Can I Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on Map

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Do you know how important mobile numbers are? When you need to call or text a certain person, make an online account; like a personal web account or an online bank account, you need a mobile number. Or even if you want to know someone’s whereabouts, mobile numbers are helpful.

[Can I do it?] Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on Map

As we do transactions with our customers, we need their personal information, especially the customer’s mobile numbers to locate them if your courier got lost, just in case. It’s our link with other people; by making calls and texts to a certain person we can trace their exact location on a map.

Moreover, in an emergency; a loved one, your partner, your kid, or your parent, needs our help and we locate them through their mobile numbers. Mobile numbers are very important when it comes to parental control and also to catching cheating partners.

You may ask, can I do it? Can tracking a mobile number’s exact location be possible? Yes, of course! With the right tool, you can simply trace someone’s phone number on a map.

Method 1: Trace a Mobile Number on the Map via Cocospy

If you want a reliable program to track a mobile number, Cocospy is one of the best phone number tracker apps. It can locate the exact location of a mobile number on a detailed minimap.

Cocospy Hack Poster

Cocospy enables you to view SIM card information along with the target phone number location, GPS coordinates which are; Longitude, and Latitude, Google map display, and time recorded on that certain location.

Also with the Cocospy, you can view present and past SIM card locations on an interactive map. In this way, you can potentially track your target or lost device.

Cocospy Check SIM Card Location

With this phone number tracker app, you can set a SIM card alert when the target phone SIM is removed or changed. Simply enter your valid email to be linked on your Cocospy dashboard to get the notification alert.

Cocospy Sim Card Alert

Cocospy is a very effective tracking app that helps you locate the target phone’s location. But wait! Cocospy can do more! It can also view SIM card activities; like viewing all recorded call logs on the target phone with its complete details (contact names, call duration, mobile numbers, date, and call type).

It lets you view saved contacts with their complete information; like names, contact numbers, and emails – if indicated. This mobile number tracking app is also a text messages intercept app that enables you to view the target phone text messages.

How to use Cocospy to Trace Mobile Number Exact Location

To trace a mobile number’s exact location on a map, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. Create a Cocospy account and a subscription.

Step 2. After creating an account, install the Cocospy app on the target phone.

Step 3. Then, log in to the Cocospy dashboard and look for the “SIM Card” option in the selection panel on the left.

Cocospy Track Sim Location

Step 4. From the SIM card option, on the interface, you can view SIM card information, target phone number location on a detailed minimap, GPS coordinates, map app, and the time of the recorded locations.

Step 5. If you want to get notified if the target phone is changing a SIM card, simply go to the “Sim Card” option navigate to the “SIM card alert” box, and put your email. Once the target phone removes or changes the SIM card, you will be notified with your linked email account.

Cocospy is such a big help when it comes to tracking the mobile number but you should put in mind that you need physical contact with the target phone for you to install the app. If that’s the case, there is another way where you can locate the location of the phone.

Method 2: Locate Location on Map via Google Map Location Sharing

All of us know about Google Maps, right? When we go to an unfamiliar place we use it as a guide and it helps us a lot when it comes to locating a certain destination on a map. However, you may not realize that Google Maps has a unique functionality that was recently added by Google, where you can share your location with your friends and loved ones – it’s Google Map Location Sharing.

Track Mobile via Google Map Location Sharing

Understandably, parents are always concerned about their child’s whereabouts and the location-sharing feature could ease their worries. The app has been inbuilt in Google Maps so there’s no need to download anything new to the phone.

Enable Full Access to Unlock Features

If you want to check your settings for Google Maps, the app has access to your location by default. Make sure that you enable full access on your location permission. To enable full access, do the following;

  • Go to “Settings” then select “Location”.
  • Go to “App Permission” and tap “Maps”.
  • Then select “Location Permission” and choose “Allow All the Time”.

This option will unlock the full features of Maps on your device.

How to Use Google Maps Location Sharing

If you and your child have a Google account, you can find the location-sharing feature directly in Google Maps. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to your Google Maps and tap the “burger” menu on the top of the interface to make the options visible once you’ve reached your location.

Step 2. Select “Location Sharing” and then get started.

Step 3. Once the feature is activated you can select an amount of time how long you wish to share your location, simply click the + and – buttons. The location link will be active for the time that you’ve selected.

Method 3: Trace a Mobile Number on the map via Localize

Another way to trace a mobile number on the map is by Localize. It is a service that works out on web browsers. There’s no need to install an app to track a device. Localize can track mobile without physical access. All you need is the mobile number and the service will automatically give you the exact location on the map.

If you are worried about the device compatibility of the Localize service, well, it all works on all phones, including iOS and Android phones. And if you think that the target phone user will find out who’s tracking them, there’s nothing to worry about because Localize protects your privacy. So, it is a safe and simple way of tracing a mobile number on the map. What are you waiting for? Try it out and see how wonderful the service is.

Track any phone location by its number

*Enter the phone number to track the phone!

How to Use Localize

You can trace a mobile phone by Localize with three easy steps. See how it works;

  1. Visit the on your browser then enter the phone number and type the text message.
  2. The Localize service will send a text message to the target phone that has a tracking link.
  3. When the target phone user opens the link or the message, you will find out their exact location.

The Bottom Line

With this excellent SIM Card tracker, you can easily trace a mobile number’s exact location on a map. I highly recommend the Cocospy if you want to monitor, track, and hack a target phone because it’s one of the most effective spy tools apps. Also if you wish to monitor your child’s whereabouts by using Google Maps, you can use its unique feature – the Google Maps Location Sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find someone’s cell number?2022-01-20T05:47:55+00:00

Simply head to the White Pages website and plugin a person’s name as well as their city, state, or ZIP code. If that person’s name and phone number would appear in a paper phone book in that geographical area, you’ll see it on this website.

How do I find someone’s location using their cell phone number on Google Maps?2022-01-20T05:43:35+00:00

1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.
2. Sign in to your Google Account.
3. Search for a contact’s name or address.
4. To see your contact on the map, choose a name or address.
5. To see your contact details, tap the bottom of the screen.