Outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, walking, or a simple stroll on the beach, need reliable footwear. This is particularly important for men who walk or run for longer periods. That’s why men’s sport sandals have become so popular these days. They are durable and never get out of style.

If you are going on any outdoor adventure, you must also need a pair of great sports sandals, right? With the countless options in stores and online shops, you might find yourself having a difficult time looking for the perfect sandals for you. Look no further! Below, we have carefully reviewed six of the best men’s sports sandals that can survive wear and tear along the way.

1. Best Lightweight – Xero Z-Trail EV

  • Price: 80 USD
  • Store: REI Co-op Shop
  • Sole: FeelTrue rubber
  • Sizes: 8 to 13
  • Colors: Multi-brown and Multi-black

If you are going for long periods of time in bay walks or whatnot, getting a pair of lightweight (0.73 pounds) men’s sports sandals is the key. It can give your feet comfort as you walk, reducing the risks of fatigue, especially if you haven’t strolled in a while. Good thing there are Xero X-Trail EV Sandals for men. They are really light and thin. You can even fold and put them in your backpack if you need the pair for your other adventures.

Xero Z Trail

Besides being lightweight, these sandals don’t fall short when it comes to durability. The 10mm sole and the slim webbing are holding pretty. They have added flexibility so you can step on rocks and other uneven surfaces without worries of damage or slipping.

You won’t also get wrong with the materials. The nylon used is from recycled plastic bottles. Not only are you getting durable sports sandals, but you’re also promoting eco-friendly materials.

For the strap system, you’d be delighted to know it has a dedicated heel strap that helps you adjust the fit of the sandals. This can help ensure that your feet will sit well on the footbed during your walk.


You should buy this pair if you’re into lightweight sandals and if you value space in your backpack. It also offers a comfortable footbed, which helps you reduce pain or discomfort after long walks.


As far as our testing is concerned, we haven’t found any major downsides. The only thing that we can nitpick about this pair is the price. It’s expensive for its style. There are cheaper options on this list that look more fashionable.

2. Best Closed Style – Keen Newport H2

  • Price: 55 to 234 USD (Depends on Size and Color)
  • Store: Amazon
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Sizes: 7 to 17
  • Colors: Black, Steel Gray, Fisheye Camouflage, Rust, Monochrome, Brown, Teal, etc.

In case you are not into sandals that expose your toes, getting closed-toe sandals could be your only option. They can hide your nails in case you always forget to clip them. One of the best closed-toe sandals is Keen Newport H2. It conceals the toes perfectly while being able to provide a comfortable and breathable feeling.

Keen Newport

Apart from the protection offered by the closed-toe design, these sandals can be used in outdoor activities involving water. Because of the pair’s rubber outsoles and EVA-foam footbed that has hydrophobic properties, you can expect it to stay dry. Moreover, Keen Newport H2 can be used on dryland adventures as these sandals have enough grip to overcome any terrain.

Despite the heavy-duty appearance, these sandals are quite lightweight when you wear them for a longer time. You can also feel the support and comfort of the molded insole. You wouldn’t even have issues with moisture or sweat, thanks to the padded webbing structure that has neoprene backing.


We liked that the enclosed design can protect the toes, especially if your feet are submerged in a rocky river or similar bodies of water. It can protect you from injuries caused by sharp rocks. The support and traction are reliable, too! Not to mention, there are many color options to choose from.


Since the design allows for breathability, you may also expect sand or even tiny stones to get into the sandals. Well, you can always stop and remove them, but it can be inconvenient if you are in a haste.

3. Best for Value– Teva Katavi 2

  • Price: 48 USD (price may vary)
  • Store: Amazon
  • Sole: Durabrasion rubber
  • Sizes: 7 to 14
  • Colors: Walnut, Black Olive, Grey, Bungee Cord

Now, if you want reliable sports sandals within a budget, you can check out Teva Katavi 2. With a price that starts at 48 bucks, you’d be really surprised that this provides premium comfort. It has durable rubber outsoles that are really a delight to your feet when stepping on any terrain. You won’t feel any discomfort or get your feet injured even if you use the sandals for longer periods.

Teva Katavi

Moreover, you’d also get some suede straps, which add a bit of a premium feel to the appearance of the sandals. The classic style makes them good for any outdoor event. Besides that, the sandals also have three velcro straps that you can easily adjust to get the right fit. They also make wearing sandals much easier.


These sandals are really the best for value in this list. With the classic look and durable outsoles that could last you years, the price is surely a steal. It’s lightweight and comfortable for the feet as well. Those are the things that matter most.


