How to Spy on Someone’s Computer without them Knowing

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Computers are an indispensable part of our lives. Their computational abilities, hundreds, if not thousands of times stronger than those of a human, give us the means to trivialise otherwise impossible tasks, speed up and automate repetitive processes, store an endless amount of data in a piece of equipment that fits in your pocket and much more.

The recent pandemic has made their importance evident to even the most sceptical of users, as they allow us to keep the world running even without human presence, by allowing us to conduct tasks that would require human interaction, such as shopping, to happen via a computer.

And as the world is getting more and more computerised, with workplaces, shops, classrooms, and almost every other aspect of our lives giving way to its digital counterpart, so does the need for a supervision system become all the more evident and pressing.

In this article, we will go over the ways in which people with supervisory roles, be it employers, teachers, parents, etc, can oversee others. To be more precise, we will see how you can spy on someone’s computer without them knowing.

Spy on someone’s computer without them knowing: ClevGuard for Windows

If you are not an employer, however, and you still need to spy on someone’s computer without them knowing, it doesn’t mean that you are left with no resources. ClevGuard, a general use spy app will cover all your spying needs and even more!

The reason why we prefer ClevGuard is that:

  • It needs no technical knowledge to operate.
  • It can work on any computer regardless of the model or make.
  • It works 24/7.
  • It gives you live feedback.
  • It is 100% undetectable.
  • Clevguard’s customer support is always there to guide you through every step.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below!

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How to spy on someone’s computer without them knowing with Clevguard

Step one:

After you have installed ClevGuard on the target computer (do not worry, this is a very quick process and you will have Clevguard’s team of experts on the phone to help you.) launch it on your computer and go to the Dashboard. There, you have a complete overview of the target’s activity.

ClevGuard Dashboard PC Spy

Step two:

From there, you can check several tabs each covering a different sector of usage on the target computer.

Let’s look at the most important ones.

The keylogger feature will show you everything that has been typed on the target computer, regardless of when, where and whether it was ever sent or not.

ClevGuard Keylogger PC Spy

Web activity
This is where you can see the target’s web history on a series of browsers like Google Chrome and Opera.

Download history
There, you will have a list of all the files downloaded on the target computer.

Web chats
Do you want to see what they are texting and whom? Web chats is where you will see a complete chat history on all major and minor chat apps like WhatsApp.

File and Login activity
This feature logs every action taken on files like, delete, copy, and paste, and all the sites the target computer logs in on.

And this is just scratching the surface of what Clevguard has to offer.

With it, you can check on your children, to make sure that they are protected from abuse, or that they stay away from adult content. And if you are worried that your spouse is cheating on you, Clevguard has got you covered.

ClevGuard MoniVisor for Windows

Track Child’s Windows Computers Easily

Read WhatsApp Chats & Attachments

Capture PC Screen Automatically

Track visits, downloads, and views

Record every keystroke


What is the most important part about spying on someone’s computer, is remaining completely undetected. No matter who it is you are spying on, it is important to keep in mind that such activities are rarely legal, and even if they are, the person you are spying on, is bound to get mad.

This is why, even though the spy apps we have recommended above will make sure you remain undetected, you also have to be very careful about what you do with the information you gain through spying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remotely control someone else’s computer?2022-02-06T20:31:17+00:00

To remotely control a computer, you either need to use a remote desktop app like Anydesk, or set up a private network with the target computer where you allow the host to take over the client computers.

Is it possible to watch someone else’s computer screen?2022-02-06T20:30:39+00:00

Yes, there are actually a couple of ways to do that depending on whether you mind them knowing about it or not. If you do not mind, then any screen-share or remote desktop app like Anydesk will do. If you do not want to be found out, though, you will need to use a spy app.