Easy Ways of Tracking My Girlfriend Location

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There are girls nowadays who aren’t innocent of the so-called cheating game. Studies today show the rate of women cheating is at a very close rate than that of men.

Consequently, if you’re suspecting your girlfriend is cheating on you or she’s not honest all the time about her hangouts/outdoor activities with friends, you’ll probably want to track her phone. And follow her every movement. By tracking her then, you can verify her loyalty and complete honesty.

Why Would I Track My Girlfriend’s Location

There are different reason’s why one person would want to track someone’s location. Here are some of them.

  1. To Check Her Safety – The world is not safe especially for girls knowing that there are many kidnapping or shooting incidents on streets or neighborhoods. Plainly, untoward accidents happen at any time. Hence, you should track her phone if you want to ensure she gets home safely or to rescue her from possible harm.
  2. To Surprise Her – If you’re planning to surprise her on her birthday or your anniversary, it would be more convenient if you know precisely her current location.
  3. To Confirm if She’s Cheating or NOT – Is your girlfriend cheating on you or not? Find it out. No man would want a girl with lots of boyfriends. So if you’re suspicious, monitor and investigate her location and activities.

Now, for you to achieve the things we listed above, you can track her using any of the three simplest ways I’ll be giving you here.

Ways to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Location

We provided not just one, but three useful methods on how to track my girlfriend phone location.

Method 1: Find Your Girlfriend’s Location Using mSpy

mSpy is a powerful Phone Tracker App that helps you comprehensively track your girlfriend’s phone location and to find out what she’s up to on her phone and online. From the name itself, it’s mSpy, meaning it works in stealth mode, like a spy. That’s totally amazing!


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

How Does mSpy Work

mSpy works secretly on the target phone, therefore you can monitor her without worrying about being found out. You can see your girlfriend’s real-time whereabouts through mSpy Current GPS Location. Just install it one time on her phone and her location’s exact coordinates, time, address, and accuracy is displayed right on a map.

If you can’t read the map, don’t worry. Latitude and longitude are provided. In other words, you just have to pastedown the two numbers and search them on Google. You can immediately find the place. So if she’s lying about her location or if she’s in a hotel or someone’s house party, or if she’s out there in a concert, you’ll certainly discover that in no time.

And if for example, she’s restricted from her ex’s place or some dangerous neighborhood but she keeps on going to the restricted or inappropriate place, you can set up a GeoFence on that area for you to receive an email notification whenever she violates it. Most importantly, if you’re planning to surprise her, this feature will alert you if she’s far or near your present location. Therefore, you can definitely “surprise” her.

Other Features to Track My Girlfriend’s Location

Wait! There’s more! Aside from tracking her exact location, here are more helpful features for you to know her every movement and see her online activities.

  • Keylogger & Keyword Tracking – The Keylogger feature reveals every conversation. For instance, a meeting place. You can instantly search that place on the Map apps or Uber or other online booking services. The Keyword Alerts lets you set an inappropriate word or phrase. Then get a real-time notification if she uses them. That being said, you’d know if she flirts with someone and cheats on you.
  • Events/Calendar – To check more accurately her availability, you can remotely view her Calendar Activities and see event schedules ahead of time. I’m sure you don’t want to spoil your surprise plans for her.

Why Choose mSpy to Find Your Girlfriends Location

There are many good reasons why I strongly recommend mSpy. It enables you to read text messages, Social Media App messages, monitor call logs, multimedia files such as photos and videos, and more. Above all, it comes in handy. Thanks, mSpy!


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Steps to Find My Girlfriend’s Location with mSpy

Step 1: Subscribe to mSpy

Click the button below to subscribe and simply follow the instructions sent to your email.

Step 2: Start using mSpy

  • Access the mSpy Control Panel.
  • Log in using your credentials.

Step 3: Track your Girlfriend

  • Click Locations from the dashboard.
  • Then click GPS Locations.
  • There you can see his location on a map. And below is a detailed location list. Find the exact address, latitude, longitude, date, and timestamp.

To set up a Geofence

  • Go to Locations on the dashboard.
  • Then click Geo Fencing.
  • Add Allowed or Restricted areas using the + button.
  • Now you can sit back and wait for an email notification whenever she crosses over the geofences.
mSpy Track Location

To access the Keylogger

  • Go to General Features on the dashboard.
  • Click Keylogger.
  • Choose an App on the App name button.
  • And read every word she types on her phone.

With mSpy, tracking your girlfriend’s location is easy peasy. Try these amazing features now!

mSpy Keylogger

Method 2: Find Your Girlfriend’s Location Using “Find My” Features

Another way for you to track your girlfriend is by using the free default GPS Tracker apps on your own device – iPhone, Android, and Samsung.

1. Track My Girlfriend’s Location with “Find My iPhone” or “Find My Friends”

This will only work if both of you are using an iPhone.

The “Find My iPhone” or “Find My Friends” app lets you use any iOS device to find other iOS devices. Or you can use “Find My iPhone” on a browser. That is to say, it can track iPhone locations without installing software. However, the “Find My Friends” feature sends a location-sharing notification on your girlfriend’s iPhone. She’ll know if someone is tracking her location.

To track your girlfriend using “Find My iPhone”

Step 1: Go to Settings > Privacy > Enable “Location Services”.

Step 2: Enable “Find My iPhone” under iCloud settings.

Step 3: On another iOS device, launch the Find My iPhone app, or simply visit the Find My iPhone page.

