Top 5 Most Popular Cheating Apps for Secret Affairs

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Unfaithful partners always find a way to cheat, especially now that Social Media apps have features like Secret Chat they can take advantage of. If you’re in a relationship, you may wonder whether or not your partner is using such secret cheating apps, right?

Well, lucky you! In this article, we curated 5 of the most popular cheating apps you should be wary of. Read on and see if they’re installed on your partner’s devices.

Part 1: What Chat Apps Do Cheaters Use

There are a lot of different cheating apps out there; however, we listed only 5 of the most popular chat apps that cheaters use to hide and get away from their partners.

Cheating Apps No. 1: Tinder

Tinder is an anonymous dating app that has over 57 million users across the globe, making it one of the biggest dating/match-making online platforms in 2021. For starters, it works by matching people using their location, and then users have the power to swipe right or left on the screen as a gesture of acceptance or rejection of a potential date.

Tinder Poster

Since millions of people are using Tinder on a daily basis, the chances of getting matched to someone looking for a hookup or a relationship is high. That is why this is on top of the most notorious cheating apps.

Moreover, Tinder is tempting for disloyal partners because looking for short-term fun and “friends with benefits” is a lot easier with its anonymity veil, not to mention that it’s available on iOS and Android platforms.

Cheating Apps No. 2: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is probably the most popular instant messaging app in this list. It’s FB’s dedicated messaging app that allows users to chat and video call with their Facebook friends directly. Users can assign nicknames and form group chats. It’s really designed to connect people from different walks of life.

Facebook Messenger Poster

It may appear as harmless and innocent, but Facebook Messenger is commonly used for cheating. Yes! Throughout the years, this great app has been through many quality of life such as Secret Conversations and the ability to unsend a message within 10 minutes when it was sent.

These features are perfect if you want a more secure messaging experience, but cheating partners are taking advantage of the benefits it brings to the table for sexting and their secret affairs. In addition, people won’t suspect someone is cheating on Facebook because almost everybody has an FB account.

Cheating Apps No. 3: Instagram

Instagram is another popular social networking app that is known as a photo-sharing platform. People use it to post picturesque photos and cinematic videos that are then liked and shared by followers. But despite its simple nature, it also has its Direct Messages section where followers and following can interact with each other, reacting to Stories with lovely emojis.

Instagram Poster

Another innocent app, right? Well, we’re not sure about that. Instagram’s messaging features also includes Vanish Mode, which deletes the messages sent when seen by the receiver. Aside from that, there are a lot of attractive people on Instagram, posting sexy and seductive photos and videos, which may entice your partner into following and interacting with them.

Cheating Apps No. 4: Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile chat application that is commonly used for sharing Stories, photos, video clips, etc. It has a camera feature with creative selfie filters that users love to take funny and cool selfies and clips to share with friends and family. In addition, Snapchat is available on Android and iOS devices, making it more accessible to the masses.

Snapchat Poster

However, with Snapchat’s disappearing snaps feature, which sets a timer to messages and media shared, it’s been used as a cheating app by many unfaithful spouses/partners worldwide. And this feature could lead them to sending “nudes” and sexual messages as they won’t have to worry about getting caught red-handed.

Furthermore, Snapchat also notifies users when someone screenshots their private snaps.

Cheating Apps No. 5: Telegram

Last and definitely not the least, Telegram. This cloud-based instant messaging app is known for being able to store huge amounts of data. With TG, people can send and receive various files such as full resolution photos, video clips, movies, documents, audio files, contacts, etc.

Furthermore, people can find contacts and friends by enabling your location, revealing all the TG users around the area whom you may know.

Telegram Poster

However, it’s also considered one of the secret cheating apps, because of its Secret Chat and Call features that encrypt a conversation. This means that even if you can log in to your partner’s TG, you won’t see their secret conversation unless it’s on the device where the Secret Chat was created.

Moreover, both sender and the receiver can delete each other’s chat history completely, leaving no evidence behind.

