Happy Birthday – Best PAW Patrol Decorations For Birthday Parties

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“These Mighty PAWs Uphold the Laws!”

You might have heard this catchy phrase along with its fun theme song. Yes, it’s PAW Patrol! This educational and yet entertaining kids’ show has been the talk of most kids today. There’s no wonder why kids are asking their parents to have a PAW Patrol-themed birthday party.

Now if your kid’s birthday is fast approaching and you have no idea what decoration to put in, well worry no more, we have some birthday party ideas for you! In this article, I will show you the best PAW patrol birthday decorations that will surely wow your kid and guests! Stay tuned!

PAW Patrol Birthday Decorations #1: PAW Patrol Room Decoration

You can start off by setting up a small surprise in your kid’s bedroom. You can put up PAW Patrol character balloons, and banners. You can even include PAW Patrol toys as gifts. It’s a great way to greet your kid with a happy birthday.

PAW Patrol Toys Gift Ideas

There are a lot of toys that you can give your kid on their birthday. If you worry that you might be spoiling your kid too much, well there are toys that can be used for educational purposes. Here are some of my suggestions:

PAW Patrol Wooden See & Spell Pup Pad Game
PAW Patrol, Rocky’s Recycle Truck Vehicle
PAW Patrol, Movie Pups Gift Pack

Also, PAW Patrol toys’ price starts at only $11 dollars, so it’s pretty budget-friendly.

PAW Patrol Room Décor Banner

These PAW Patrol Room Décor banners come in different sizes and designs. You can re-use this for the backdrop if you want.

PAW Patrol Room Décor Banner

PAW Patrol Birthday Decorations #2: PAW Patrol Centerpieces

Centerpieces could be expensive, but you don’t have to worry about that. You can do a DIY PAW Patrol centerpiece that your guest will surely talk about.

There are a lot of printable centerpieces online that you can print yourself. To make it sturdy, you have to print them on matte or thick glossy photo paper, or card stock.

Papers for your centerpieces can be purchased here:

You can also adjust the sizes of the centerpieces according to your preferences.

To add a bit of sparkle to your PAW patrol centerpieces, you can create a box or something that can hold them up. Again, you can freely change the sizes and colors. Take a look at the samples below.

DIY Paw Patrol Decorations | DIY Paw Patrol Centerpieces | Birthday Party Ideas

How to make Paw Patrol Centerpieces

PAW Patrol Birthday Decorations #3: PAW Patrol Backdrop

The backdrop is the main center of attraction. But you don’t have to spend too much money on them. The secret to making the best PAW patrol backdrop is your creativity! But if you’re too dressed up right now and there’s no creative juice pumping in your brain, don’t worry we will help you out. Take a look at the PAW patrol decorations pieces we listed below.

PAW Patrol Backdrop

PAW Patrol Balloons

Kids love balloons and the best part is they are pretty cheap! You can hang up different colors or use balloon characters. They are usually sold in packs which really save you money.

PAW Patrol Balloons

PAW Patrol Birthday Banner

A happy birthday banner is a must-have. You can buy one with a plain design or a PAW patrol-themed one.

PAW Patrol Birthday Banner

PAW Patrol Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are also a great addition to your backdrop, this will help fill out those empty spaces.

PAW Patrol Wall Stickers

PAW Patrol Birthday Decorations #4: PAW Patrol Themed Entrance

This can be a little extravagant for some, but wouldn’t it be nice if you put decorations on your door? It’s a nice way to welcome your guests. Plus, the kids will love and everyone will immediately take pictures to post on Social Media. #GreatestPartyEver!

PAW Patrol Porch Decorations

You can hang this decor on your door, porch, and on every corner of the venue. This will improve the ambiance and most especially it will make the celebrant happy!

PAW Patrol Porch Decorations

PAW Patrol Birthday Decorations #5: PAW Patrol Themed Games and Activities

You’re maybe thinking of an entertainment area for your child’s guests where they can play and have fun. But it would be better if you include PAW Patrol in their activities.

PAW Patrol Table and Chair Set

PAW Patrol Table Cloth

If the chair set is too expensive for you, there are PAW Patrol themed tablecloths that you can use. They are much cheaper than buying an entire table set. Plus, you can still reuse it.

PAW Patrol Ball Pit

Having a ball pit at your party will be worth it. Kids love ball pits and they will love it more if it’s PAW Patrol. Well, lucky I found some on Amazon that will be perfect for your kid’s birthday party. Check it out.

PAW Patrol Ball Pit

PAW Patrol Saucer Swing

Another great addition to your game area is a Saucer Swing. This particular one holds up to 250 pounds which makes it perfect for birthday parties!

PAW Patrol Saucer Swing

PAW Patrol Pool Floaties

If you’re planning to have a pool party, then these PAW Patrol pool floaties are perfect! You can use an air pump to inflate them faster.

PAW Patrol Pool Floaties

PAW Patrol Birthday Decorations #6: PAW Patrol Party Favors and Giveaways

A party isn’t complete without giveaways. If you’re planning to hand out some at your kid’s party, there are a lot of DIY giveaway tutorials you can learn online. Here are some of them.

DIY Paw Patrol Party Favor Gift Bags | $5 DIY | FREE Templates Included


If you don’t have time to make them, you can purchase premade loot bags on Amazon.

What’s inside your goodie bags will be totally up to you. You can include candies, biscuits, stickers, etc.

PAW Patrol Birthday Decorations #7: PAW Patrol Cake and Pastries

A birthday party isn’t complete without a cake. Good thing bakeries are now open to make customized cakes! Check out the cake ideas we listed below.

 PAW Patrol Cake and Pastries

You may also include PAW Patrol cupcakes, cookies, candies, and more!

Final Thoughts

It really doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your kid’s birthday. What’s important is that he’s happy and healthy. And that he knows that he is loved and appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marshall is featured in most episodes compared to other characters. His signature color is red along with his red fire truck.

There were 7 original PAW Patrol members when the show started. As of now, PAW Patrol has 16 members. They are Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Skye, Everest, Tracker, Tuck, Ella, Rex, Wild, Liberty, StormE, Cap’n Turbot’s, and Robo-Dog.