Here Are Some Tips to Get Your Kids off Roblox Now!

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Video games are getting more popular these days, especially with kids. And as much as we want our kids to have fun online, we can’t deny the risks of video game addiction and its effects.

Kids can quickly get hooked and persuaded by something when they think it’s fun. That is why when a child is starting to show signs of game addiction, it will be hard for parents to remove their kids’ attention to video games.

One of the most popular games for kids today is Roblox, and we can all tell how popular this game is, because some of us adults play it, too.

But the question is, why is Roblox so addictive? Is there a Roblox parental control feature? Well, all of that and all the things you need to know about Roblox and how to stop your kid’s Roblox addiction are on this page. So stay tuned!

Why is Roblox so Addictive

Okay, let’s first talk about why kids love Roblox.

It’s Widely Available

First, Roblox is a game that kids can easily access. This game is widely available on most platforms, mobile phones, PC, tablets, and even consoles. So even if your kid uses multiple devices, he/she can still play Roblox anytime and anywhere, making them more hooked on the game as days pass.

Roblox Is Widely Available

Players can be Creative

Kids can also work to show their creative skills in the game. And Roblox has a lot of in-game features that kids use to show their creativity. When you think about it, this side of Roblox is pretty good. It can help kids develop certain skills and kids can have fun at the same time.

Kid Being Creative On Roblox

The Game’s Competetive Aspect

Another addictive aspect of Roblox is that it lets a player complete challenges in exchange for rewards and prizes. And because of this kids feel a sense of victory and happiness. Making them eager to play more to receive greater rewards.

Kid Winning A Game

Interaction Between Players

Roblox is an interactive game, your kids can socialize with any players as they want to. This is what makes the game more saleable to kids. Now socialization is good for children, but we never know what their so-called friends are up to.

Kid Socializing On Roblox

What Now?

After knowing the aspects of Roblox, we can now understand it’s so addictive. Some of its features are pretty helpful to kids, but it doesn’t mean that this game is safe. There are still some adult contents inside the game that your kids can easily have access to. Besides that, a lot of strangers on the app are lurking around with unknown intentions to kid players.

That is why if your kid plays Roblox, it’s better to start overseeing their activities and stop them from being addicted to Roblox.

Roblox Addiction Test – Signs your Kid is Addicted to Roblox

If you want to be certain if your kid is becoming a Roblox addict, take a look at the signs we listed below.

  • Chooses to play poblox instead of socializing
  • Throws a fit when you tell them to stop
  • Lack of motivation
  • Weak physical agility
  • Poor school performance
  • Unable to control playing time
  • Easily angered
  • Shows signs of stress
  • Lack of focus

If your kid shows some of these symptoms, then there is a huge chance they are becoming addicted to Roblox.

Roblox Stop!! – How to Get Kids Off Roblox

There are a couple of things you can do to stop your child from playing Roblox. You may try these to stop your child’s game addiction.

Know Why They Play

Sometimes, playing games is a person’s way of relieving something. There must be a reason why your kid is focusing all of his/her attention on Roblox.

Your kid could be bullied at school, which is why instead of socializing, he/she chooses to be alone and play games instead. If not, maybe they are just hopping on the trend. Maybe all of their friends are playing the game and they want to be left behind.

Parent Talking To Child

Your kid might also be lacking some attention. You and your partner might be too busy with your careers leaving your child feeling alone and lonely, that may be the reason why he/she spends most of his/her time on the game.

As a parent, it’s your job to understand and know why your child acts in a certain way. Showing your child that you care about what they feel will help them open up to you. If ever your child opens up about his/her reasons why he/she plays too much, try to resolve it immediately and be as understanding as possible.

Parent Spending Time With Child

Impose Gaming Rules

If you want your kids to have control over their gaming addiction, you may try to impose rules about it. Set a schedule on when they are allowed to play, for example after doing chores or after studying. Try to give them a certain amount of time, don’t let them play as long as they want to. Things will go out of control if you do that.

If they refuse your plan and throw a fit, be calm and try to explain your intentions to the child.

Parent Imposing Gaming Rules

Use Roblox Parental Control Tools

Now if your kids won’t open up and refuse to listen, maybe it’s time to level up your game. You can try using parental control tools that can help you control what your child sees, know if they are being cyberbullied or threatened online, and who they interact with within the game. Well, you will be pleased to know that Roblox has its parental control features.

