It’s Tracking Time! – Type In Phone Number To Find Location

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Location tracking has always been a great aid to us in times of need. And as technology develops, there are now different ways to track someone’s location. One of which is by phone numbers. There are services we can use to know someone’s whereabouts just by typing in their phone numbers. It’s easy, efficient, and convenient.

We listed some of the best phone number trackers below, check them out!

1. Locate Phone Number Location Via Spokeo

Spokeo is a web-based phone number tracker that can help you identify a phone number’s location, owner, and other information. If an unidentified number is calling you and you want to know where the caller’s location is. You can simply type in phone number and find location on the Spokeo page . Simple!

Spokeo Poster

If you can’t see results by searching the phone number, you can also type in their name or email. Pretty cool right?

As I said, apart from tracking the location of someone you know, this tool can also help if an unknown number is calling you. You can identify the person who is calling you with just one click. It’s amazing.

2. Find the Location in USA Via PeopleFinder

If you want something that can track someone anywhere in the US, then give PeopleFinder a shot.

People Finder Interface

PeopleFinder holds one of the largest databases and contact information of US citizens. This site will provide you with complete information about a person by just using their phone number. This page can also help you if in any case, you want to track someone’s whereabouts. Or in other cases, find out the name of your partner’s potential lover or the owners of the mysterious numbers on your child’s contact list.

To use PeopleFinder, simply visit their website, create an account and type in phone number and find location.

3. Track Phone Location Via Bust A Cheater

If you think your partner is lying to you about his/her true identity you might want to consider using Bust A Cheater. It is an online people finder platform that provides users with all the information they need about a certain phone number. This means you can unravel secret identities, find locations, and more.

Bust A Cheater Interface

This page also assures that your target or the phone number owner, will not know that they are being tracked. Sounds great right?

To use their services, just access the Bust A Cheater site, type in the target’s phone number, set up your payment plan, and finally type in phone number and find location.

4.  Find Phone Number Location Via Scannero.IO

If you think getting someone’s actual real-time location is impossible, well, you are wrong. With Scannero.IO, you can easily find someone’s location anywhere in the world via their phone number! Pretty cool right?

Scannero Tracker

No matter what phone your target is using, Scannero.IO can still find them for you. As I’ve mentioned above, this site can find anyone’s location no matter where they are located in the world. After creating an account, you have access to an unlimited number of searches and rest assured that all the data you entered and gathered is entirely safe from leaks.

5. Find Phone Location via mSpy

If you’re unable to locate your target’s SIM location, you can use another way to find your target. One efficient way to locate someone’s phone is via GPS. Luckily, we know a phone tracker tool that has an amazing GPS feature, and it’s no other than mSpy.

mSpy can easily give you your target’s real-time and exact location and find out what they are up to. With mSpy, stay at peace and relax knowing that your kids are in a safe place. This reliable tool will also help you confirm your partner’s possible infidelity.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

mSpy’s GPS tracker is perfect for busting a cheater and monitoring kids. It has one of the most efficient tracking features compared to other programs.

What’s more amazing about mSpy is that it will show you a detailed list (including time and date) of your target’s past location. It also provides a live map so you can see their current whereabouts.

mSpy Locations

There’s more to mSpy than tracking locations, it can also read Social Media and text messages, hack accounts, and a lot more!

So don’t waste time and get mSpy now.

Steps to Use mSpy

Step 1:

Create a mSpy account by hitting the button below.

Step 2:

Next, create a mSpy account and wait for the email confirmation. Open the email sent by mSpy and follow the steps indicated in the installation guide.

Step 3:

When the installation is done, simply login to your account and head to the Control Panel to use the features.

Step 4:

Scroll down and select the GPS Tracking option. From there, you can see their location history as well as their current location. You may also check the Live Map tab for a clearer view of their surroundings.

mSpy GPS History

After enabling the feature, you will now updated about your target’s phone activities and location. Thanks, mSpy!


Tracking someone has pros and cons. And to avoid any trouble, make sure that your intentions are in good faith. Don’t use any information you find to hurt or blackmail the person, as this act has punishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turning off the location services will only restrict the tracking using GPS people can still use other methods to track you down. Phone location can be tracked using cellular data or through your phone number. So, yes, your phone can still be tracked if location services are turned off, assuming other things are still on.

Phone numbers can be used to track your location and even some of your personal information like birthdate, past work experience, family members, and more. This information can be used to blackmail you and harm your family.