However, since it’s a bit light you may find it to be lacking in traction and stability. This is especially the case on wet terrain or surfaces.

4. Best Adjustable – Chaco Z/Cloud

  • Price: 56 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Sole: Non-marking EcoTred
  • Sizes: 7 to 15
  • Colors: Nik Port, Black, Amp Sulphur, Scrap Navy, Toffee, Blue, Lust, Lava

Sizes in terms of length may be the same in most cases, but the form of the feet varies from person to person. This can affect the fit of the sandals at times. If you want to make sure that the sports sandals you want to wear fit perfectly, Chaco Z/Cloud is the answer. These sandals are highly adjustable.

Chaco Z

As per our experience with the sandals, you can adjust all the connected straps if you want to make minor adjustments to the fit. However, this may pose a challenge if you are new or not familiar with the strap system. But you will surely get used to it in time and find the perfect adjustment for your feet.

Apart from adjustability, you can also get reliable traction, thanks to its durable and textured outsole that really sticks to the surface, be it wet or dry. And you’d be surprised that it’s lightweight despite looking heavy.


The sandals are lightweight, but they offer great traction in any kind of surface. There’s also a lot of flexibility when it comes to adjustment. You can surely find your perfect fit. You will also find different color variations to match your outfit.


Although the adjustability is incredible, first-time users may find themselves having a hard time adjusting the straps. You may need time to study the strap mechanism.

5. Best in Style – ETCEO Stylish Cushioned Garden Clogs

  • Price: 21 USD
  • Store: Walmart
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Sizes: 5 to 13
  • Colors: Black, Red, Khaki, Brown

If you are looking for something refreshing in terms of style, ETCEO Stylish Cushioned Garden Clogs will never disappoint you. The pair’s looks alone speak youthfulness. The design is just so futuristic it can make you look trendy as you enjoy activities on the beach, water parks, gardens, and more. Not to mention, it’s the cheapest on the list. Yes! You can be fashionable and save money at the same time.

ETCEO Sandals

Apart from style. These sandals or clogs have holes that allow air to pass through, making them breathable. This helps in keeping your feet dry and cool. The EVA rubber soles are lightweight yet extremely durable in any outdoor or indoor activities. The shape of the sandals is ergonomic, too, making them feet-friendly and comfortable to use for hours.

Most importantly, the outsoles of the sandals are anti-slip, which reduces the chances of you slipping on any floor surface. You can make sure you are safe from falling or slipping accidents.


This pair is incredibly amazing and cheap if you want to be in for the trend. The sandals also offer incredible performance, thanks to waterproof features and an ergonomic fit. And if you ever happen to step on mud or any stain, you can clean the sandals without much effort.


Even though it’s stylish and cheap, the design is not for everyone and may not match every outfit you wear.

6. Best for Flip-flops Lovers – Bedrock Cairn Adventure

  • Price: 115 USD
  • Store: Bedrock Sandals
  • Sole: Vibram XS Trek
  • Sizes: 5 to 14
  • Colors: Copper, Black, Burgundy, Moss Green, Turquoise, Charcoal, Tan

Well, if you’re into flip-flop style sandals,  Bedrock Cairn Adventure could be your best option. The style is carefree and open, which is a huge treat if you’re feet are kind of “claustrophobic”.   Despite that, this pair still offers reliable traction and fit. Plus, it’s lightweight yet durable, too.

Bedrock Cairn

One thing that makes this one of the best on the list is the easy-to-use strap system. Even if you are new to sandals, you can easily wear them and find your perfect fit. This gives you much better foot security, especially when you traverse surfaces that are uneven.

The most impressive part of these sandals is the outsoles are textured. Even though the materials used for them are lightweight, they can still give you excellent traction in dry or wet conditions. It can give you confidence that you won’t slip or fall as you go with your outdoor activities.


Flip-flop adventurers will surely love this pair for its performance and style. These sandals just provide great traction that reduces the chances of accidents. Safety is the key when adventuring outdoors. Aside from that, this pair’s style never gets old. The thong-style strap is still fashionable by today’s standards.


Since the sandals have a thong-style strap, people who are prone to blistering or cutting between their toes may not enjoy long walks. If you can relate, you may be forced to buy split-toe socks to ease the discomfort and protect the skin between your toes. Another downside, the price can be a bit discouraging; it’s just too pricey.

Final Thoughts

All of the men’s sports sandals we’ve picked here are deemed the best according to our tests. So, everything now depends on your preferences and needs. It’s up to you to decide which of the pairs is the best deal for your feet. Just weigh their pros and cons and you will surely find the sports sandals that perfectly fit your feet and preferences.