(Works 100%) Spy Devices For Cheating Spouses

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Are you feeling uneasy lately and you feel like something is odd about your spouse? You feel like something is weird and different and you start having suspicions that your wife/husband might be cheating. You noticed that your partner has been coming home late, and it seems like he/she has lost interest in you. You also see your spouse always looking at his/her phone and it seems like he/she doesn’t want to touch it. Because of all these things, you started to think that your spouse might be having an affair.

Although this might just be a false feeling and he/she is just exhausted these past few weeks, because of work, you still want to make sure that she/he’s truly faithful.

Is there Spy Equipment to Catch a Cheating Spouse

We see a lot of cool gadgets in the spy movies we watch, and to be honest those equipment is pretty cool. Now that you’re in a situation where you direly need to spy on someone, you wonder if such spy devices exist. And the answer is yes! These types of equipment can help you stalk your spouse and see if they are up to no good.

These spy devices for cheating spouses can be installed in your home, your spouse’s purse, their car, your household appliance, and more. And to help you out, we listed spy equipment to catch a cheating spouse below, check them out, and see what works for you.

Top 6 Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse

Here are 6 spy equipment you can use to catch your nasty cheating spouse. Each of them has different use and purpose, so better select which one is best suited for your need.

1. Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse: Audio Recorder Pen

First on our list is the ever-so-dependable Audio Recorder Pen. Having a pen as spy equipment to catch a cheating spouse is a smart move, as it is a thing that most people carry around wherever they go. With an Audio Recorder Pen, you can record your cheating spouse’s dirty conversations with his/her lover and unveil the truth.

Pen With Voice Recorder


  • Small and easy to carry
  • Undetectable (Can be given as a gift to your target)
  • Wide range availability
  • User-friendly


  • Has a low battery life
  • Some Audio Recorder Pen has an odd appearance (your target may notice it over time)

There are a lot of Audio Recorder Pen available on Amazon and eBay with prices ranging from $25 to $30. This device is perfect if your spouse works in the office or is always doing some paperwork.

2. Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse: Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Most homes install Smoke Detectors to prevent fire incidents and protect their families. But what many people don’t know is that Smoke detectors can also help monitor your partner’s adulterous acts.

Smoke Detector with a built-in hidden camera is a great device if you want to protect your family from hazards and catch a cheating spouse at the same time. This device has a built-in memory that captures motion-activated video from the ceiling or wall.

Smoke Detector With Hidden Camera


  • Undetectable, as it is installed into the ceilings and will not be touched by anyone
  • Has 10 hours of battery life
  • Can easily be viewed on your computer


  • Expensive price tag
  • Can only be used indoors

A Smoke Detector with a built-in hidden camera can be purchased on eBay or Amazon. Its price range is around $120 to $300.

3. Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse: Peephole Reverser

Having a Peephole on our doors is quite helpful, as it gives us a preview of what to expect from the moment we open our doors. A Peephole Reverser is an innovative device that not only keeps you and your family safe, it also provides a clearer view inside the room or outside your house in a discreet manner.

You can use this device in hotels where cheaters usually meet up and take a sneak peek into their rooms.

Peephole Reverser


  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used in emergency situations (like checking the inside of a house for dangers before entering)


  • Cannot be used all the time, the target room or place should have a peephole in order to use this device.

The price of a Peephole Reverser varies depending on the brand, it can be around $100 to $150. You can purchase it in online stores like Amazon and more.

4. Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse: Spy Hawk RC Plane

The Spy Hawk RC Plane is a drone camera that you can use to follow and spy on your cheating spouse. With this device, you can follow your partner whenever he/she goes and take a video secretly. If you’re good with operating this device, it’ll be easy for you to monitor his/her every move whenever he/she is out.

RC Spy Plane


  • Take good quality footage of your target
  • You can operate it manually or set it to autopilot mode


  • Expensive
  • If your not used to operating drones, you might have a hard time using it
  • Produces a sound, and there’s a chance that it might get detected

The Spy Hawk RC Plane comes with a price tag of $400 (depending on the model) and can be purchased on your local electronics shop and online stores.

5. Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse: Landline Telephone Recorder

Telephones are still a thing today, and if you have a telephone in your home don’t get surprised if your spouse uses it to communicate with her/his cheating confidant. To make sure that you will catch your spouse contacting his/her lover through a telephone, Landline Telephone Recorder is a tool that you need.

It can record conversations for up to 500 hours (depending on the brand) and can easily be installed on any type of telephone.

