Traveller Tips: Pack Your Dirty Laundry With Travel Laundry Bag

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We see the world through travel. By visiting places, we meet people from various cultures, eat cuisines of different flavors, and experience unique traditional activities.  We feel excited, relaxed, pleased, and inspired. Everything seems so perfect about travel. But is that really so? Not exactly! At least, your dirty laundry is a big challenge.

Some hotels don’t provide dry clean services. Even if they do, there’s not enough time to dry them especially when you need to catch early transportation.

For people who fancy an outdoor venture, you just can wash them, right? Having dirty clothes in hand, what should we do?

Under these and other cases, a travel laundry bag is an absolute ace.

Is A Travel Laundry Bag Necessary

To be honest, it’s not necessary. But with it, you can surely be more carefree during the travel. Most travel laundry bags are designed to be:

  • Waterproof: wet and dirty clothes like swimsuits cannot pollute other stuff in your suitcase.
  • Elastic: a simple drawstring keeps all the clothes in as well as the odor.
  • Airtight: the nylon bag lock all the odor inside.
  • Durable/washable: It’s never for one-time. It can be a helper for years with its strong nylon (some use ripstop polyester).
  • Foldable: If you need it, use it and pack as many as clothes it can hold. Don’t need it? Fold it and put it somewhere in your suitcase. It takes barely any space.

In a word, this bag keeps all the unpleasant things – the dirty laundry and the smell of them, without making you annoyed.

Pack Your Dirty Laundry With Travel Laundry Bag

Other things that you may use to put dirty clothes, like plastic bags, packing cubes, compression bags, and other cases or bags, are inconvenient in many ways.

  • Plastic bags: fragile and the air inside cannot be fully emitted, making the bag a bit inflated.
  • Packing cubes: Most cubes have a mesh cover that leaks unpleasant smells and stains.
  • Compression bags: User-unfriendly, take some effort to discharge all the air when you buy those bags without an air pump. But the pump will take up extra space in your suitcase. (Ignore this if you’re on a road trip)

But of course, each option comes with different pros. We can’t just ignore the pros because of the cons they have. Anyway, a travel laundry bag is never a must for everyone. Feel free to buy some if you think they can be of great help. Alternatives are surely welcomed!

How to Choose A Good Travel Laundry Bag

There’re countless choices for travel laundry bags. You can just choose one that you prefer, which can be easiest.

Still, there’re factors that you may pay attention to while choosing a bag on Amazon or Costco( if they sell any). Check these out and don’t buy the wrong bags.


First of all, always remember to buy a bag that’s capable of keeping all the dirty clothing in.

  • For a beach stay, you can buy a small one like 8*5 or even smaller for the underwear and swimsuits.
  • But if you’re going to have a long trip, a big bag for the pile of clothes is a wise choice.

To be honest, you can just buy a large travel laundry bag with you. So whenever you have a long or short trip, you won’t have to worry about getting an extra bag.

If you’re worried about a large bag will take up space in your suitcase, don’t. Some bags are foldable and can be easily tucked into the case without you even noticing.

A Foldable Bag for A Week’s Laundry: Miamica Travel Laundry Bag

  • Size: 6.3*6.2 (folder) / 25*22 (open)
  • Price: $12
  • Color: Black, grey, & blue
  • Material: Polyester
  • Closure Type: Drawstring

“My friend” is what Miamica means in Italian. They work hard to give all their customers a perfect journey without worrying about their luggage. The reason why this is recommended is pretty simple – it’s very lightweight and it can hold around a week’s worth of dirty laundry.

Miamica Travel Laundry Bag

This product is designed to have two bags – one is the outer one which is used to fold the inner bag and surely, and the inner one is used to hold the dirty clothing.

When you don’t need it, fold it by tucking it into the outer bag and zip it. A large bag is now compressed to purse-sized and you can put it anywhere.

If you need it, unzip it and pull out the entire inner bag. It’s big enough to hold 20 T-shirts or 10 adult trousers. If you’re going to have an outdoor venture where is inconvenient to wash and dry the clothes, this will be great. All sweat and mud-stained clothing will be isolated from the clean ones.

Tip: There’re alternatives to this design, too.

  • You can also check Travel Fanatics’s item which may cost you $8 per bag. Worth a try! Completely the same design. Just maybe the quality will be less satisfying – less durable.
  • Also, the Shappy and Boao offer similar folded travel laundry bags too. But the coloring and appearance of their products somehow are not good. But you can spend 12 bucks and get 2 bags that have a similar size to Miamica’s bag.

