How to Look For A Pediphile: Warning Signs of a Child Predator

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It is completely natural for parents to worry on their kids’s safety, especially that there are people lurking out there who prey on the innocent and the young.

You may be successful at keeping your kids safe when you’re around, but child predators attack silently. You won’t even notice them unless you actively look for pedophile warning signs yourself.

If you are a concerned parent, you’re in the right place! In this article, you will get to know the signs of a child predator and how to find a pedophile and protect your kids from them using a parental control app.

Part 1: 5 Child Predator and Pedophile Warning Signs

Knowing who your kids are interacting with both online and in the real world is important if you want to protect them. However, knowing who they are is not enough; you must also take into account how they treat your kids. Who knows if they have ulterior motives, right?

So, below are 5 child predator and pedophile warning signs you need to pay attention to.

1. Being Too Friendly with Your Kids

If a stranger, even a friend or a family member, is showing too much affection toward your kids, you must be alarmed – they might be trying to get your kids trust.

Yes! It is common for predators to be friendly with kids. For the most part, they try to be playful to the extent that they hold and touch kids’ private parts inappropriately. On the other hand, some predators show their interest in your kids by giving them attractive gifts. And the worst part is when you are not around, they ask your kids for something in return.

So, if by any chance you notice this kind of behavior among adults around your kids, act right away before they can take advantage of their innocence.


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2. Invites Kids without Parental Consent

As a parent, it is a huge red flag if another adult invites your kids without consulting you first. This could only suggest that they want to be alone and get your child as far away from you as possible so they can do their malicious agenda. They will do anything to lure your kids.

This can happen with family and friends as well. You may feel safe because you know who invited your kids, but you will never know what their intentions are, unless you pay attention to how they treat them.

Yes! Unfortunately, even fathers/step fathers, uncles, and older siblings have been reported to sexually assault kids in the family. Hence, it’s never wrong to be cautious, if someone invites your kids outside, examine all the details thoroughly before you allow them.

3. Kids Get Uncomfortable around Them

When kids are sexually assualted, they tend to show noticeable signs of trauma, anxiousness, or fear whenever they’re around the one who abused them.

If you notice these with your kids, take them to a safe environment and ask them calmly how they are feeling and why they are acting strangely. This way, you will know if a child predator is involved.

Sometimes, kids keep their being abused as a secret simply because they are afraid of the consequences of coming out or they’ve been warned or blackmailed by the child predator not to tell anyone. So, it’s up to you, as a parent, to uncover the truth through observing your kids’ change in behavior.

Kids Are Uncomfortable

4. Constantly Chatting with Your Kids Online

If a certain adult is trying to communicate with your kids online on a daily basis, it is highly likely they are preying on your kids. This kind of gesture may start as a simple and harmless “Hi” and “Hello”, but once they get your kids’ trust, they can proceed to ask inappropriate questions and request kids to send selfies and video clips in exchange for gifts.

That is why it is important that you get involved in your kids’ online, social life to know who they are interacting with. The internet jungle is big, and you can’t be too careless, knowing child predators and pedophiles may try to take advantage of your kids’ childhood.

5. They Watch Child Pornography

The most obvious child predator and pedophile warning sign is when a person indulges on child pornography, despite it being illegal and immoral. If you discover someone, be they your family or friends, collecting and watching pornographic contents that involve underage participants, you must be alarmed. You wouldn’t want your kids around them.

Part 2: Ways to Catch a Child Predator/Pedophile and Protect Your Kids

Now that you are familiar with the pedophile warning signs, it’s time to learn some preventive measures that you can implement to catch a child predator and protect your kids. There is nothing more important than a child’s well being.

Method 1: Thoroughly Discuss the Matter with Your Kids

Communication is the key. It is an important parenting perk that you are able to establish an effective and healthy relationship with your kids. This enables you to easily discuss with them pressing matters like pedophilia.