Part 2: Find Out Hidden Cheating Apps for Android and iOS with mSpy

Now that you know which cheating apps you should be wary of, it’s time you find out for yourself whether your partner is using one. But how are you going to know if you can’t borrow their phones easily? The answer is in your hands, try mSpy!

mSpy is a spy tool for both Android and iOS. When installed, this program can sweep through your partner’s phone and reveal the contents they’ve been hiding from you – from simple text messages to installed apps and secret chats. Read on to know more.

mSpy Cheating Exposer

Let’s find out the ultimate secrets of our “loved” one! Sexting, flirting, cheating? All in one app!

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Check Installed Apps Secretly

The first thing that you’d surely want to do when you have access to your partner’s phone is to find out whether they’ve installed those cheating apps. With mSpy, you will be provided with a list of all the installed apps on your partner’s phone. From there, you can check each app one by one if they can be a potential cheating app.

The good thing about mSpy is your partner won’t notice that you’ve already infiltrated their phone. This way, you can avoid conflict with them.

Installed Apps mSpy

Read Social Media Chats Remotely

With mSpy, you can easily read through your partner’s conversations on Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram etc. without touching their phones. There, you will see how they interact with other people and the content of their conversation. This comes in quite handy when you want to make sure whether or not your partner is cheating.

 Facebook Messages mSpy

Block Apps for Cheaters

If you don’t want your partner to spend so much time on those cheating apps, mSpy can also help you block them for good. Yes. Blocking those hidden cheating apps for Android and iOS can surely help you divert their attention toward you.

Block Apps mSpy

mSpy is not only great for revealing hidden cheating apps, but also a capable phone tracker that can help users catch cheaters. It offers features such as GPS Locations, Geofence, and Browser History, not to mention, the features that can hack someone’s phone pictures and videos. These are pretty useful for monitoring cheating partners from a safer distance.

How to Find Cheating Apps on Your Partner’s Phone with mSpy

Dealing with a cheating partner is already difficult; that is why mSpy has made sure that when you get started with the program, you will not face any stressful steps along the way. So, here are the 4 initial steps that you need to follow:

  • Make your own mSpy account. You can sign up on the button below.
  • Purchase your selected subscription plan.
  • Install mSpy. There will be an email in your inbox with the complete guide.
  • Log in to your mSpy Web Control Panel to start checking your partner’s cheating apps.

Part 3: Monitor Cheating Apps on PC with FlexiSPY

Don’t stop on your partner’s phone. You can also monitor their computer to look for web-based and desktop versions of those secret cheating apps. Well, FlexiSPY can help you with that.

FlexiSPY is a computer monitoring tool that can be used to record and sync 20+ PC activities to an online server remotely. These include web-based chats, mails, app/web activity, etc.

And the best thing about FlexiSPY is the security that your monitoring is 100% invisible to cheating partners.

FlexiSPY Hack Mac PC

Aside from checking your partner’s web and app activities to look for traces of cheating, FlexiSPY lets you record and listen to regular/VoIP calls from apps like Messenger. This way, not only will you know they’re using cheating apps, but you also hear the truth right from the horse’s mouth.

Record VoIP Calls on FlexiSpy

That’s just a taste of what FlexiSPY can do to expose your partner’s cheating apps. The program offers more features that could make your investigation easier and faster.

With that in mind, feel free to check out FlexiSPY. Just click on the button below to get started. You may also try the free demo to see all the features available.


Knowing whether your partner has a cheating app installed in their device is important. That way, you will know which course of action is best for your relationship. Are you going to expose them, break up, or start over? It’s up to you. Most importantly, you are not left in the dark with your relationship concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the intention. If your partner is using secret chat because their friends are sharing something confidential, then it’s not cheating at all. It’s being a good friend; however, if you discover that your partner is using secret chats to flirt with other people without your consent or knowledge, you may be right to consider it cheating.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are also other web-based dating/sex sites that cheaters use such as Ashley Madison, DirtyRouletter, Adult Friend Finder, Grindr Web, Illicit Encounters, Heated Affairs, and the list goes on.