The Most Expensive Johnnie Walker Whiskeys You Should Know

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If you’re into whiskeys, you might be familiar with the brand Johnnie Walker, the top-selling scotch whiskey brand in the world. They’ve also produced one of the most expensive whiskeys in the market that only few could afford. But why is it so pricey? Doesn’t Johnie Walker want everyone to enjoy their top-of-the-line whiskeys? Because of rarity.

You see, when a famous brand like Johnnie Walker discontinues making a popular product that’s in demand, that becomes pricey as a lot of people will move heaven and earth to purchase it.

However, the big question is: Are these rare and most expensive Johnnie Walker whiskeys worth your cash? If you want to find out, you’ve come to the right page. In this review, we listed the most expensive whiskeys, both limited and standard editions, that you may want to check out. Read on!

Part 1: A Brief History of Johnnie Walker

Before you proceed to the most expensive whiskeys by Johnnie Walker, it’s important that you know a bit about how the brand came into what it is today.

The tale of this legendary whiskey brand was born in a grocery store in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Hence, the scotch whiskey. It was founded by John Walker in 1820 and years after that, he focused on blending whiskies to come up with unique and steady flavors

Johnnie Walker History

And after John died, the blended whiskeys he created were incredibly popular, and his heir and son took that as a chance to further his late father’s brand of blending whiskeys. Since then, Johnnie Walker has sold one of the most expensive and rarest whiskeys.

Their most extravagant one is John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee that’s worth 164,000 USD. Now, Diageo owns the company and continues to strengthen the legacy of John Walker.

Part 2: Most Expensive Johnnie Walker Limited Edition

Below are 5 of the most expensive Johnnie Walker whiskeys to be ever sold. All of them are limited bottles and are not available in most contries and regions in the world.

1. John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee

  • Price: 164,000 USD/bottle
  • ABV: 42.5%
  • Age: 60 years
  • Bottles Released: 60
  • Year Released: 2012

As mentioned, this John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee is Johnnie Walker’s most expensive whiskey to date. This is because it was launched as a form of tribute to the 60th year reign of late Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. It was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration, hence, the name of the bottle.

And to match that, Johnnie Walker also aged it for 60 years, which means that it was distilled and barreled when the Queen claimed the throne. They only released 60 bottles as well, making it one of their rarest whiskeys. In other words, it has easily become a collector’s item.

John Walker and Sons Diamond Jubilee

Based on those who were able to enjoy this whiskey, the nose is aromatic and you can sense hints of polished words, fruitiness, honey, and even scents of fragrant candles. For the taste, it’s smooth and fruity with flavors of passion fruit popping. There’s also a smokey taste with moist earth. The finish is surprisingly long, and you can still enjoy the smokey and dark chocolatey taste as it gently fades.

Overall. It’s a very rare whiskey and only the elites have a bottle of it. Based on its nose, taste, and finish, you can really say that this Johnnie Walker whiskey is a state-of-the-art product fit for royalty. However, if you plan to purchase one, you will have little to no chance of finding available bottles today. And even if you do find one, the price could be twice the original.

2. Johnnie Walker 1805 The Celebration Blue Label

  • Price: 36,500 USD/bottle
  • ABV: 46.3%
  • Age: 45 – 70 years old
  • Bottles released: 200
  • Year Released: 2005

This bottle of whiskey is quite special, most especially to the brand itself, as it was distilled and bottled to celebrate John Walker’s birthday in 2005. It’s a commemoration of his 200-year legacy, which culminated in the release of only 200 limited bottles.

And since he was known for blending, this Johnnie Walker 1805 The Celebration Blue Label is a blend of 9 rare whiskeys. They also worked meticulously on the glass bottle with intricate carved writing about the celebration. Besides that, it comes in an elegant wooden case as well.

Johnnie Walker 1805 Celebration

As for the review, you’d notice the fruity aroma when you first sniff a glass of it. There are also fine hints of sweet oak and vanilla. The palate has a paper texture to it and it’s quite toasty. And along the way, you’d taste a bit of honey and fruits. The finish is moderate, not long but has a warm and sweet fade.

So, if you are a fan and a collector of Johnnie Walker whiskeys, you should get this celebration label. It will add more value and history to your collection. However, since it was released over a decade ago, you may have a hard time looking for it. Nevertheless, based on the flavors, it surely didn’t disappoint.

3. Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour 48

  • Price: 25,000 USD/bottle
  • ABV: 41.8%
  • Age: 48 years
  • Bottles Released: 288
  • Year Released: 2021

Don’t be deceived! This whiskey may have the lowest ABV in the list of limited edition Johnnie Walker, but it’s definitely not the cheapest. It comes in a green, almost like an emerald gem, decanter. It looks like a signature perfume bottle, so classy and elegant to the eyes.

The main reason why this bottle costs a fortune is that there are only 288 bottles in existence. Not to mention, this whiskey was aged for 48 years.

Johnnie Walker Masters Of Flavours 48

Nose-wise, this Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour offers a smokey and rich dried fruits aroma in a gentle and soft manner. You’d have notes of lingering molasses, too. For the taste, you’d be greeted by fruitiness that really pops and slight notes of spice. You may also identify hints of cinnamon-infused apples with oak and caramel, combined with a soft texture. The finish is quite on the medium and has a gentle smokey and warm fading.

Also, it was only bottled and released in 2021, which is quite recent. Now, if you are interested in getting this bottle of whiskey, you better shop now before every single one of the 288 bottles gets sold.

4. John Walker Master’s Edition 50

  • Price: 25,000 USD/bottle
  • ABV: 43.2%
  • Age: 50 years old
  • Bottles Released: 100
  • Year Released: 2018

This John Walker Master’s Edition is the second most limited whiskey bottle on his list. It comes in an opulent, black crystal decanter with a gold accent on its neck. At first glance, you can really tell it’s expensive.