Drawstring or zip:

To keep the odor and stained clothing inside the bag, we need to seal the bag with a drawstring or a zip.

To be honest, either of them helps you do the same thing.

  • The zip can perfectly prevent anything inside the bag leak out – it’s fully closed. But a travel laundry bag with a zip is less foldable – the zip is hard after all.
  • A drawstring, no matter how hard you pull it tight, it will somehow get loose when put on too many clothes. As a result, odor, moisture, or stain leak.

So, pick your choice, a drawstring for absolute lightweight and flexibility or zip with total air-tight.

1. Zipped Travel Laundry Bag: BeeGreen Black Laundry Bag

  • Size: 17.7 * 22.8
  • Price: $11
  • Color: Black, grey, & navy blue
  • Material: Polyester
  • Closure Type: Zipped

When there are no strings for a zipped bag, it can cause inconvenience when you bring it into the bathroom or locker room. You can’t hang it and put clothes inside easily. But with this BeeGreen bag, the inconvenience will be gone. It has two sturdy handles that are good for hanging and carrying.

Also, the reinforced stitching doubles its durability, you can throw it into a washing machine without worrying about destroying it.

Zipped Travel Laundry Bag: BeeGreen Black Laundry Bag

Surprisingly, it has two zipper pockets separated by solid interior PUL waterproof material.

This means you can put clean clothing in the first pocket and dirty ones in the other. Or, you can put on one of your family’s clothing, too. Two pockets, additional benefits!


This Shappy zipper laundry bag is good too. The size is smaller than the BeeGreen one. Also, the Shappy bag has only one small handle, which seems not solid. And the bag has one pocket. But the price is very pleasing: $13 for 2 pieces. You can’t ask for more.

2. Drawstring Travel Laundry Bag: HOMEST 2 Pack XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag

  • Size: 28*40
  • Price: $13/2 bags
  • Color: Multiple
  • Material: Polyester
  • Closure Type: Drawstring

Large, cheap, solid, and durable. There’s nothing else that needs to be introduced. This is the overall option for all. Get 2 bags at $13. Worth the price!

Drawstring Travel Laundry Bag: HOMEST 2 Pack XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag


There’s a better option for a drawstring bag: the BeeGreen. It’s so much larger than the HOMEST one.

  • You can buy 2 for $16. A bit more expensive but definitely worth a try.
  • The BeeGreen bag has this adjustable straps and handles which can help you better put the clothing in.
  • Also, later you can set them tight along with the string to keep odor and clothing in.
  • Besides, the long and flexible straps allow you to use the bag like a bag pack. Free your hands!

Or, the BeeGreen Laundry Backpack is an even better idea.

Piece or Set

When you browse for travel laundry bags, you’d better buy a set for a long trip or family trip. You can put your underwear, socks, and clothes separately to avoid having bacteria transmitted to all the clothing.

Also, you must separate your clothing from your child’s. Their immune systems are weak and cannot handle the germs of an adult. Especially when the dirty clothing mixes and stinks for a while before laundry.

Note: If you decide to buy one-time underwear and socks, ignore this part.

Travel Laundry Bag Set: 6 Pieces Heavy Duty Large Laundry Bags

You get 6 bags in 3 sizes for 24 bucks. That’s a very fair deal. Buy it anyway. As for the quality, no worries. All made of thick waterproof nylon, these bags keep odor and stain away from your clean clothes.

Travel Laundry Bag Set: 6 Pieces Heavy Duty Large Laundry Bags

Three different sizes for you and your family, for underwear and socks, for clean and dirty. It’s all up to you!

Tip: If you’re free of budget, you can buy several bags instead of a set. It’s your choice.


Of course, laundry bags are effective.

First of all, if you have some expensive or delicate clothes or accessories, a laundry bag can protect them from twisting with other clothing and hitting by the machine. The fiber, printed shirts, and cloth can still be intact.

Also, you can easily pull out the bags when the drying is done. Don’t have to drag and pull the clothes one after one. And don’t need to work hard to “untie” them.

For dirty laundry, put them in any bag or box that can stop the odor, moisture, and stains from leaking out and polluting other luggage. Any nylon or plastic bags will certainly help

Such as packing cubes, laundry bags, compression bags, dry bags, single-use bags, or freezer bags.