Landline Audio Recorder


  • Has a long battery life
  • Easy to carry and portable
  • Produces high-quality audio


  • Cannot be hidden from your target since you have to attach it right beside your telephone.

6. Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse: KeyShark USB Keylogger

Record keystrokes from your spouse’s computer using the KeyShark USB Keylogger. This device can be connected to a keyboard to record all keystrokes. It has a changeable password, keyword search, enable/disable option, and stores over a year’s worth of data. You can just plug it in on your keyboard or computer and it instantly records all the keystrokes.

With this device, you can discover your spouse’s dirty messages and discover possible passwords for his/her accounts.

USB Keylogger


  • Small and easy to carry
  • Cheap
  • Has a large memory


  • Can easily be noticed and detected

Among all the devices we listed, the KeyShark USB Keylogger is the cheapest, you can purchase this handy tool for just $67 at any online store.

Alternative Tools to Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse

The devices listed above are truly magnificent and helpful. But let’s be honest, in times of desperation we need all the features those devices have in order to spy on our cheating spouse. But of course, we can’t buy all that equipment as it would cost a fortune.

But believe me when I say that there is a tool that offers everything and all the features you need to spy on your cheating partner’s phone. Here’s mSpy and FlexiSpy.

mSpy – A Reliable Alternative to Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse

If you are looking for an effective and reliable spy tool to catch your cheating spouse, well the answer is here. mSpy is one of the best spyware in the market today. It is packed with a lot of features that you might need to catch a cheater. Here are some of them.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Follow Locations

mSpy’s powerful GPS Locations and GeoFence feature is truly a heaven-sent aid to help you achieve your goal to catch your cheating spouse on the spot. With these features, you can get automatic updates if your spouse changes their location and if he/she goes into a specific place. Amazing right?

Hack Accounts

With the help of mSpy’s Keylogger feature, you can easily hack any of your spouses’ accounts to see whether he/she is really cheating. By going through the recorded keystrokes you can see possible login credentials that you can use to gain access to one’s account.

mSpy Keyloggers

Control Internet Usage

One of mSpy’s unique features is its ability to block someone’s access to the internet. Not only that you can also block porn sites on their Android phone, and in the case of your cheating spouse you can easily block all the dating applications and websites in just a single click.

mSpy Block Wifi

Read Social Network Messages

Social Media is a nesting spot for cheaters, so if you want to collect evidence against your cheating spouse, reading their Social Media DM’s is one way to go. Luckily, mSpy lets you easily bypass their inbox and read dirty messages without hassle.

mSpy Facebook

To sum it up, mSpy is a reliable tool to help you end your spouse’s infidelity. So download this amazing tool now!

FlexiSpy – A Flexible Alternative to Spy Devices for Cheating Spouse

FlexiSpy is an all-in-one tool that can do all the functions of the devices listed above without spending too much. Aside from that FlexiSpy is so easy to operate and install that there will be no sweat wasted.

Live listening and Live Call Recording

When it comes to recording nasty conversations and listening to your spouse’s dirty secret, FlexiSpy can help you with that. And the Live Listening and Live Call Recording feature are very handy, you can listen to conversations without being detected and collect vital information to confirm your allegations.

FlexiSpy Hack Phone Calls

Record Surroundings

With FlexiSpy, you can see your target’s surroundings and know what is happening around them even if you are not physically there. The hack camera feature is a big help not only in spying but also in monitoring and making sure that your target is safe by having a sneak peak on where they are.

FlexiSpy Hack Phone Camera

Receive Keyword Alerts

If you think your target has been searching for dating sites online or messaging his/her lover, FlexiSpy’s Keyword alert would be a big help to you. You can key in a website, a person’s name, or any word that you think they might use and receive and motivation alert every time they type it in.

FlexiSpy Keyword Alerts

Track Locations

Stalking someone is made easier and safer by FlexiSpy. Now you can follow your wife/husband’s location in the comfort of your home. In addition, FlexiSpy can give you your target’s current location in just one click. You may also set up a notification alert if ever your target moves to another place. How amazing is that?

If you want to catch your target’s dirty secrets, try out this absolutely amazing tool right now!

Final Thoughts

All I can say is that, all thanks to the people who developed and created these devices and programs to help discover and learn the truth about something. Technology has indeed made our lives easier and even given us the answers and solutions to issues that we thought we can never solve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cheaters hide their tracks by using app hiding features and by deleting their messages. Some also hide evidence by clearing up their browser history, turning off their GPS locations, and more.

Chatting in nature is basically just communicating with our friends and family. But there are some individuals who use this to betray their other half. So basically chatting online can be considered cheating once the target commits infidelity.