TikTok Cheaters: Catch My Husband/Wife Cheating on TikTok

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Everybody using TikTok must be shocked by its unique streaming feature. You will never get lonely once the app starts to function. It will non-stop play videos that you’re interested in. What a perfect tool to kill boredom.

However, the negative impacts brought by TikTok should not be underestimated. People can easily get addicted to the app and the videos on it. Besides the addition, to many couples, TikTok brings challenges to their marriage.

Is TikTok Used for Cheating

There’re so many good-looking men and women showing their beautiful faces and seductive half-naked bodies just to get more likes and followers. This way, they get famous and may gain profits from it too.

Such provocative videos are considered “thirst traps“. Whoever posts these videos aims to attract people who are lonely and want to hook up. And sadly, a large portion of people using TikTok love watching them.

TikTok Cheating

Tik Tok Ruined My Relationship As My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Cheats on TikTok

This is not a good symbol for couples as partners have such handy and quick access to sirens.

To make it worse, TikTok provides this local search option that will show you videos and celebrities in town. A DM can easily bring two persons close.

As a result, many married men and women will use TikTok to find someone online, flirt, or even start to date.

On TikTok or other media, we can easily see people sharing sad stories about their partner cheating. They cry as their partner hooks up with some prettier and hotter TikTok celebrities


We need to know that TikTok itself has no fault at all as a tool. But the person, the cheater who uses the tool is wrong. No evidence shows that more people cheat on TikTok than on Facebook or Instagram. If there’s no TikTok, cheaters will start their adultery on other social media apps.

How Do You Know Your Partner Is Cheating

Not everyone on TikTok is carrying a dirty thought. Some are just looking for an app where they can relax, laugh, or maybe even learn. Still, we couldn’t deny the fact that quite a lot of TikTok users are trying to do some bad deeds with the app.

If you’re dating someone who is pretty into TikTok scrolling, concerns will surely rise. You need to find out the truth – whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on TikTok. Let’s start with the daily behaviors then:

1. Your Partner Loves “Thirst Traps”

There are so many interesting and meaningful videos on TikTok and surely, we have better options to laugh, relax, and learn.

So, it would be a clear sign that every time you find out your partner is watching thirst traps on TikTok. They’re watching these videos when you’re around. Let’s not mention what they will do when in your absence.

TikTok Thirst Traps

2. Your Partner Has Another TikTok Account

Is your partner a professional TikToker or running TikTok accounts for the company? If the answer is a big no, then, he/she is not clean when you find a secret TikTok account on the phone.

It doesn’t make sense for us to have multiple TikTok accounts when we have no business need. What will your partner do with this secret TikTok account? That’s what we’re going to find out.

3. Your Partner Won’t Let You See or Touch the Phone

He/she scrolls on TikTok and shuts it down when you walk into the room or appear to approach. When you ask to use his/her phone, hesitation comes first then refusal. This is weird when he/she was pleased to hand you the phone before.

Let’s make this conclusion: your partner is hiding something from you, maybe it’s the adultery with someone on TikTok.

Check TikTok History

4. Your Partner Is Starting to Value His/her Appearance

When your partner plans to go out, he/she will dress nicer than ever before. Makeup, putting on cologne/perfume, and shaving become the necessary steps.

If this happens, you’d better watch out. Is he/she buying new clothes and shoes lately, changing the hairstyle, and starting to work out?

All hit? Well, you’d better watch out.

How to Catch My Partner Cheating On TikTok

To confirm the adultery that the partner does via TikTok, we need to start to collect proof.

The first thing we should look into is the phone that he/she uses for TikTok login. All the evidence is in there, the DMs with others, the liked and commented videos, the followed accounts, and the history on other social media apps. We get access to the phone, we can prove the adultery.

So, how can we check their phone and TikTok completely? The ultimate option is using spyware.

Way To See Someone's Activity on TikTok

Check Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s TikTok with Spyware

Spyware is an application designed to gather information and data from a cell phone without the phone owner’s knowledge. It can be used to track web activities, social media conversations, and keystrokes on a phone. In this case, we need to pick up one spyware that can help us check TikTok activities.

So far, FlexiSpy seems to be the best option. This is a popular spy application to monitor the activities of someone on both phones and computers. It offers multiple features that aim to help individuals to expose cheaters and protect children.

Talking about hacking TikTok accounts, there’s one feature of FlexiSpy that’s worth commending, the TikTok Screen Recording feature.

TikTok Screen Recordings and Screenshots

Sometimes, your partner will just let you check their phone and TikTok and you won’t find anything suspicious. That doesn’t mean they’re clean. They may have deleted all the DMs and unfollowed the hot TikTokers. Or even worse, they have a secret account.

Rem Video on FlexiSpy

No matter how they hide the traces, FlexiSpy will record and play them to you directly.

Once activated, FlexiSpy will start to work whenever the person launches TikTok. No matter how many accounts he/she switches, all the activities conducted on this app will be captured in videos.

  • streamed, liked, and favorite videos;
  • typed and deleted comments;
  • sent and received DMs (photos and texts);

Everything is viewable via the surveillance of FlexiSpy. Also, this spyware supports real-time recording.

This means when your husband or wife is using TikTok at the moment and refuses to let you borrow the phone, you can easily launch FlexiSpy and see what’s on the TikTok screen. The truth of infidelity is clear.

If you don’t have time to monitor your partner’s TikTok via videos, that’s easy. FlexiSpy will capture the phone screen every 15 seconds. You will know if your husband or wife is cheating by browsing those images.

Steps of Using Spyware to Detect TikTok Cheating

Step 1: Download and install FlexiSpy

To begin with, create an account for FlexiSpy. Complete the signup and subscribe to the service.

Step 2: Download and install the app

Next, we need physical access to your husband/wife’s phone. We may do it when he/she is sleeping or taking a shower.

Unlock the phone with a passcode, fingerprint, or face ID. Then, simply complete the installation and sign up as the app suggests.

Step 3: Start to check TikTok activities

Next, go to FlexiSpy Console and finish the login. Then, the dashboard will show you everything you need. For TikTok screen recording, click on the Live Screen Record option on the list. Then, choose TikTok from the drop-down menu.

Videos for TikTok activities are there.

Enable App Screenshots on FlexiSpy


TikTok has a new feature where you can see who has viewed your profile for the last 30 days. Simply go to your profile and click the eye icon above. From there you will see a list of users who visited your account.

Although you can see the number of shares and saves of your videos, TikTok has not offered a feature for you to see who has saved your videos.

Cheaters always hide their tracks by deleting their messages or by keeping a secret phone. They either keep their primary phone away or close an app instantly if you come near. Others take a quick shower right after coming home. That is to erase other scents.

Cheaters can do anything in order to cheat if they really want to. Obvious or not, always be on guard if you notice out-of-the-norm gestures consecutively. A few ways for cheaters to communicate with their illicit lover are listed here.

  1. Using secret chat apps that look like gaming apps.
  2. Cheaters’ secret language or text message codes.
  3. Any Social Network apps, whether popular or not. It can be a dating app or not too.
  4. Through gaming Apps.
  5. And through Google Docs, pretending to be working. But actually chatting to an illicit lover.