves– more understanding.

3. You Are Looking for Someone to Trust and Rely on

You should also consider someone who can be trusted with your secrets and you can rely on with your life. Your partner is also your confidante. You’d know that you can always run to them whenever there is a problem you can’t fight alone.

Another instance of trust is when they don’t blame your for your failures and wrongs. Instead, they come to you to comfort you and even help you navigate the problems you’re having. They trust you enough that you can fix it.

Moreover, you’d know that you can trust and rely on someone when you rant about things that make you sad, angry, frustrated, etc., they won’t get irritated. They’d just sit beside you and listen to all the things you have to say. And they’ll make time for it whenever you need someone to talk to.

Most importantly, they should not be reckless and endanger important aspects of your life such as career, business, etc.

4. You Are Looking for A Respectful Partner

A good partner will respect every aspect of you. You should look for someone who respects your personal time and space, and does not invade your privacy for no acceptable reason. You see, even if you’re in a relationship, there are still boundaries that must not be crossed.

You will know that your partner is respectful when they don’t attempt to read your private messages or touch you without permission. They also don’t try or even think of gate crashing to your house without prior notice. These are just few examples that indicate respect.

And of course, if you demand respect, you should also be respectful toward the person you want to date. You see, everything in the relationship should be mutual.

Respect Partner

It’s also good if the one you want to date is someone who can respect your beliefs, ethnicity, and other aspects that make you who you are. They should be someone who can respect your family and friends.

5. You Are Looking for Someone Who’s Positive

Laughter is the best medicine. With life’s trials and tribulations, surely, everybody wants a good laugh. You see, sometimes, people fall in love because the person is not only responsible but has a positive outlook on life, too.

Positive people try their best to make your day. Whenever you’re sad or upset, they will do something to make your feel a bit better. They would buy you your ice cream or say some funny jokes. And on special days like your birthday or graduation day, they’d make sure they remember the dates and create surprises to make you feel appreciated.

Life is already full of problems. That’s why having a partner that can still paint a huge smile on your face is a big plus. They can change your mood into a good one and lighten up your heart whenever you need it.

Of course, they should know when to be serious as well, because being funny all the time is no fun at all.

6. You Are Looking for Someone Emotionally Mature and Sensitive

Being in a serious relationship is miles away from puppy love and crushes. You can only hold so much. That’s why you need someone who is emotionally mature. Someone who can easily get a hold of their emotions and stop reacting in such a negative way every time you fight.

Emotionally Mature Relationships

Emotionally mature people are less likely to become manipulative of your emotions, because they know how difficult it is to manage such a volatile thing. When you have a partner like this, they may also be able to understand your thoughts and be empathic of your situation. They are sensitive enough to know when it’s okay and when it isn’t.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t seem to find the answers to the question “What are you looking for in a relationship?”, refer to the 6 major qualities we’ve listed above. If you and the person you want to date have all those things, surely you can overcome any obstacle along the way. You can rely and depend on each other without being scared of what’s coming next.

Of course, there are more qualities that really make someone become a husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend material. If they’re good looking or affluent, that’s just a plus. The most important thing is that you have to love and accept each other for who you are and who you will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

It actually depends on the legal age requirement and the culture in your country or state. However, the ideal age to get married is around 28 to 32 years old. According to surveys, that’s the age group where couples tend to have a more stable relationship and are unlikely to divorce.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to go outside to meet people, using a dating app can be an easy way for you to meet a potential partner. However, you might find it difficult to search for the one you’d like to date as there are too many users.