One thing interesting about this bottle is that the blend of whiskeys used were from the time when the founding father was still alive and kicking. And that easily makes this one a part of the brand’s legendary history.

John Walker Master's Edition 50

On the nose, this bottle is said to have hints of smokiness and chocolate. There’s also light notes of fruitiness and spice. As for the taste, you’d get citrus and dark chocolate, coupled with a gentle and long finish with menthol.

With the history and rarity of this bottle, the price is just right. It’s definitely made for those who are avid fans of the Master’s series of Johnnie Walker. However, since it’s a limited product, you’d definitely have a hard time searching for an available bottle.

5. Johnnie Walker Master’s Ruby Reserve

  • Price: 18,100 USD/bottle
  • ABV: 43%
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Bottles Released: 398
  • Year Released: 2020

Besides the founder getting a tribute, Johnnie Walker also released this Johnnie Walker Master’s Ruby Reserve to mark the ruby anniversary of the Master Blender, Jim Beveridge. That’s why this whiskey was aged for 40 years.

And to match the celebration, it was bottled in a ruby-red, crystal decanter. It’s really like it’s made of pure ruby– so classy.

Johnnie Walker Master’s Ruby Reserve

A glass of this marvelous Master’s Ruby Reserve will give you a nose with hints of fruitiness, smokiness, and sweetness. For the taste, you’d get light notes of pear and cherry, combined with hints of dark chocolate and toffee. There’s really a sense of richness in every sip. The finish is smooth and medium, and you’d really get the soft and gentle fading of the flavors.

If you are planning to purchase one bottle from this list, this Master’s Ruby Reserve is the one likely available given the fact they released 398 bottles. It’s also the cheapest of the bunch, but the overall presentation is still on point to be considered as one of the most expensive Johnnie Walker.

Part 3: Most Expensive Johnnie Walker  Standard Edition

Since the ones above are limited and it’s close to impossible to find one, we’ve listed 3 of the most expensive Johnnie Walker whiskeys that you can buy at any liquor store. More importantly, they are more affordable.

1. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

  • Price: 180 USD/bottle
  • ABV: 40%
  • Age: Minimum of 3 years
  • Year Released: 1992

For the standard Johnnie Walker whiskeys, the Blue Label is the most expensive one. It’s popular because it’s considered a masterpiece. They say that only 1 in every 10,000 casks offers the consistent signature flavor and quality of this label. That’s also one of the reasons why it’s quite expensive.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Nosing comes with honey and vanilla, which really invites freshness. Tasting it will give you notes of bitter, dark chocolate, combined with a bit of sweetness of caramel. The finish is of good length. It’s also smooth, oaky, with a bit of spice as it fades.

Overall, given the price tag and the quality of this whiskey, you can really say that it’s worth the cash. The flavors really speak of a premium quality that you can only get from Johnnie Walker. So, if you can’t buy the limited ones, the Blue Label is a perfect alternative for a high-end sip of whiskey.

2. Johnnie Walker 18 Years

  • Price: 109 USD/bottle
  • ABV: 43%
  • Age: 18 years
  • Year Released: 2018

Next to the Blue Label is Johnnie Walker 18 Years. It’s one of the most expensive because it has been aged for 18 years to reach a balance of flavors and richness of texture. The whiskey is also made from carefully hand-picked casks, which adds more to its already premium value.

Johnnie Walker 18 Years

For the nose, you’d get notes of rich, warm, and spicy scents. And with a sip, you will be welcomed by a beautiful blend of fruits with hints of chocolate. Lastly, the finish is satisfying as the flavors stay longer than usual.

In case you’re a few bucks short from getting the Blue Label, this one is definitely the one for you. It doesn’t come short in giving premium quality flavors and experience that you can really enjoy. You’d really appreciate that Johnnie Walker took 18 years to make another masterpiece.

3. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky

  • Price: 90 USD/bottle
  • ABV: 40%
  • Age: Minimum of 3 years
  • Year Released: Relaunched in 2012

Now, if you are not ready to spend over a hundred bucks for a bottle of Johnnie Walker, you may consider this one. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky may be the cheapest and the lowest ABV in the list, but its quality can never be denied premium. It’s actually a replacement or a newer iteration of the best-selling Gold Label 18, which also adds to its overall value.

Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve

For the tasting notes, the nose has honey and subtle notes of spice. You can also smell the flowery aroma and fresh banana. The taste comes with sweetness due to honey and you’d notice notes of spice and vanilla as well. The finish is quite long with sweetness and toffee.

With all things considered, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky is definitely a good choice, especially for those who are still starting to explore Johnnie Walker. It’s one of the most expensive, but it’s on the cheaper end and the weaker strength side, which makes it perfect for beginners.


Indeed, Johnnie Walker has one of the most expensive whiskeys to be ever sold. Whether you’re curious about high-grade whiskeys or you really want to try one, the bottles above are nearly impossible to obtain today.

Their rarity, history, and availability heavily impact their price. And more often than not, it’s not about the taste anymore for the bottles of this caliber; it’s the story behind every sip that matters for those who love Johnnie Walker whiskeys.

However, those in the standard edition are widely available in the market, and you can purchase them at any liquor store that sells Johnnie Walker.


The Glencairn glass is the best glass for sipping whiskey. This is because it has become customary for most distilleries to use such a type of glass. It also helps improve the nosing as the wide bowl structure allows the aroma to gather and condense.

Johnnie Walker Red is the cheapest label. It’s priced at 22 USD, which makes it more affordable compared to even some of its rivals in the market.