Face painting is an excellent birthday party idea. Maybe you’re thinking of hiring a professional face painter for the party but the thing is, it’s pretty pricey. Well, why don’t you do it yourself?

One of the easiest is tiger face paint. As a face painter myself, I can say that this design is pretty famous among kids.

Now, if you want to learn a few techniques on how to easily do tiger face paint, stay tuned.

Things you Need before doing a Tiger Face Paint

Before you start painting faces, there are a few things that you need to prepare.

  • Non-toxic face paint (You can buy a whole set with multiple colors or purchase individual colors; yellow, orange, black, and white.)
  • Brushes
  • Sponge
  • Water (You will need this one if your paint is water activated.)
  • Wet wipes

Now that everything is prepared, let’s get started. Below, I listed different tiger face paint styles you can try. Check them out!

Half-Face Tiger Face Paint

Here are some easy and incredible half-face tiger face paint ideas you can try on your kids, nieces, or nephews. You can let them pick a design that they want or surprise them with your choice.

If it’s your first time, it’s okay to make mistakes, you can easily wipe them off with wipes. Just take your time and make sure that the kid is comfortable and is enjoying the whole process.

Style #1: Basic Tiger Face Paint

Basic Tiger Face Paint

This first one is pretty basic, and you can basically get done within 2 minutes. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1

Grab a sponge or paintbrush to draw two white triangles above the eyebrows.

Step 2

Use a sponge to paint the forehead, center of the face, cheeks, just below the nose, and top lip with orange paint. You may use a paintbrush after to tidy up the edges.

Step 3

For the details, grab a paintbrush and outline the triangle with black paint. With the same brush, add some tiger stripes on the forehead and the upper cheek. Next, draw a cute tiger nose and some whiskers.

And you’re done! Make sure to remind the kid to let it dry first before touching their face.

Style #2: Bright Yellow Tiger Face Paint

Bright Yellow Tiger Face Paint

This one looks a bit complex, but trust me, it’s so easy. You can master this style in no time!

Step 1

Use white paint to draw a half circle on the upper lip up to the tip of the nose. Next, draw a triangle on both eyebrows that will extend up to the forehead.

Step 2

Use bright yellow paint to fill in the space between the eyes to the tip of the nose and also the cheeks.

Step 3

Use a paintbrush and black paint to draw the tiger nose, the whiskers, and the stripes. Just follow the pattern shown in the picture.

Style #3: Dotted Tiger Face Paint

Dotted Tiger Face Paint

This next is my favorite style, it’s unique and cool. If you’re at a birthday party and you want to make the celebrant stand out, this style will definitely do that.

Step 1

Paint the nose and upper lip area with white paint. Use a sponge to paint the remaining areas with yellow paint except for the lower lip and chin area.

Step 2

Using a thin brush, draw a black outline on the lips. Next, draw the nose and the whiskers.

Step 3

Next, use a tip of a pen or anything you can use to make the dotted design. Dip the tip in black paint and use it to add the dotted details. After that, use orange paint to color the inside of the circles.

Style #4: Butterfly X Tiger Face Paint

Butterfly X Tiger Face Paint

This one is a crowd favorite, especially for little girls. They can still have tiger face paint, but with a little magic.

Step 1

Use a sponge and some yellow paint to cover the face with a butterfly-shaped mask.

Step 2

Using a clean sponge, dab some pink at the top tips and bottom corners of the butterfly. Then draw a wide white triangular shape underneath the nose.

Step 3

Use a thin brush to paint one white dot in the middle of the head, in between the eyebrows. Then mix some white with some yellow and paint four further dots underneath the white one.

Step 4

Grab a clean brush and black paint and use it to draw a nose and a line coming down towards the top lip. Then outline both sides of the white shape and add some tiger whiskers.

Step 5

Draw two black stripes underneath each eye and another two lines down both cheeks, starting from the inside corners of the eyes to the bottom of the face. Outline the butterfly wings and finally, add some blue paint inside the flower.

Full-Face Tiger Face Paint

Full-face designs will take much longer to finish, but it will be all worth it once you see the smile on the kid’s face. Here are some easy and fun full-face tiger face paint you can try.

Style #1: Basic Full Face Tiger Face Paint

Basic Full Face Tiger Face Paint

This one is pretty easy and you’ll have your kid looking like a tiger in minutes!

Step 1

Grab a sponge or paintbrush, then draw two white triangles going up at an angle from the eye and above the brows. Next, create a cat-like mouth shape on the top lip up until the sides of the nose.

Step 2

Then use a sponge to apply orange paint all over the face. Use a brush when you paint near the white areas to keep it clean.

Step 3

Add some details by using a brush and black paint. Draw stripes coming from the side going toward the center of the face. Then outline the mouth and draw a tiger nose.

Style #2: Realistic Tiger Face Paint

Realistic Tiger Face Paint

Now, you may be a beginner, but there’s nothing wrong with trying classic styles like this. This may unlock your hidden painting talent.

Step 1

Use a sponge to add white to the face. See the picture for details.

Step 2
Add the orange paint then blend it into the white spots. Then use another sponge to apply brown in the corners of the eyes and along the sides of the nose, widow’s peak on the forehead and add brown to the lash line, exaggerating the eyes.

Step 3

Exaggerate the eyes by adding a winged line. Add black dots curving down along the lines of the mouth, then go smaller as you approach the center. Draw some fur at the base of the muzzle and jawline, stroking your brush upward from the bottom.

Step 4

Add the additional details using a no. 6 brush. Make sure that the stripes and other details are symmetrical.

Style #3: Mystical Tiger Face Paint

Mystical Tiger Face Paint

If your kid wants to look like a forest fairy, you should definitely try this one.

Step 1

Use a sponge to paint the cheeks, nose, mouth, and eyes.

Step 2

Next, draw a triangle starting from the bottom of the nose all the way down to the chin. Next, paint the rest of the face orange.

Step 3

Use white and black paint to draw the additional details, and use the picture as a guide.

Style #4: Simple Tiger Face Paint

Simple Tiger Face Paint

This one is the easiest tiger face paint style on this page, try it out!

Step 1

Grab a sponge and paint the whole face bright yellow. Just be careful not to get too close to the eyes.

Step 2

Use a clean sponge and dab some white paint on the nose.

Step 3

Next, grab a thick brush and start to add the details shown in the picture.

Tip: If you’re having a hard time copying these styles, don’t worry. You can still do tiger face paint by using stencils! You can achieve a professional-looking output with minimal effort!


Face painting is a fun way to hype up the kids at a party. It is also an amazing and great skill to master.