Phone Call Interceptor- How to Intercept Mobile Communications

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Technology and communication has come a long way these past decades. What seemed impossible yesterday can now be accomplished right at your fingertips– like intercepting mobile communications with a phone call interceptor.

Well, there can be a number of reasons that may prompt you to consider intercepting phone calls Perhaps, use a phone call interceptor to surveil suspected criminals. Terrific isn’t it?

These may sound troublesome, but there are ways that can actually help you pull off such an endeavor without getting caught.

Part 1: Why Use a Phone Call Interceptor

First things first, using a phone call interceptor allows you to listen to phone conversations in secret. This suggests that you don’t have to worry about getting discovered. Aside from that, you may have the following reasons to consider a phone call interceptor:

Intercept Phone Calls to Catch a Cheater

Phones have paved the way for unfaithful partners to cheat discreetly. If your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse is spending too much time on the phone with someone whom they don’t tell you about, you must be alarmed. That is one of the most common signs of cheating.

So, the best thing that you can do to deal with such a stressful situation is through listening to their conversation using a phone call interceptor.

Use a Phone Call Interceptor to Protect Your Kids

Social Media is so vast that your kids may come across sex predators and pedophiles unknowingly. These malicious personalities may try calling your kids on the phone, and offering them attractive gifts that could lead to sexual exploitation and abuse later on.

So, if your kids are not telling you anything about who they are calling on the phone, don’t hesitate to act now and use a phone call interceptor to protect them.

Intercept Calls to Stop A Criminal

If you are learning to become a detective or if you want to protect someone dear to you from harmful individuals, you may consider using a phone call interceptor. It is the best way to gather information about criminal transactions.

However, you may only be able to set up such a tool if you can have physical contact with the suspect’s device. Practice caution at all times as you hack into their phone calls.

Eavesdrop to Find Out if Your Friends Are Backstabbing You

Most of your friends may be nice to you when you are around, but some of them may gossip about you whenever you turn your back. This may make you feel uncomfortable as you may not know who among them is the fake friend.

Well, rest easy. If you use a phone call interceptor, you can easily tap into their phone calls and expose them for the foolish and the liar that they are.

Part 2: Ways to Intercept Mobile Communications

There are 3 ways that you may follow to intercept phone calls; however, their effectiveness may vary depending on the situation.

Method 1: Get Yourself a Professional Detective/Spy

Perhaps, this is the easiest and less hassle way to intercept phone calls. Hiring a professional spy or detective to do your bidding may save you some brain cells, but it surely will deplete you financially. Commissioning one can range from 40 USD to 200 USD per hour. Unless you have a ton of money in your bank account, this is not the best option for you.

Method 2: Set Up a Hidden Voice Recorder

You may set up a hidden voice recorder within the area where the person usually takes phone calls. But this is not as effective as a real phone call interceptor; you will only be able to record one side of the conversation if the target doesn’t turn on the loudspeaker mode. This method also leaves evidence when discovered.

Method 3: Use Spyware as a Phone Call Interceptor

Installing reliable spyware is the most effective way to intercept phone calls remotely. Not only is it affordable and less obvious to the eyes, it is also pretty convenient as you can do it alone with the right instructions. So, if you want to use a phone call interceptor, just continue reading to learn how.

Part 3: Intercept Any Phone Call Remotely with FlexiSpy

If you are having a difficult time figuring out how to use a phone interceptor, you may want to consider FlexiSpy for Android. With its powerful Call Recording feature, listening to phone calls and spying on someone will surely feel like the back of your hands.

Easy Remote Call Recording

With FlexiSpy’s Remote Control feature, you have the power to record someone’s phone calls without their knowledge. This comes in handy when you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to intercept phone calls in real-time.

And one of the best things about FlexiSpy is it allows you to download call recordings as audio files. This helps you compile them as evidence to prove certain activities like cheating, etc.

FlexiSpy Record Calls

Stealth Mode

You are safe with FlexiSpy. With its dedicated Stealth Mode feature, the target won’t have any idea that the program is recording their phone calls in the background. This way, you don’t need to worry about getting caught. Such a relief, right?

You Can Do More with FlexiSpy

Yes! Not only are you able to record and intercept calls with FlexiSpy, but you are also able to monitor Text Messages, Call Logs, and Social Media Chats. You can even set up a Geo-Fence and track someone’s location in just a few clicks.

FlexiSpy Voip

These can surely help you on topics such as catching a cheater, setting up parental control measures, and protecting your family from online threats.

How to Get Started Intercepting Phone Calls with FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy does not require users to have years of technological experience to intercept calls successfully. Following the simple steps below will surely help you get started right away.

Step 1: Create a FlexiSpy account. Click on the button below to sign up.

Step 2: Purchase FlexiSpy for Android.

Step 3: Install FlexiSpy and activate the license on the target device. You will receive an email on how to set it up.

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, all the data on the target device will be captured and uploaded to your FlexiSpy account.

Step 4: To intercept phone calls, log in to your account and look for the Remote Control tab. There, you will find the “Record Calls” feature.


By using a reliable phone call interceptor like FlexiSpy, you will be able to listen to phone call conversations without restrictions. The person, be they your family or friends, won’t even notice you’re there in the background. This way, you may learn some valuable information that may concern you. You may also try the other suggested methods if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. While it is not as easy as it may sound, reading one’s messages remotely is possible. It becomes even easier to do so with the right kind of tools. Namely, a spy app like FlexiSPY.

No. Using a phone call interceptor is the safest option there is. This is because you won’t have to be physically present or hire someone that might jeopardize your objectives. Most importantly, you can use it remotely without anyone knowing.

Yes. Many countries have strict rules on call interceptors, but what matters most is why you’re doing it and for what purpose. You must be cautious, too. But if you are only doing it to invade people’s private lives for amusement, then it is not worth the legal risk.