How to Catch Long Distance Relationship Cheating?

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Long-distance relationships are pretty common these days, especially that most couples work in different cities, regions, and even overseas– day and night apart.

Well, everybody knows that LDRs are not for everyone because of issues of cheating and trust. If you are in the same kind of commitment, and you are facing the same issues, you’re on the right page.

In this article, you will find out ways to address long distance relationship cheating to clear your mind of doubts. Read on!

Method 1: Find Signs He/She Is Cheating in A Long Distance Relationship

The first thing you need to do is look for signs whether your partner has committed long distance relationship cheating. This way, you can suspect them with concrete reasons to bust a cheater. Below are the signs you need to take notice of:

1. Late Response to Calls and Messages

LDRs survive through calls and texts, and they become even more difficult to maintain due to different work/school schedules.

If you are used to receiving quick replies from your partner despite busy schedules, and then they suddenly respond late or forget to do so, be warned. They may be entertaining another person, making it more difficult for them to reply ASAP.

2. Excuses Don’t Match

When you are far away from your partner, it’s normal to ask questions about their day. What’s not normal is when their answers and excuses no longer match. When there’s a disconnect with what they said previously to what they’re saying now, that’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.


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3. Playing The “Busy” Card

They’d always say they’re busy whenever you want to hang out with your partner through a watch party or plan to meet during days off and holidays. This could suggest your plans conflict with theirs. Just take note of how frequently they pull the “busy” card to you.

4. Goes Out Without Telling You

Now, if your partner is going out with someone you don’t know, and they don’t tell you beforehand. This is a form of disrespect to your relationship, taking advantage of the fact that you are far away and that you can’t do anything to stop them. Letting your partner know where you’re going and who’s with you is the least you can do in LDRs.

Party With Friends Cheating

5. Too Defensive

If your partner is being too defensive and irritable whenever you ask them questions about their recent activities, it may indicate that they’re trying to hide they’re cheating in a long distance relationship. They’re just trying to scare or intimidate you so you won’t ask them again.

Method 2: Ask Your Partner’s Friends if There’s Long Distance Cheating

Your partner’s friends know their dirty secrets. So, if catching long distance relationship cheating signs is confusing you, you can try asking his/her friends. However, this may only work if you’re friends with them, too.

You can start by asking how your partner is and what their recent activities are. This could help you tell whether or not he/she’s lying to you.

Another thing, you may also try asking the parents/siblings. They can be a reliable source of information in case something unusual is happening to your partner that you don’t know about.

Method 3: Visit Your Partner’s Place by Surprise

Without prior notice, catch your partner by surprise by visiting his place. This way, they won’t be able to prepare and hide any proof of cheating. You can now tell whether or not long distance relationship cheating is happening.

Caught Cheating In Bed

However, if you can’t find anything suspicious, and you still doubt your partner’s intentions, you can take the opportunity to install spy tools on their phones. Such programs will allow you to monitor their activities remotely.

Bonus: Install mSpy to Know Long Distance Relationship Cheating

There’s no better way to catch a cheater than monitoring their phones. You can do this by installing mSpy. It is a well-reviewed monitoring program known for its ability to spy on iOS and Android phones secretly.


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mSpy can check your partner’s :

  • Text Messages and Social Media Chats – Learn what kind of flirty SMS and conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. your partner has.

  • Call Logs and Contacts – Know how frequently your partner calls others with their call history. You will also get to know the identity of the one s/he’s cheating with.
  • Media Files – Check if they have secret sex tapes and other phone pictures that can be used as proof of cheating.
  • Installed Apps – Monitor if they’ve installed cheating apps while you’re away. This is one way to know if they’re on Bumble or the Tinder app.

  • Browser History – See if they logged into dating sites on their web browser.

  • Locations – Get a detailed list and a map view of all the GPS locations they’ve been to while you were out of town.

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By being able to spy on your partner’s phone remotely, you can make sure whether or not there’s a long-distance relationship cheating. You will see who they are interacting with online and for what purpose. All these without being seen. Your partner won’t know you’re watching them from afar.

If you are interested in using mSpy, below are the things you need to do:

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  • Monitor your partner’s phone using your mSpy account on any web browser.

mSpy is a proven tool to bust cheaters and expose them for who they really are. It has helped many relationships, including LDRs. So, if you’re interested, download mSpy now!


You have to be prepared if you are in a long-distance relationship; cheating can happen anytime, especially if you don’t know your partner that much. And if you have trust issues, the methods above can help you clear those out. Just remember that whatever you may find, remain strong and face it with open arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to avoid being in a long-distance relationship, you better know your partner well. You have to consider his location and career plans to know whether they match yours.

Long-distance relationships are not for everyone. If you have trust issues and your partner has a history of cheating, it may be difficult for you to manage– not to mention the stress you get from maintaining it. However, there are LDRs that emerged successful despite the trials and tribulations faced.