A Convenient Way To See Someone’s Activity on TikTok

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I was in a cafe with a friend two weeks ago. While we were laughing at the videos we watched on TikTok, her shoulders suddenly went down and her facial expression changed. That’s when I knew something was wrong.

I asked her what was bugging her, then she said;

“I saw my boyfriend watching sexy girls’ videos on TikTok. They are prettier and sexier than me. It just makes me feel less and it affects my confidence when I’m around him.” Then she added, “I’m also worried that he will find a girl like those and just leave me hanging”.

After that, I comforted her and gave her some advice before we parted ways.

TikTok is not as Innocent as you Think

Later that night, I tried to do some research about my friend’s problem. That’s when I found out that she’s not the only one in misery because of this. Many boyfriends and girlfriends have the same issues and worries.

Well, we can’t blame them. Social Media, specifically TikTok, is vast and one person can communicate with as many people as he/she wants to. Some people are afraid that their partners might cheat on them because of this app aside from using other cheating applications that cheaters use.

TikTok Is Not As Innocent As You Think

Also, TikTok is a place where people can post any kind of video. I even saw one with sexual content, which is not the kind of video kids shouldn’t see. That is why parents are also concerned about their kids on TikTok. As this supposedly fun video-sharing app is a lair of pedophiles and sex offenders that could harm your kid at any given moment.

With all these dangers and risks it is no question why a lot of people want to see someone’s liked videos on TikTok and see someone’s comments on TikTok. If you are one of these people, we’ll stay on this page and I will show you how.

Ways to See what Someone is doing on TikTok

TikTok is an interactive app in which people can share and see what other people post. That is why it’s easy to see someone’s liked videos on TikTok and see someone’s comments on TikTok. Here are the ways to do so.

1. See Someone’s Liked Videos on TikTok

It’s easy to see someone’s liked videos on TikTok. And with it, you can see if your boyfriend/girlfriend is liking videos of hot guys and sexy girls. Or if your kids liked malicious videos. Here is how to do it.

  1. On your TikTok app, visit the target account.
  2. Next click the heart icon. And after that, you should see his/her liked videos.
See Liked Videos

2. See Someone’s Comments on TikTok

To see someone’s comments on TikTok you can try to check their liked videos. You see if you check a certain video’s comments, the first to appear are the comments of the people you follow. So you can access his/her liked videos and check the comment section.

Another way to do it is by checking the comments on your target’s posted videos. There is a huge chance that you can see his/her interaction with others and know if your wife/husband is cheating. Or if your child is interacting with strangers.

Spy Someone on TikTok – It’s not that Easy

The methods above are easy when the odds are in your favor. But what if it’s not? There could be chances your target has set his/her profile to Private. This will restrict you from viewing his/her liked and posted videos.

Or they might just simply unfollow or block you to completely get rid of your tracks on their TikTok. And when this is the situation, there’s really not much that you can do.

But fear not, we still have 2 more methods you can try to see someone’s liked videos on TikTok and see someone’s comments on TikTok.

Ease Out your Worries – View Liked Videos on TikTok via FlexiSpy

You can actually watch your target’s TikTok activities and see what he/she is liking and commenting on. You just need to use a tool called FlexiSpy! It is an award-winning monitoring app that has helped tons of parents and partners all over the globe. With its amazing features, you can easily see someone’s liked videos on TikTok and see someone’s comments on TikTok with no hassle at all.

This tool has a Remote Screenshot feature that can see someone’s liked videos on TikTok and see someone’s comments on TikTok by looking at the screenshots taken. Now, your can’t partner deny the fact that he/she is liking other guys/girls’ videos because you have solid evidence. And you can secure that your kid is not interacting with pedos and sex offenders.

FlexiSpy Capture Screenshots

To add up, your target will never notice that he/she is being monitored as FlexiSpy is discrete. You can monitor them all you want being caught.

Are you ready to try FlexiSpy? Well, simply follow the steps below.

Steps to Use FlexiSpy

Step 1: Tap the button below and create an account. Then choose your preferred subscription.

Step 2: On your target device, log in to your account and start a live chat with the technician. They will help you set up and install the program on your target device.

Step 3: Next, log out on the target device and log in again on your own device.

Step 4: Hit on the App Screenshots option and click the Capture Screenshots button.

Step 5: On your next log, you will see the captured screenshots.

FlexiSpy Capture Screenshots

After this process, you will see the screenshots taken on your next log. Check out the screenshots and check if your partner likes someone’s videos and if he/she comments malicious statements on others’ posts. This is also the perfect time to check on your kid, see if he/she has seen inappropriate videos, and interact with pedos.

Confirm your Allegations – See Someone’s Comments on TikTok via mSpy

When trying to see someone’s comments on TikTok, there can be a lot of complications that you may encounter. But there is one tool that can give you full access to someone’s TikTok account without any trouble. That amazing tool is none other than mSpy.

mSpy is a one-of-a-kind monitoring program that can easily bypass someone’s TikTok account giving you an easy entry to their accounts to know secrets and see their activities.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

mSpy has a Keylogger feature that can provide you the full set of your target’s TikTok account credentials. As it efficiently records their keystrokes and lists possible usernames and passwords. How cool is that?

mSpy Keylogger

Also, if you want to fully restrict your kids on Tiktok you can simply block the application from their phones. mSpy provides an App Blocking feature that you can use to restrict their access and usage of inappropriate applications. You may also block inappropriate websites to prevent your kid from accessing them.

If you are amazed at these two features, you will be in awe when you see all of mSpy’s nifty features. So don’t waste time and start monitoring now.

Steps to Use mSpy

Step 1: Create an mSpy account by clicking the button below. Next, choose the plan you prefer and wait for mSpy to send you the confirmation email.

Step 2: Check out the email and use the installation manual attached to set up mSpy on the target device.

Step 3: On your own device, log in to your mSpy account and access the Dashboard.

mSpy Dashboard

To use the Keylogger feature:

  • Scroll down on the Dashboard and choose Keylogger. There, choose TikTok and start scrolling to find some comments and account credentials.
mSpy Block Apps

To use App Blocker

  • Access the Restricted tab on the Dashboard. Then, choose the Block Applications option. Lastly, find TikTok and hit the Block option.

It’s so easy to use mSpy to see someone’s liked videos on TikTok and see someone’s comments on TikTok. Install this amazing app now!


The methods above may work for you, but spying without the target’s consent could be illegal in your country or state. Only do this at your own discretion.

Author’s Note

The internet is not a safe place anymore. That is why monitoring our loved one’s activities is a must. This way, you might be able to salvage your relationship or free yourself from betrayal. You can also protect your kids’ well-being and make sure their environment is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

TikTok has a new feature where you can see who has viewed your profile for the last 30 days. Simply go to your profile and click the eye icon above. From there you will see a list of users who visited your account.

Although you can see the number of shares and saves of your videos, TikTok has not offered a feature for you to see who has saved your videos.