Fish Facts: What Is The Red Eye Bass

Red Eye Bass is probably one of the most known fish in the industry. This fish is fun to catch and has delicious meat.

However, some newbies and even veteran anglers struggle to identify this fish. Well, don’t worry. We will tell you everything there is to know about the Red Eye Bass. Read on!

What does a Red Eye Bass Look Like?

We can’t deny the fact that fishes literally look like each other, just like Bluegill and Sunfish.

What does a Red Eye Bass Look Like

In the case of the Red Eye Bass, it’s not that hard to tell it apart from its relatives like the Spotted and Largemouth Bass. It has some distinct features. Here are some of them.

  • This fish is not called redeye for anything. It has a bright red eye that separates it from other bass species.
  • They have large months.
  • The Red Eye Bass can grow up to 18.5 inches long and as heavy as 8.2 lbs.
  • It is brightly colored with a purplish or greenish cast to the sides.
  • The body of this fish has vertical dark greenish lines.
  • The Red Eye Bass also has a prominent dark spot on the gill cover.

Now, you have to remember these characteristics in order to recognize a Red Eye Bass if ever you caught one.

Where Are Red Eye Bass Located?

The Red Eye Bass is native to the Coosa river basin of Georgia and Alabama. They can also be found in South and North Carolina, Kentucky, northeast Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee.

Where Are Red Eye Bass Located

The Red Eye Bass is mostly found on rocky spots, holes, or spots with submerged trees and brush. This is because the water current in these areas is weaker. So, if you’re planning on catching one, you might want to check these areas. There is a huge chance that you’ll catch a Red Eye Bass.

How do you Catch Red Eye Bass?

The Red Eye Bass is a feisty fish, that’s why it’s an angler’s favorite. When it comes to catching one the first thing you should do is prepare your fishing gear and properly string your fishing pole. Make sure that your gear is appropriate for catching a Red Eye Bass.

We recommend that you get a 6-foot light rod with a 4 lb monoline. This will be enough to hold the strength of the fish. And like what I said above, Red Eye Bass has a pretty large month, so it would be better if you have an 8-10 hook. You may also use bigger hooks, just in case you catch larger fish.

How do you Catch Red Eye Bass

The Red Eye Bass are carnivores, so using some insects or crawlers as lures would be good. You can use worms, crayfish, small fish, nightcrawlers, leaf and red worms, and any other insects that live in a river.

Tip: If not one fish is biting into your lure, you may switch up your baits and see which one is most attractive to Red Eye Bass.

When is the Right Time to Hunt Red Eye Bass?

According to experts the best time to hunt for Red Eye Bass is during spring and summer. During this time the 60 to 80 degrees water temperature is ideal for Red Eye Bass. Also, this fish feeds heavily during nighttime. They will most likely get lured by your bait during this time.


Just always remembers to fish responsibly. Catch only what you can consume and as much as possible, put back those baby fishes. You can barely get some meat on them so better let them grow first. And remember, after fishing, don’t leave any garbage that can pollute the ocean or river.

And before you go out and fish, you better get yourself a fishing license.