Step 4: Sign in with your girlfriend’s Apple ID.

Step 5: You can now locate the device on a map.

To use “Find My iPhone” on a browser

Step 1: Go to Find My iPhone page and log in with your girlfriend’s Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Then click All Devices at the top of the screen to view all the devices that have “Find My iPhone” turned on.

Step 3: Now you’ll see the location of your girlfriend’s iPhone on a map.

Then you can keep track of her location and view recent location history. Again, this will only work if you got your girl’s login credentials.

2. Track My Girlfriend’s Location Via Google Find My Device for Android

Find My Device is an application developed by Google for Android devices designed to locate the lost or stolen device. This feature also comes in handy when tracking your girlfriend’s Android phone. Simply activate on your girlfriend’s Android phone and you can;

  • Track her live location;
  • Locate, wipe, or ring the device remotely.

Here’s How to Find Your Girlfriend’s Android Phone

Step 1: On your girlfriend’s device, go to Settings > Security & Lock Screen.

Step 2: On Device Administrators, check “Find My Device”.

Step 3: Turn on the Location and Location History from Settings and set the Mode on high accuracy.

Step 4: On a web browser using any device, navigate to the Find My Android page. You can also download the Find My Device app on your end.

Step 5: Enter the Google account details of your girlfriend.

Step 6: A map with the location of the girlfriend’s phone will be displayed on the screen.

With this feature, you can start tracking your girlfriend’s location through her Android phone.

3. Track My Girlfriend’s Location Using Find My Mobile for Samsung

This service helps users manage and control their missing devices (Samsung running Android 5.0 or less only) remotely. Find My Mobile will work if both of you are using a Samsung device. But you can also use Find My Mobile on a browser.

Step 1: Ensure that her Samsung account is signed in.

Step 2: From a Home Screen, go to Apps > Settings > Security.

Step 3: Tap Remote Controls and enter the Samsung account password. Then Confirm.

Step 4: Tap the Remote Controls Switch to turn it on.

Step 5: Enable Google Location Service and tap Agree from the Location consent prompt.

Step 6: Tap the Back icon and tap Reactivation Lock. Choose Enable. Tap OK.

Step 7: Enter Samsung account password and Confirm. Then tap Locate my mobile to locate your girlfriend’s device.

To Find My Mobile using a browser

Step 1: Go to Find My Mobile site.

Step 2: Enter your email address and password as needed then Sign in.

Step 3: Choose your girlfriend’s device on the Locate my mobile page.

Find My Mobile will attempt to locate your girlfriend’s phone location. You can view it on a map if found. Therefore, you’ll be able to find her location and confirm if she’s cheating on you or not.

Find My Samsung Poster

If your girlfriend learns that you’re tracking her phone through the “Find My” feature, she can easily turn it off. With that being said, we highly recommend using an undetected phone tracking and monitoring app. Find your girlfriend’s location without her knowing using mSpy.

Method 3: Find your Girlfriend’s Location Using GPS Trackers

Lastly, a GPS Tracking Device is a portable unit that allows users to monitor and track location. There is a tiny GPS tracker that fits the palm and can be slipped into your girlfriend’s vehicle or stuff unnoticed.

An example is a mini GPS tracker that is equipped with a tiny satellite antenna and radio for easy location. It reports data back over the cellular network. When this location information gets reported back, the most recent site is displayed.

Like the 8mm Micro Hornet GPS chip weighing 2.5 grams. It’s the smallest GPS Tracker that you can secretly place in her purse or bag pockets which will generally cost between US $250 – $350.

There are many GPS trackers to choose from. You can easily find one via Google, Amazon, and reviews online. Prices range from US $10 to $200 or more, depending upon the brand, quality, and features.

To know more about how to catch a cheater, you should check the best spy equipment available now.

Bonus: Track Girlfriend Phone Location via Number

In case you’ve got no time to set up or use the methods above, there is still a way for you to successfully track your girlfriend’s phone location. And that’s through her phone number. For this to work, you will need to use a powerful phone number tracker called Scannero. The good thing is that you can use it without installing any app.

When you subscribe to Scannero, the tracking process is too simple. It doesn’t involve complex steps to accomplish your goal.

Scannero Tracker
  • Enter your girlfriend’s phone number, and then write a convincing SMS with the Scannero tracking link attached.

  • Then, send the text message. Once your girlfriend taps on the link, it will automatically track her phone number and give you her precise geolocation.

Yes! That’s how simple it is to use Scannero. In addition to that, your identity is also secured as this tool has 100% privacy for its users. You can also track any phone brands, regardless of what carrier is being used. That way, you don’t have to trouble yourself with compatibility.

If you interested in using Scannero to track your girlfriend’s phone location, just click on the button below to avail the trial period.


So, if you’re asking yourself, “Where’s my girlfriend?” for whatever reason, here are the three manageable ways for you to effectively find her. mSpy’s array of features is more than enough to get you what you need. You can thoroughly check your girlfriend’s location and online activities. In short, in and out of her phone. Generally, the methods in this article are undeniably useful to track your girlfriend’s location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Track a cellphone with just a number using a reverse phone lookup service. It isn’t a real-time tracker though and you can’t see it on a map every time the phone moves from place to place.

The most reliable way to track your wife’s phone location is through a mobile monitoring app. Find a phone tracking app that’s compatible with your wife’s device – an iPhone or an Android. And choose the app that can track everything using her phone undetected.

Still, you may use free default apps available on her device. And once she finds it out, you cannot track her phone any longer.