Discuss With Kids

The best way you can protect your kids from child predators is to equip them with the knowledge on the signs of a pedophile to look for and instructing them on what to do when there is a child predator near them. This way, your kids can protect themselves when you are not around.

Most importantly, practice openness in the family so your kids won’t have to be afraid of opening up and sharing their struggles with you.

Method 2: Use A Parental Control App Like mSpy

Child predators and pedophiles are all over the internet, waiting for the right opportunity to strike and take advantage of your kids. That is troublesome, but you can worry less with mSpy for Android and iOS.

With the help of this powerful parental control app:

  • You can catch child predators and pedophiles and expose their illegal activities.This comes in handy when you have family members or friends who are showing signs of a pedophile. By being able to spy on their activities, you are able to prove whether or not your suspicions are correct.

  • You can monitor your kids’ online behavior secretly and check who they are interacting with. This is an effective way of detecting early signs on whether your kids are becoming a victim of abuse.

You are hitting two birds with one stone once mSpy is installed onto your kids and the suspected predator’s phone. Read on to learn how you can use this tool to protect children.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

How mSpy Works to Find a Pedophile/Child Predator

Below are the features you can use to catch and expose a pedophile or a child predator.

Review Photos and Videos

This feature is most useful if you want to know whether someone is collecting child porn or recording sex videos with minors.

mSpy will give you unrestricted access to the person’s gallery and from there, you can check all their saved photos and videos with the complete date & time. You are also given the option to download the media files if you want to keep a backup evidence.

Videos mSpy
Check Browser History

You may consider checking the person’s browser history to know what kinds of websites the target is visiting frequently. This way, you will see if they are searching for kids online.

Browser mSpy

How mSpy Works to Protect Children from Pedophiles

As a parent, protecting your child from pedophiles and predators online comes first. Below are mSpy features you can rely on.

Read Text Media Messages

With mSpy, you can read your kids’s text messages secretly, both sent and received. You will know the content of the messages, the date & time they were sent, and the sender’s ID and mobile number. This way, you can identify whether your kids are texting with a child predator or vice versa.

Text Messages mSpy
Monitor Social Media Conversations

There are a lot of child predators and pedophiles in Social Media, wearing sheep’s clothing. They will start a conversation with your kids in a friendly manner, which your kids may find difficult to tell whether or not they have bad intentions.

So, the best way you can help your kids is by regularly monitoring their Social Media chat history on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, etc. You can easily do this with the mSpy Social Networks feature.

Facebook Messages mSpy
Locate your Kids’ Whereabouts

If your kids are going outside with someone, be they a stranger or someone you know, you will need to track their location so you can follow them in case something bad happens.

By tracing GPS locations and setting up GeoFence, you will be able to see your kids’ location on the map with the complete address of the place. You will also be alerted whenever your kids try to leave home/school without your permission.

GPS Locations mSpy

Get Started with mSpy

As a parental control app and a spy tool, mSpy is not difficult to use; but you will need to complete certain steps first before you can fully utilize the app and its features to protect your kids.

  • Sign up to create your verified mSpy account. You can start by clicking the button below.
  • Select the best subscription package to use all the features mentioned above.
  • Install mSpy onto the target phones. Just follow the provided instructions in the email.
  • Start monitoring your kids and the suspected pedophile. You can sign in to your mSpy account and look for the features on the Control Panel.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to undo the damages a child predator can inflict to your kids. That is why it is important to take note of the predator and pedophile warning signs seriously so you can prevent your kids from falling prey into their hands. Start protecting your kids now before it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Some pedophiles who have strong sexual desires for children are able to control their feelings. While they may have higher chances of acting on their urges, it would be unwise to categorize and generalize them as child abusers and molesters when they’ve not committed any harm.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, it is a mental disorder that needs professional attention like therapy. It is a form of paraphilia which entails abnormal sexual urges, fantasies, and desires with children. Pedophilia becomes a disorder when it causes harm to others.