6 Important Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You to Know

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Coping with the loss of your dearly loved pet can be pretty tough. You’d get sad and depressed all of a sudden, and you’d miss the times when they greet you when you wake up or get home from work. After all, they’re not just a pet. They’re your child, your life-long companion– a special part of your family.

Sad to say, no loving parent can ever be ready when it comes to losing a child. You see, pets come and go faster than people do. And when they leave your life suddenly, they just leave a void in your heart that can never be filled.

Sometimes, you’d wonder: What if you had more time to be with them? What would they say to you one last time? They may not be able to speak, but surely there are things your deceased pet wants you to know. Check them out below.

1. Your Deceased Pet Wants You to Know You’re the Best

If you feel like you did not do enough to save them or take care of them, your pet wants you to know that you’re the best pet owner they could ever ask for. You should know that you always do your best to take care of them, such as providing good food, taking them to the veterinarian when they’re sick, and cuddling with them when you’re at home.

Pet Loves You

You love your pet like they’re a family, and they feel it. You may not realize it, but you mean the world to them.Yes. If they could, they’d spend all the time playing with you. That’s how much they love you.

2. Your Deceased Pet Wants You to Know They Tried Their Best

When you arrive from a tiring day at work, you’re always greeted at the doorstep by your beloved pet, wiggling their tail or jumping around like crazy. And most of the time, those ,b>cute, random gestures they do can completely erase the stress you feel. Yes! They’d always done their best to let you know how much they love you more than you could ever understand.

They do it in subtle ways such as licking your face or burying their faces on your shoulders as if they’re a baby. They want to let you know that they feel your sadness, happiness, excitement, etc. Just know that your deceased pet always did its best to make your day a happy one.

3. Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know They’re in a Better Place

Your pets care about you. When they’re gone, they don’t want you to worry about them anymore. You should know that they’re in a dog paradise now. The heaven for loyal and loving dogs. You can imagine them just playing around with others without getting hungry or sad.

They also want you to know that they’re always looking after you like a guardian angel.

4. Your Deceased Pet Wants You to Take Care of Yourself

As mentioned, you’re the world of your pet, and they want nothing but your happiness. They want to ensure you’re okay. Since they can no longer be with you, they want to remind you to always take care of yourself.

Pet Cat

Eat on time and have fun and spend time with your friends and family. They don’t want you to feel alone when they’re gone. It will surely make them sad if you shut yourself from the world.

5. Your Deceased Pet Wants You to Know that It’s Okay to Have a New Pet

After losing a pet, it’s okay to take a break. There’s no rush to get a new pet, and if you don’t want another pet, it’s alright, too. But your pet wants you to know that even if they’re your one and only favorite pet, it’s okay to get a new one.

They won’t get mad or jealous if you ever need to get a new pet. In fact, they’d be happier about it, knowing that the new pet is in good and loving hands.

If the pet you lost was a dog, you may try having a cat or other kinds of pets. But if you still want to have a dog, you may try out other breeds of dogs if you want to. It’s up to you. Nevertheless, having a new pet to take care of is one way to move forward.

6. Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know They’re Sorry

Sometimes, your pet can be unruly and destroy a lot of things in the house. But of course, no matter what kind of damage they do, you still love them. That’s why they’d want you to know that they’re sorry for having you clean the mess all the time.

They also want to apologize for going sooner than expected. They don’t mean to leave you, and it’s not your fault that you can’t do anything to save them. So, don’t ever try to blame yourself, because that’s the last thing your pet wants for you.

Tip: Get Memorials for Your Deceased Pets

Loving your pet means you must be ready to let them go when the time comes, but that doesn’t mean you should forget them. To better handle the grieving process, you can get some pet memorials.

Pet Memorials Example

You can commission someone to carve a small statue of your pet and display it in the place where they used to hang around. You may also get a selfie if you put it together and have it decorate the living room or turned into keychains.

And don’t limit yourself. As much as possible, be creative and resourceful when having pet memorials. Spending your energy on such endeavors can be a great way to ease the sadness.

Final Thoughts

No one’s ready to lose a beloved pet. That’s for sure. But you have to be ready one way or another. It might feel like the time you spent together was not enough, but for your adorable pet, it is more than enough. You must know they’re forever grateful that you are their owner. There are things your pet wants you to know and they did their best to tell you all about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, your dog will miss you as much as you miss him/her. But don’t worry. Just remember that your beloved pet is now safe and sound, away from any pain and harm.

Just cry until you finally accept that your pet dog is gone. It’s normal to grieve when you love the dog so much like your child. Just make sure you don’t take too long. You may also distract yourself with other activities that don’t remind you of your dog.

It depends on your pet dog’s breed. If it belongs to the small dog breeds, it can live up to 10-15 years, while the big dog breeds can max up to 18. However, it depends on how much care and nutrition your dog has. The environment where you let them live can also affect their lifespan.