Help! Need to Spy Text Messages on Instagram

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Do you have an Instagram? Is it useful? Well, yes! It helps me a lot since I am using it for both business and personal purposes. It’s one of the best social media platforms that I ever tried.

Since I am always using Instagram, it influenced my wife and daughter too. They started enjoying using the platform because of the free services where they can upload photos/videos, and a direct message feature as well.

Access Messages on Instagram – How

It’s pretty useful, however, because of Instagram’s direct features that allow the user to send direct messages to their friends and other Instagram users, some people have experienced that their partners and children spend more time with it. And affects their bonding time that creates a gap between their relationships.

The same might happen to you, if you have a partner and child using Instagram, better get rid of it. Especially in your partner’s case, when you notice that he/she is acting suspiciously every time he/she is using the phone.

On the other hand, you feel anxious about the frequent use of your child on his/her phone and always on Instagram. You never know what is happening inside your partner’s and child’s Instagram. Maybe it’s time for you to find the best spying app to access their IG messages.

Found the Solution to Spy Instagram

To clear up your mind and stop thinking about what are the activities of your partner and child on their Instagram, you might consider hacking their phone and spying on text messages on Instagram. By doing this, you can monitor your partner’s Instagram messages as well as your child’s account to end the hunch on your partner and protect your child from predators online.

Want to know how? Install a spy text Instagram app on their mobile. And if you don’t know where to find it, well, don’t worry. Stay on this article and I will recommend you one of the most effective spying apps.

Method 1: [mSpy] Spy Text on Instagram

Here it is, the mSpy spying app. It’s one of the most reliable spying tools to see someone else’s direct messages on Instagram. All you have to do is wait until they let their guard down, get their phone, and install the app as quickly as possible.

mSpy Social Media Checker

View any social media as you like with one click. Become a social media checker right now!

Track FB, Twitter, IG, TikTok, Telegram, Snapchat, Skype

Read conversations, see all the sent and received images

Record the screen of all activities on any social media apps

Spy Text on Instagram using mSpy Features

After watching how mSpy works, I navigated on the dashboard and saw all the features for monitoring, hacking, parental controls, and restricting apps and websites. I am surprised that mSpy has this many features. But what I want on the program is the features for spying on text messages on Instagram.

Records Device Screen

This feature will enable recording to the target phone screen and lets you view all recorded clips. Simply navigate to the mSpy dashboard’s control panel and click the “Screen Recorder” option. With this, you can confirm if your wife is doing intimate conversations with someone else and protect your child from predators.

View Recorded Clips on Phone Screen

Monitor Social Media

This feature views all Social Media account messages and activities including Instagram.

mSpy Track Instagram

If you want to see all Instagram messages, click on the “Instagram” opinion under the “Social Networks” category. You can discreetly view your partner’s and child’s IG messages to see if they are doing well or not.

Track Keystroke and Keyword

The spying app enables you to track every tap and keystroke of your partner on his/her phone and your child’s phone as well. You can track the password and hack their Social Media accounts, especially Instagram.

In addition, the mSpy feature can set a keyword on certain apps and browsers to notify you later when they use the set keyword; like “Instagram”.

To do this, go to the control panel and click the “Keylogger” option for tracking and the “Keywords” option for setting the keywords.

mSpy Social Media Checker

View any social media as you like with one click. Become a social media checker right now!

Track FB, Twitter, IG, TikTok, Telegram, Snapchat, Skype

Read conversations, see all the sent and received images

Record the screen of all activities on any social media apps

How to Install mSpy to Spy Text on Instagram

Before that, I visited the mSpy website and learned the first thing to do. Here’s how;

Step 1. Visit the mSpy official webpage and created an account.

Step 2. Next, mSpy will send an email stating the complete instructions for installing and activating the app.

Step 3. On the target phone, install the app by visiting the link sent by mSpy. Copy the link and paste it into the phone browser.

Step 4. The link will direct to the mSpy webpage, tap the “download” button and install the app on the target phone.

Step 5. After the installation, log in using the link on the email sent by mSpy. Login credentials are also attached to the email.

Step 6. Login to your mSpy credentials and activate the mSpy on the target phone. Then start monitoring your partner’s and child’s phones.

To read your partner and child IG messages on their phones

  • Navigate to mSpy Dashboard’s Control Panel.
  • Go to “Social Networks” then click the “Instagram” option to see all saved messages.

To view recorded screen clips

  • Then click the “Screen Recorder” option.

To hack passwords on Instagram accounts

  • Navigate to “General Features” and click the “Keylogger” option.

After you use these features for spying on text messages on your partner’s and child’s Instagram, you can save your child from a predator and confirm your partner’s unfaithfulness.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Messages to Spy Text on Instagram

There is another solution to spy text messages on Instagram. This one is based on my friend’s experience. His wife also cheated on Instagram. The problem is, he couldn’t find a way to catch her cheating wife. He already checked the text messages on his wife’s phone but still, he can’t find any evidence.

Later on, he learned that there is an app that can recover deleted messages, including text messages on Instagram. Is it possible? But how? He used iOS Data Recovery, a reliable tool that can recover any deleted data within a few clicks.

[iOS Recovery Data] Recover Data to Spy Text on Instagram

If you didn’t find anything suspicious on your target’s Instagram messages, chances are they already deleted those messages. But don’t lose hope. Want to retrieve data that was deleted and data loss due to a system problem? Or you just want to retrieve deleted messages to view important information. iOS Data Recovery can help you retrieve all files and messages.

iOS Data Recovery Poster

This program is one of today’s best data recovery programs for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It can recover lost or deleted photos, videos, contacts, call logs, SMS, iMessages, notes, app, data, and more.

iOS Data Recovery can also recover lost and deleted Social Media messages and data like; WhatsApp, Kik, LINE, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and more. Also recovers deleted data from iOS device, iTunes Backup file, and iCloud backup.

The program recovers data from any iOS/iPadOS versions. iOS Data Recovery supports recovering data from any iPhone running on iOS 5 and above, including iOS 15, iOS 14, and 13. iPad running on iPadOS 13 to 15.

Steps on Recovering Data

Step 1. Launch and connect the device to the PC.

Step 2. After the device was detected by the program, click the “Start Scan” button to scan lost data including the Instagram text messages.

Step 3. After the scan is completed, select the desired data and messages to recover. Then click the “Recover” button.

After the process was completed, my friend just found out that his wife cheated on him through text messages on Instagram. He just saw all the retrieved messages from his wife’s Instagram inbox.


I, therefore, conclude that mSpy and iOs Data Recovery can help you by spying on your partner and your child using their Instagram Direct feature. I highly recommend these two apps; mSpy for spying, hacking, and blocking the target phone, and iOS Data Recovery for retrieving deleted data and messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Instagram tends to delete accounts that have been inactive for a prolonged period. We encourage people to actively log in and use Instagram once they create an account. To keep your account active, be sure to log in and share photos, as well as like and comment on photos.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and enter your last known email address or phone number.
  2. Tap Forgot password.
  3. Tap Need more help.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit a support request.