Effective Sprint Call Logs & Text Messages Hack

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Sprint is now one of the top mobile service providers today. Many are using it and maybe you’re one of them, or your family members are. But are you aware of the potential threats our loved ones can be into if left unchecked?

FYI: The Dangers Within Sprint Call Logs & Text Messages

There are many lies and deceptions that can possibly occur through text messages or calls. No wonder there are many people who would want to know what’s the most effective way to view Sprint call logs and text messages and even deleted calls and messages.

Sometimes, the deleted data are more important compared to those that are left on the target’s phone. Well, why would they even delete Sprint call logs in the first place? Or the Sprint text messages?

So you see, it’s the same reason why one would delete calls or text messages as to why you would like to retrieve it. Your loved one is hiding something. It’s either your child or your partner who is keeping a secret affair. Don’t you want to know what that is?

I guess you do want to learn what is the best Sprint text message history hack in order to find out their secret.

Simple Solutions to Access Sprint Phone Records

Actually, if you’re a Sprint account holder, you can view the Sprint phone records such as phone calls and SMS for free. Here are simple ways to view Sprint unbilled call log and how to view text messages on sprint.

Solution 1: Know Sprint Call Logs & Text Messages Via Customer Service

To get the call logs of your child/partner’s Sprint phone, you may ask straight from Customer Service. They will give you the call and text messages details such as phone number and timestamp.

Unfortunately, they can only give you the target’s mobile activity if you and your child/partner are Sprint subscribers. Aside from this fact, Customer Service can’t help you retrieve the deleted messages because they don’t store such in their system.

Solution 2: Know Sprint Call Logs & Text Messages Via Online Website

You can easily view the calls and text messages by just logging into your Sprint account. See all incoming and outgoing calls as well as messages of your child/partner. Here’s how.

  1. Log in and click the Calls/Texts Logs option.
  2. View the basic information like contact details, date, and timestamp. See also your Sprint unbilled call log.

Note that you can only view the data within 90 days but not the content of the text messages. So if your loved one deleted information in his/her call log or messages, you’ll never know it.

Solution 3: Know Sprint Call Logs & Text Messages Via mSpy

In case your partner is cheating on you or your teenager has a secret love affair, they will be very careful to leave any trace next time. Meaning, that every technique of yours to find out what they’re hiding will be nothing if they find out.

The above solutions are for free though their effectiveness is very limited. They cannot retrieve deleted messages. Let’s say, your child was being bullied and the evidence was deleted by him/her. Or your partner cheated again and you badly needed that deleted proof – call log or text message. So, how to see text messages on Sprint and retrieve the deleted ones?

Try mSpy.


mSpy Phone Tracker

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mSpy is an ultimate phone-hacking tool that helps many partners track and catch a cheater. It also helps thousands of parents protect their kids by blocking porn sites. mSpy works undetected, therefore, your loved one would never notice you’re monitoring him/her. This Sprint call logs and text messages history hacking app enables you to track your child/partner’s mobile activities. The installation process is hassle-free plus it’s user-friendly.

Hack Sprint Text Message History

The mSpy Read Text Messages feature lets you examine all received and sent messages on your child/partner’s phone. Look into everything in a birds-eye-view manner. You won’t be able to miss every photo.

mSpy Check Messages

Review Call Logs & Contact List

You can view all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Also, know how long the calls were made as well as check the mobile call history. Skim through the phone’s contact list of your child/partner and check for suspicious names. Maybe, your partner named his/her other man/woman for one of his/her colleagues so you do not suspect that he/she is cheating on you.

Install mSpy to Access Sprint Phone Records

Step 1: Create your account. Subscribe to mSpy and detailed instructions will be sent to your email.

Step 2: After that, log in using the mSpy link sent to your email to open the control panel.

Step 3: Start to read the Sprint call logs and text messages on the control panel. Download them as you like.

mSpy Track Calls


It is very important to know and monitor who your child/partner is talking to and what they are talking about in text messages. As well as who they are texting with. The first two solutions are simple for Sprint account holders or subscribers. But mSpy is still the best choice. You can track not just Sprint call logs and text messages, also the deleted ones and all of his/her mobile activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get copies of text messages within 90 days from your Sprint account. Follow these through.

  1. Login to your Sprint account.
  2. Just click Calls/Texts Logs.
  3. Then choose either the Voice or Text radio button.
  4. Select the name of the owner of the phone and view their usage details.
  5. Look for the text messages you need.
  6. Click Download on the screen’s right side.
  7. Read the Note about the file’s format and then choose OK.
  8. Select Open or Save.
  9. Then print out the text messages.

You need to use a computer in order for you to download, save, and print text details.

The answer is yes, but not all of them. The age of the deleted messages also matters before they will be permanently gone from the network’s system. Some deleted text messages may last for 72 hours. A few may be kept for up to 10 days within the network company.