Hack Android Camera with the Best Spy Camera App

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Have you ever felt uneasy when your loved ones are not by your side; as they travel alone when they are at work or school. In some cases, when they go out for a party and sleepover at their friend’s house. It feels like you’re being cautious about their safety and sometimes you think of spying on their phone camera just to make sure that they are doing fine wherever they are.

Monitoring your loved ones is just normal. Spying them through their phone camera allows you to see and know every situation on how they interact with their surroundings.

If you think spying is the best way to ease your worry, let’s wrap up and start to do it. Do you want to know how? Luckily, we have the right app just for you. If your loved ones are using Android, let’s hack their Android phone camera.

Tip: Don’t worry if he/she is using an iPhone, we have that covered as well.

Spy Android Phone Camera – Assure Their Safety

If you’re worried about your child’s safety at school or you think they got bullied by their classmates, you can monitor them by hacking their Android phone camera. With a camera hacking app for Android hidden on their phone, you can watch them at school and see their situation all the time. Moreover, when your kid is not coming home at the regular time, then try to open your child’s phone camera to see what’s his/her current state.

Also, if you’re a responsible boyfriend, you can choose to spy on your partner’s phone camera. As in some cases, when your girlfriend gets assaulted by someone, you see the actual footage where you install a spy app on her cell phone camera. Then you can run over her location to save her from the suspect.

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Child’s Android Phones & Tablets, iPhones & iPad

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Listen to Android surroundings

Record screen of the target phone

No rooting or jailbreak required

Spy Through Cell Phone Camera – See Partner’s Loyalty

For some who have partners, they install a spy camera app for Android to monitor the activity of their partner outside the premises. With the spy tool, they can see on the phone camera the behavior of their partner when they are not around.

Is it possible to Spy on Someone’s Camera

Sure 100%, you can do it easily without them knowing. However, you must prepare something otherwise spying is just impossible.

  • Spy App – Install a reliable camera spy app that best suits your needs to ensure that it is compatible with the target Android device. If you have no idea how to choose, let me tell you one, the ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro. It’s one of the best spy apps to hack a phone camera, especially Android.
  • Internet Connection – You will need a reliable internet connection to access monitoring reports/feeds from the target device and to run the spy app video recording smoothly.
  • Access to Target Device – To fully install and activate the spy app on the target device, you are required to have physical access to the target device for at least a few minutes.

If you have everything ready, let’s start hacking.

Method 1: Spy an Android Camera via ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro is one of the most powerful spy apps for Android. With this program, you will know everything that happens to your loved ones, no matter where you are.

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Child’s Android Phones & Tablets, iPhones & iPad

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Listen to Android surroundings

Record screen of the target phone

No rooting or jailbreak required

With ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro, you can remotely activate the Android phone camera to capture the real-time screen of the target phone, which will be uploaded to your web portal. Along with this function, you can remotely turn on the target phone’s rear camera to take photos without being caught by the owner.

With the help of this program, you can take over the target phone’s camera that allows you to capture photos and record videos and you can download it later on your device for proof of evidence.

What makes me amazed about this app is that you can fully monitor the target phone at all times. You can’t be everywhere at once. But ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro will give you eyes and ears to protect what’s important to you.

Method 2: Spy an Android Camera via FlexiSpy

Another powerful spy camera app that will make your camera monitoring discreet is the FlexiSpy. With this spy camera app, you can keep an eye on your partner or child wherever they go – as long as they have their phones with them.

With FlexiSpy’s unique feature, you can remotely take over your partner or child’s Android phone’s camera to record videos without their knowledge. Meanwhile, you can turn on the phone microphone as well. FlexiSpy will record a 5-minute video with audio to you. You will know what’s going on with the person by watching the videos. You can download the video for local playback as well.

If a video is too long for you. FlexiSpy helps you secretly control the target phone’s camera to take a picture up to two at a time. After the photos and videos are recorded, they will automatically be sent to your FlexiSpy portal. You can review the photos and videos later. This spying app is truly amazing, so, what are you waiting for? Download now!

FlexiSpy Hack Video

How to Turn On Camera on Android Phones with FlexiSpy

Step 1: To begin with, let’s sign up for FlexiSpy and download the monitoring app to the target Android phone.

Click the button and hit Buy Now. Select Android from the device list and choose a plan. Make the payment and FlexiSpy will send you a link. Enter this link on a browser of the target Android phone.

FlexiSpy Sign up

Step 2: Start to track the Android camera.

On your own phone, download the FlexiVIEW app from Google Play or the App Store. Just search FlexiSPY and download the first one that pops out.

Then, enter your email and password on the app to finish login. 

Click on Rem Video to see the recorded videos. Hit RemCam to see the captured photos from the Android camera.

FlexiSpy Hack Camera


It’s such a great experience knowing how useful ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro is. Imagine how it will help you on recording a video and capturing a photo right on the spot to monitor the target phone’s user. It is a very effective app when it comes to spying on someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1. Display the Camera app’s shooting modes.
Step 2. Touch the Settings icon.
Step 3. Choose Resolution & Quality.
Step 4. Choose a mode and a camera.
Step 5. Choose a resolution or video quality setting from the list.

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