10 Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool – Know It Here

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Men tend to hide their emotions. They immediately build a wall to stop other people from interfering. That is why when they start to feel something about someone, their initial reaction will usually be to avoid that feeling from being noticed.

But even if men’s emotions are well hidden and are sometimes hard to understand, you can still take a peek by looking at their actions and reaction to things. Yes. If you know when and where to look, you might actually figure it out without asking them.

Now, if you think a man is interested in you but he’s just playing it cool, well, you are on the right page. We will show you signs he likes you but is playing it cool and help you confirm whether his feelings are true or if he’s just fooling around.

Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

Does he love me or not? This may be the question circling your mind right now. Well, we will help you figure it out with these 10 signs he likes you but is playing it cool. Take a look!

1. He Teases You

If a man likes you, the first thing he will do is to make you notice him, whether in a good or bad way, and the most subtle way to do that is to tease you. And I know, from a girl’s perspective, it’s quite annoying, but boys actually have a reason for it.

He Teases You

I asked one of my guy friends why he likes to tease his crush back in high school. He said he thinks teasing her is sweet and he loves seeing her cute face when gets annoyed. And after years of teasing, they started dating and got married.

Now, if that man constantly teases you out of nowhere, maybe he likes you but is playing it cool. Just make sure that you don’t overreact and when his jokes are out of the line be sure to let him know.

2. He Plays Hot and Cold

Guys are dramatic too, and when they like someone it’s hard for them to decide the best approach. Sometimes he’s sweet and caring, but on other days he’s a snob and won’t even talk to you. Well, girl, that boy may be nervous when you’re around and he doesn’t know how to act and react to certain things.

It’s cute because it shows that your presence has an effect on him.

3. His Body Language Changes when You are Around

In connection to what I’ve said above, even if he is ignoring your presence, trust me he still looks out for you.

If he likes you, he will notice your every move and his body language will say so. He will make subtle movements like staring at you when you’re not looking, pulling out a chair for you, helping you carry things, etc.

His Body Language Changes when You are Around

Maybe his way of showing his appreciation is through acts of service or he’s too shy to talk to you.

4. He Always Finds a Way to be Near You

Being near a person you like feels good, and maybe that’s the reason why that man is always around you. He always makes a way to sit beside you or even make subtle physical contact.

If you notice these things on someone, there is a chance that he likes you but is playing it cool by being near you.

5. He Shows Off Around You

A lot of people do this. If you like someone, of course, you will show off to impress that person. If a man treats you with your favorite food or buys you presents, it means he likes you.

He Shows Off Around You

Or even if he doesn’t directly show off in front of you, he might say something impressive to someone but will make sure that you hear it. If he acts cool around you, well, he is showing off because he likes you.

But sometimes, boys overdo this style. Some girls may find them arrogant and boastful.

6. He Helps You Out

There is a love language called Acts of Service. This is when someone is doing something for their partner that would help them. In other words, it’s by helping the person you love to do something to lessen their burdens.

And even if you’re not in a relationship, a man who likes you will extend his efforts and help you out. He helps you even in the smallest things like carrying your bag, sharing his umbrella with you, letting you use his jacket or handkerchief, or even offering to drive you home.

He Helps You Out

Try to appreciate his efforts and thank him if he helps you out. You never know, this may build up his courage and finally confess his feelings towards you.

7. You Catch Him Looking at You

Like what I’ve said on #3, a person who likes you will ALWAYS look at you. We all experience having a crush on someone and no matter how sweaty or haggard they look, it’s like they are the most beautiful person on earth and we can’t keep our eyes off them.

You Catch Him Looking at You

If you see him looking at you and when you try to look at him and he suddenly avoids your eyes and looks the other way. Girl, I’m telling you, that man likes you but is playing it cool.

8. He Asks Other People About You

When a person likes you, of course, he will want to know more about you. But don’t expect that he will talk to you and ask you things. He will most likely ask your common friends or the people around.

He may not want you to think that he’s so into you, that’s why he acts like a spy and asks for information about you from other people. Well, that is men’s nature.

9. He Listens and Understands You

A person who is interested in you will most likely be interested in your life, too. You may notice that he likes to listen to your stories and he understands your problem, well, that is because he likes you but is playing it cool.

He Listens and Understands You

And even if he doesn’t say a word, you may notice that he actually cares about you and he is willing to lend his ears and listen to all your stories.

10. He Stalks on Social Media

Social Media is the easiest way to get to know someone and see what they’re doing. If a man is actively watching your stories and is always liking your posts. It’s most likely because he is interested in you and he wants to know you.

He Stalks on Social Media

But of course, he has to appear cool so he won’t do anything personally. Instead, he will stalk you on Social Media and react to all the things you post.

Last Advice

Feelings are hard to understand. Remember that these signs are just based on what most people notice, it will still depend on what that man truly feels.

There is a law in Accounting that says “Do not assume unless stated”. This means you should not assume certain expenses, investments, or other transactions if it’s stated and signed on a contract.

And you could actually use this law in your life right now. Don’t assume that he likes you because he acts a certain way. It’s better to ask him about what he truly feels before investing some feelings. Protect your heart always.

Frequently Asked Questions

While flirting may technically not be cheating, it could be viewed as a breach of fidelity because you are showing interest in someone else.

A guy who’s faking his feelings will most have more interest in himself rather than you and your relationship. Most players only act sweet during the courting stage or the beginning of the relationship. After they get want they want from you, they will slowly fade out of your life and treat you like trash.