A Reliable Guide On How To Choose The Right Size Trampoline

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You might be planning on setting up a trampoline at your home or for your business, but the thing is, you want to make sure that it’s the right size for the area. Well, don’t worry, we will help you solve this dilemma. In this article, we created a guide for the right size for a trampoline that will be perfect for your friends and family.

Sizes of a Trampoline

Trampolines come in different shapes and sizes, the one you will buy will depend on the usage and area size. The standard trampoline size is 12ft. The size is considered medium or large. It is the perfect size for a family and can be installed in your backyard. It also doesn’t take up too much and is wide enough for multiple people to use it at the same time.

You may also take a look at other trampoline sizes:

  • 10 ft trampoline – 3.1m of space required, fits 1 adult or 2 young kids. It is ideal for small yards.
  • 14 ft trampoline – 4.2m of space required, fits 3 adults or 4 young kids. It can be installed on big lawns.
The Right Size of Trampoline to Buy

Trampoline Weight Limit

Before purchasing a trampoline, check out its weight limit. The manufacturers will include recommendations about the weight limit or how many people will use it at once. The standard trampoline weight limit is no more than 250 lbs.

How to Choose the Right Size of Trampoline

Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect trampoline size.

Before getting a trampoline, take a look at the size of the area where it’s going to be installed. It should be wide enough and has no disturbances on the side. If you’re planning to put it indoors, the area should have a high ceiling so the people who will use it won’t hit their heads.

Things to Consider when Buying a Trampoline

The size of your trampoline will also depend on how you will use it. If the purpose of the trampoline is for your business, then you should consider getting a larger one. If it’s just for family, then a trampoline good for 2 to 4 people will be enough.

Tip: Select the Perfect Trampoline Type for You

There are different types of trampolines. And you should know that choosing the right shape and type of trampoline is important. Each type and shape has different purposes and gives a different experience to the users.

In this part, we will discuss the major differences and some pros and cons of different trampoline types. Read on!

Springless VS Spring Trampoline

Springless trampolines are made of flexible composite rods that lie beneath the jumping surface. They are designed to provide a relatively soft, deep bounce. Springfree is the best-selling springless trampoline, it provides safety and fun at the same time. Check out their products on their website.

Springless VS Spring Trampolines

Spring trampolines, on the other hand, are firmer. But this type of trampoline may bring harm. Oftentimes the spring breaks and causes injuries. And you have to change the spring when it becomes loose.

Round VS Rectangular Trampolines

Round trampolines are naturally stronger due to their shape. Plus it’s cheaper because it’s easier to make for most manufacturers. If you’re looking for high-quality round trampolines, check out Skywalker.

Round VS Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular trampolines provide the best bounce of any trampoline shape. It allows all jumps to rebound equally, that’s why you can achieve higher jumps. They are more suitable for experienced jumpers. Happy Trampoline has some of the best rectangle trampolines in the market, check out their Amazon store.


Before purchasing a trampoline, you need to check everything and remember all the things we discussed here. This article will help you choose the right trampoline for your home.


Wearing shoes on a trampoline can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury as you may slip and stumble. Plus, some shoes can damage the surface. Remember to wear socks when visiting a trampoline park.

For kids, the most popular one is the eight-foot trampoline. It has more space for a child to move around. But this size is a one-at-a-time size. The 10 to 12-foot range is much better for two jumpers at a time.