Top 5 Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games (2023 Updated)

By Last Updated: October 7th, 2023Categories: Phone Hacks

There are many ways to build trust with your partner. Talking about everything, joint accounts, etc. Some people even let their partners check their phones from time to time.

This was the case with me; my girlfriend was very popular at school and I knew she had male friends. So she would let me check her Instagram and Facebook whenever I wanted.

It all worked out fine, I thought. But little did I know that she was hiding something from me. A secret chat app that looked like a game.

What looked like a simple chess game app, was, a chat app. And that’s where she had all her secret conversations with her boyfriend!

I also promised myself not to let that happen again, when I found out. And I know that there are many people with the same problem. So, this is for you; the secret chat apps that look like games and how to catch them!

Part One: Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games

Before we begin, we should explain what we mean with the term Secret chat apps that look like games.

Such apps usually function exactly like normal chat apps, with a few differences:

  • Their icons make them look nothing like chat apps, often hiding their identity and fooling people who don’t know.
  • They have strong encryption and they often delete their data after you close them.
  • They hide their true function behind a code or password so that everyone other than the owner won’t be able to even open them.

So, now that you know what secret chat apps are, let’s take a look at the 5 most popular.

Secret Messaging App No.1: Calculator Pro +

Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games Calculator Pro

Calculator Pro + is the most popular secret chat app with over 500,000 downloads. When you first open it, Calculator Pro + looks and works exactly like a normal calculator. However, if you put in a secret PIN number, you get transported to a secret chat app where you can store secret text threads.

The concept behind this app is ingenious. Even if you get suspicious you would never be able to figure out the secret PIN.

Secret Messaging App No.2 : Hide my text: Secret Private Text Messages

Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games Hide My Text

This one is a little bit different in terms of how it works. The app is not a chat app in itself and you cannot use it to send and receive messages. However, it will help you encrypt any message using preset or even custom ciphers. All you have to do is write your message, put it in the app, and you will have an encrypted string of gibberish that only someone with the cipher can understand.

Secret Messaging App No.3 Wickr me

Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games Wickr me

Wickr me is a very discreet texting app. Unlike the others, it doesn’t hide its identity that much, but it has other mechanisms in place that allow it to keep everything sent and received on it private. Those mechanisms include end-to-end encryption as well as an auto-destruct feature that deletes messages and media after a set amount of time.

Secret Messaging App No.4 Fort Knockster

Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games Fort Knoxter

This one is the app that looks the most like a game. Both the name and the icon make it look like a war game of some sort. However, on the inside, the app is a texting app with a ton of security measures, encryption, invitation-only chats, and a crypto management system.

Even though it is not exclusively made for cheating, one can easily hide an affair by using it and someone looking at their phone would be none the wiser.

Secret Messaging App No.5 Skred

Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games Skred

Skred is the least inconspicuous of all the secret chat apps that look like games because of its icon which alludes to secrets and spies (both the eye and the keyhole can be a bit suspicious). That aside, the app can, potentially, be a cheater’s dream. It lets you sign up email-free. This means that it cannot be traced back to you. Thus you could claim the icon is a virus if someone gets suspicious. It also doesn’t store anything on any server. This way, your messages are gone for good once you delete them.

What is more, it lets you create as many accounts as you want. Thus ensuring that all your chats are practically anonymous.

Part Two: How to Spy on Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games

These apps are a fraction of what I saw when I did my research. There are thousands more, with varying degrees of success in hiding affairs.

So, is there a way for people to fight back? A way to catch someone cheating even if they are using such an app?

There is! The famous mSpy Phone Tracker will help you with that!


mSpy Phone Tracker

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mSpy – A Perfect App to Monitor Secret Texting Apps

mSpy is a spy app that I found when I started looking for ways to avoid cheaters. Now, I swear by it. It is the only spy app that can help you locate and monitor secret chat apps that look like games.

It enables you to monitor messages, regular messaging apps, and calls like most spy apps, it can also help you find out secret apps through a series of unique and cool features.

The Keylogger, for example, will let you check what is typed on the target phone. So, even if an app doesn’t appear as a chat app, mSpy will still be able to tell you what is being typed. In fact, with the keylogger, you can even spy on deleted messages!

Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games mSpy Keyloggers

Then, the Screenrecorder lets you bypass all kinds of encryption systems and secret passwords by taking screenshots of the target’s phone screen in real time. This way you can read entire conversations and also keep them for evidence.

Secret Chat Apps That Look Like Games mSpy Screen Recorder

And why stay there? mSpy has a lot more tools that will turn you into a proper spy. You can track the target’s GPS location, check their web history, their media files, and anything else you could imagine.

So, if you too are worried you might be played for a fool and want to avoid a situation similar to mine, download mSpy now.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history


Hopefully, with this, you will be able to avoid being played for a fool like I was. Most cheaters are not as clever as to use such apps. Instead they use secret codes or secret phones with which to call their lovers. However, no matter what they try, they will not fool you. Especally if you have a trusty companion as I do now, mSpy.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is only one app store for each OS (including a separate store for some Huawei models) and independent apps that you download directly on your phone and install without the app store. You should be extra careful with those, as they may contain spyware or malware.

There are two kinds of secret apps; One refers to apps that appear neither on your phone’s registry nor do they have an icon or widget on your screen. The other kind is apps that show up on your phone but masquerade as something else entirely.