Track Spouse’s Metro PCS Text Messaging History and Phone Calls

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Being married to a loving spouse is wonderful until they show signs of infidelity. Well, even as you read this, many people around the world are getting cheated on without them knowing. So cruel, right?

And these cheaters even use texts and calls through MetroPCS or Metro by T-Mobile just to keep their betrayal hidden. So, the only way to get proof of cheating is to spy on their Metro PCS text messaging history or do a Metro PCS call log hack.

If you are suffering from the same issue, read this article and learn how to spy on Metro PCS phone.

Method 1: Get Metro PCS Text Messaging History Directly from The Service Provider

In case you and your spouse are on the same MetroPCS family plan, you may try requesting for a record of all the Metro PCS text message history and MetroPCS. However, the account must be under your name so that Metro will entertain your inquiries.

You can visit your local MetroPCS Customer Service Center or contact them through their official hotline: 1-888-863-8768.

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However, do take note that this method may not work for everyone. You have to take into account that MetroPCS has a contract with their subscribers to prioritize their data privacy above all else.

Don’t lose hope if your request has been denied. There is still one other way to spy on your spouse’s Metro PCS text messaging history and Metro PCS phone calls. And that is by using a powerful phone monitoring program.

Method 2 : Use mSpy to Monitor Metro PCS Text Messaging History and Call Log

Regardless of whether you want to spy on Metro PCS phone or not, you can use mSpy for any cheater busting situation. It doesn’t matter if your spouse uses Metro PCS or any other network to cheat on you. This powerful program can catch them no matter how hard they try to hide!

mSpy has been hailed to be one of the best phone trackers. It can run on both Android and iOS, which makes it more flexible in case your spouse has multiple phones. And it stays hidden in the background, too. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting caught and checking your spouse’s Metro PCS text messaging history and call history.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Below are the things you can do with mSpy:

Read Metro PCS Text Messaging History

mSpy allows users to hack someone’s text messages remotely. This includes the sent messages and the replies with specific time/date. Such information is important if you want to investigate whether cheating really happened.

mSpy Messages

In addition, you may also use the Social Networks feature to check your spouses’s Facebook chat history, WhatsApp conversations, and other popular Social Media and Instant Messaging apps.

Monitor Metro PCS Phone Calls

You can also perform a Metro PCS call log hack with mSpy. This gives you access to all of the calls that occurred on his phone, including the outgoing, incoming, and missed calls with the date & time. If you need to step up your monitoring to the next level, you may consider using a phone call interceptor so you can listen to their phone call conversation remotely.

mSpy Calls

Check Metro PCS Browsing History

To further expand your monitoring, you may try your spouse’s Browser History and Bookmarks and see what kind of websites they’re visiting. You might catch him using online dating sites without your knowledge.

Check Metro PCS Installed Apps

Aside from dating sites, check your spouse’s installed apps, too! Who knows if they have the most popular cheating apps or dating apps. This way, you will find if your spouse is on Bumble or has a profile on Tinder. mSpy will give you a list of all the mobile applications they use.

mSpy Installed Apps

Metro PCS Phone Location

mSpy is a phone tracker. So, make use of its GPS Locations to track cheaters and set up Geofences when necessary. This will help you in instances where you need to follow and catch them on the spot.

Steps on How to Spy on Metro PCS Phone with mSpy

The setup process does not take long. Just follow these steps so you can use mSpy with no issues.

  1. Use a valid email address to sign up for mSpy. Just click on the button below to start creating your account.
  1. Select a suitable plan from the subscription packages offered and process your billing.
  2. Set up mSpy to your spouse’s phone. Just follow the instructions in the email.
  3. When installed, start monitoring your spouse’s Metro PCS text message history and call log. Just log in using your mSpy account to your Web Control Panel and look for the Text Messages feature. You can find all the important features on the left side of the Dashboard.

mSpy has so many features that can be used to bust cheaters. You can explore them further by reading the things you should know about mSpy.

Final Thoughts

One effective way to catch a cheater is through their private text messages. If you really have to do whatever you can to confirm your spouse is cheating, try the methods suggested above. This way, you won’t have to spend all your night wondering what’s wrong with your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your situation. But if spying is the only way to know the truth despite the fact that your spouse has privacy, too, use a reliable spy tool. This way, you can avoid getting caught and possibly destroying your marriage without evidence. is not a reliable source of information if you really want to see someone’s private messages. It may sound promising that you only need the target’s phone number to see their messages, but in reality, the site will only redirect you to another site that tracks public records. Therefore, you won’t see any private messages at all.