With Roblox Parental Control, you can take charge of your child’s account, set who can message and see their account, and more. Here’s how to set it up.

  1. First, you must know that Roblox has privacy and security measures based on the user’s age. So if you want to enable the Roblox Parental Control, you have to set up a proper account for your kid.
  2. Next, on the Settings menu, select the Security tab and create your Roblox Parental Control PIN. This PIN will help prevent your child from altering the changes you made, as this will be required if they try to do some modifications to the account settings.
Set Up Roblox PIN
  1. Next, enable the account restrictions. After that, hit the Privacy tab and set up the Contact Settings. Here you can set up who can see, contact, and access your child’s account. Below the Contact setting, you may also set up some other restrictions.
Set Up Roblox Restrictions

The Roblox Parental Control is indeed helpful in monitoring your kid’s Roblox account. And even though you have the Roblox Parental Controls locked with your PIN, your child can easily create another account with no restrictions. So what now? Is there any other way to stop kids playing on Roblox and impose secure Roblox Parental Control methods?

Well yes, there is! Take a look at the tools we listed below.

Roblox Parental Control Alternatives

To fully protect your kids from the dangers of Roblox, we gathered three of the most effective and reliable Roblox Parental Control alternatives. These tools can give full protection to your kids not just on Roblox but on all games and online platforms. Check them out!

1. Guard your Kids on Roblox on Android and IOS via mSpy

When it comes to mobile monitoring, mSpy is on the top. This sophisticated and reliable Roblox Parental Control tool is packed with features that will secure your child’s safety on the app. mSpy is also a multi-platform tool as it works perfectly with both IOS and Android. How great is that?


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

With mSpy you can:

Block Roblox – You can freely remove your child’s access to Roblox by simply blocking the game on their phone. You can also do this to all types of games, applications, and websites.

mSpy Block Apps

Restrict Internet access – If your kid won’t stop playing games on their phone, then I think it’s time you use your ultimate move. And that is to cut off their internet access. With mSpy you can block any network on your kid’s phone to stop them from accessing the web.

mSpy Block WIFI

Apart from these two, mSpy also allows you to see everything on your kids phone like reading Social Media messages, viewing browser history, track locations, hack accounts, and a lot more.

mSpy gives you a convenient and upgraded way of protecting your child. So don’t hesitate and get this tool now!

2. View your Kids Roblox Activity on Windows via FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is one of the best Windows monitoring tools out there. This amazing tool gives you the power to oversee your kid’s Roblox activities remotely! How? Well, FlexiSpy has a lot of handy features to help you ensure your child’s safety on and off the web.

FlexiSPY Hack Mac PC

Here are some of FlexiSpy’s stop features;

Live viewing – Curios on what your kid is doing on Roblox? The Live Viewing feature of FlexiSpy is here to help! Now you can see all of their activities without them knowing remotely! Yes, that’s right. Even if you are away from home you can still monitor your kids and see if something malicious is going on or they are watching porn on Chrome.

Keylogger – If your kid does not share his/her Roblox account credentials with you, then the Keylogger feature will be all you need. This feature can bypass any account by recording every typed word and letter of your target. And by that, you can see his/her possible username and password and hack their account. You may also want to read this article about: The Best Keylogger Software for PC.

FlexiSpy Keylogger

Site Blocker – The site blocker feature is one handy tool when it comes to ensuring that your child is not visiting inappropriate sites. There are a lot of porn sites out there, and those sites will affect your kid’s well-being. You may also block the official site of Roblox to prevent them from playing your PC.

FlexiSPY Hack Mac PC

These amazing features are just some of FlexiSpy’s abilities, to see more, go get this tool in this instance!

Author’s Note

Games are meant to be fun and educational for kids. But if it’s already causing them harm and can bring them danger, then it’s time for parents to take a stand and do something to protect their kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Roblox, people can create their content, and there are several accounts whose contents are not suitable for kids. This is why overseeing what they’re doing in the game is important.

If you want your kids to have fun, then why not. But you have to make sure that the game is completely guarded and monitored to prevent any danger. You may try using the solutions we listed above.