What is Micro Cheating and Methods to Detect and Deal with It

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Did you know that cheating is not limited to the typical affair we are all familiar with? It is true that one doesn’t have to have sexual relations to be considered a cheater. Nowadays, there are many more aspects to sexuality and relationships. There is sexting, all kinds of fetishes, and asexual relationships.

You might be hearing the word for the first time, but Micro-Cheating is a thing. And in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

FYI: What is Micro-Cheating

First things first, we shall cover what micro-cheating is.

Micro Cheating is a term that comes from two separate words; Micro (the Greek word for small) and cheating. It was created to describe all those actions that can be considered risque. Also, things that a person in a relationship shouldn’t be doing. However. they fall short of being outright cheating.

Obviously, this term covers several kinds of actions and comes in many shapes and sizes.

The Types of Micro Cheating

Micro cheating can be a fickle beast to define, but we can divide it into six distinct categories. Each one has a different degree of severity.

Let us see what those are.


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Flirting and Creating Sexual Tension with Others

This one is pretty straightforward. While it is not outright sex, it includes flirting with others. This could go so far as sexting or just exchanging sexually charged messages.

Yet, none of it could be written off as innocent. And you would be right to be mad at your partner if they did it.

Micro Cheating Sexting

Fantasising About Others

This one is a little bit more esoteric and even more innocent. It is not easy to find out, especially if the cheater only keeps it in their head.

What we are talking about, is your partner having sexual fantasies involving other people. Usually, to the point where it is affecting your relationship. If they wanted to be with someone else, why are they with you?

Still Talking to Exes

This one is pretty simple. Your partner is still talking to one of their exes. It could be chatting online via a messaging app, or even meeting up in person.

No matter what the circumstances are, talking to an ex is micro-cheating. Unless they have a good reason to have to keep in touch, like a child.

Micro Cheating Talk To Ex

Seeking to Talk to Others Whom They Consider Attractive

This one is taking our second entry a little bit further. It is not just about thinking of being with other people romantically. It is about actively trying to talk to them.

This often means following them on social media or trying to contact them through apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or even a dating app like Tinder.

Going Back to An Ex When Things Get Difficult

To be honest, this one is usually the type that leads to more traditional cheating. The concept is that someone will go back to their ex when things get tough with their current relationship.

When times are hard, they should be thinking about you, not their ex.

Watching Pornography

Pornography is a very controversial matter. The general consensus is that there are certain groups that should not watch it.

The first and foremost of these groups are children. One should always try to keep their children from watching pornography.

The second is married people or people in a committed relationship. Watching porn while you are in a relationship will definitely affect your levels of intimacy with your partner. It may even affect it in other ways if your partner finds out.

Micro Cheating Porn

How to Detect Micro Cheating

Having gone over the various types of micro-cheating, the question arises; Is there a way to detect it? Some of the types like fantasizing about others seem almost impossible to spot.

Well, we are glad to tell you that there is actually a way to spot all kinds of micro-cheating, and that is using a spy app. The best option for those that want to detect micro-cheating is mSpy.


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With mSpy one can easily, and discreetly monitor their partner and spot the signs of micro-cheating. mSpy’s text and social media monitoring capabilities make it ideal for people who want to see if their partner is talking to an ex if they are on Tinder. Or, if they are stalking others on Instagram.

What is more, mSpy is the closest you can get to actually reading minds. Finding out if your partner is fantasising about someone else is very easy. With its Keylogger feature, you can see exactly what your partner has typed and where. So, you can know if they are looking other people up online and then just deleting the evidence, or even using incognito mode.

Micro Cheating mSpy Keylogger

If that were not enough, mSpy also lets you see if your partner is flirting with others and still talking to their exes. This is achieved through a combination of message monitoring and call log tracking.

But it doesn’t stop there. mSpy is the best and most discreet way of checking if someone is watching pornography. You can just check their web history. Most importantly, you can get undisputed, live evidence through mSpy’s Screen recorder.

Micro Cheating mSpy Screen Recorder

And these are only a few of all the benefits you can get by using mSpy.

So, what are you waiting for, click the button below and find out if your partner is micro-cheating on you.

So, Is It Cheating?

So, is micro-cheating worth the title? Do you instead think that people who fuss over it and look for signs are overreacting to minor things? Or, are you glad for how this article has shown you how a partner could be unfaithful?

Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are no two ways about this. Sexting is a sexual act, albeit not direct or in-person. If your partner derives sexual pleasure from activities that they are engaging in with someone else other than you, they are cheating on you.

There are many and varied ways one can cheat on their partner. Those are:

  • Sexual intercourse.
  • Sexual activities excluding actual sexual intercourse.
  • Watching Pornography.
  • Having an online affair with someone else.
  • Emotional infidelity. Also known as being emotionally invested in a different person.
  • Some even consider obsessing over some goal or thing excessively as cheating.
  • Especially if it is affecting the relationship.