15 Women’s Lifestyle Blogs For Family, Fashion, Food, and Travel

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“Every woman wants to live a perfect lifestyle; healthy, fashionable, free, and beautiful.”

If you are a mother and a wife, there are times that you will seek some guides to handle things in your family like to be a good wife and a mother of your children, how to cook food for your family, how to do parenting, and how to have a happy family. You want to learn all these because you aim to achieve a perfect lifestyle.

Or if you’re still a single woman, you want to learn more about how to dress up, do make-up, what to do on a date, and how enjoy being single. You will look for blogs that will help you to achieve a perfect lifestyle.

Have no idea how to achieve an ideal lifestyle? If you’re one of these women who’s seeking the best lifestyle blogs that can guide family, fashion, food, and travel, you’re in the right place. Because here, we listed some of the best lifestyle blogs for women you can trust.

#1. Best Lifestyle Blog for Positive Images of Women in Color

Best Blogs For Women: XoNecole

The xoNecole.com is founded by former celebrity gossip blogger Necole Kane that aims to promote positive images of women of color. This is a platform for young women that allows them to share their personal stories, give way to their careers, beauty, and relationship tips, and speak out what’s on their minds – giving their opinions on the latest culture news, and politics. XONecole blog is intelligent and relevant that features everything.

#2. Best Lifestyle Blog for Daily Inspiration

Best Blogs For Women: A Cup Of Jo

It is a New York-based lifestyle, fashion, design, food, mental health, and parenting blog created by Joanna Goddard in 2007. It is a daily women’s lifestyle site with positive writing that inspires you. It brings positive vibes that encourage visitors to read and leave comments which makes the site one of the most viewed lifestyle blogs.

#3. Best Fashion Lifestyle Blog for Women

Lifestyle Blog: Sincerely Jules

Founder: Julie Sariñana

Category: Blogging, Fashion, Beauty, Make-up Tips

Top Posts:

Best Blogs For Women: Sincerely Jules

It is a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion for a great look, and style inspiration, and provides knowledge about makeup products. Sincerely Jules was created by a first-generation fashion influencer, and also an editor and stylist, Julie – the Mexican-American content creator. She created this blog to motivate, inspire, and promote her daily makeup protocol to express what beauty means to her.

#4. Best Lifestyle Blog for Food

Best Blogs For Women: The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman was created by an American blogger, author, food writer, photographer, and television personality Ree Drummond – where she primarily focuses on food recipes. But eventually, Ree decided to change her blog to something else – where visitors will enjoy topics not only about the food recipe but also about shopping tips, design ideas, and more. What makes her blog more fun to visit as she shares her personal story about her husband and dogs, her ranch, and of course, her cooking.

Best Blogs For Women: Madame Noire

Madame Noire is a lifestyle blog created for black women founded by a leading global digital media company serving multicultural audiences. This lifestyle blog empowers women of color with engaging content that covers everything from health, fashion, parenting, career, sex and relationship, breaking news, and entertainment.

Best Blogs For Women: The Travel Noire

The Travel Noire was created by a believer, speaker, entrepreneur, and traveler, Zim Flores, for black travelers after she experienced struggling on finding photos of women of color on Instagram. She started this award-winning boutique travel company and blogging platform to showcase the cultivated insights from a global community of black travelers. This also covers topics about travel-related articles for Millennials. This blog helps future travelers be inspired on their next adventure.

#7. Best Lifestyle Blog for Family Woman

Best Blogs For Women: One Big Happy Life

If you are a family woman who needs a piece of advice and guidance for your family, then the One Big Happy Life blog is the perfect place for you. This blog was created by couples, Scarlett and Joseph, who want to share their family goals – how to enjoy their life as a family every single day. This blog also shares ideas for financial plans in the future (productivity and wealth building).

Best Blogs For Women: Good+Well

Want healthy living and enjoying life in all aspects? The Well + Good blog is the perfect lifestyle guide for you. It was founded by the partnership of two journalists, Alexia and Melisse, in early 2010 when they realized that people are craving information about proper guidance for a healthy and wellness lifestyle. This blog is a perfect place for women like you who need help improving mental health and other aspects of life.

#9. Best Entrepreneur Lifestyle Blog

Best Blogs For Women: Classy Career Girl

If you got bored with your work or business and got stuck on it, Classy Career Girl is here to help you out. This lifestyle blog was created to help other employees like the founder as well as business owners to become more successful and inspired in their individual careers.

Best Blogs For Women: Oneika The Traveller

Oneika the traveler is all about travel inspiration. Oneika was created by an Emmy Award-winning lifestyle correspondent for NBC New York and host of Travel Channel’s Big City, Oneika Raymond, which aims to educate, empower, and encourage exploration for women who love to travel to new and exciting locations. In 2018, her lifestyle blog won the title of Best Travel Blog in the prestigious SATW Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition.

#11. Best Lifestyle Blog for Home-based Job

Best Blogs For Women: The Work At Home Woman

When you get tired of working at the office or you want to work freely, managing your own time, then a work-at-home job will be the best fit for you. And if you want a guide to searching for the right home-based job or business then this is the right lifestyle blog for women. The Work At Home Woman was created to help women find remote careers and businesses. It provides straightforward and actionable steps to women in their work-at-home jobs.

#12. Best Business Lifestyle Blog for Beginners

Best Blogs For Women: On Better Living

Many businesswomen out there are helped by the best business lifestyle blog for beginners, the On Better Living. This blog gives inspiration to women who are starting to have a business. Not only business, but also covers topics about delicious recipes at home, a guide for a perfect vacation, home decor, and many more.

#13. Best Cooking Ideas Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Blog: Pinch of Yum

Founder: Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom

Category: Blogging, Cooking Recipe Guide, Healthy Diet

Top Posts:

Best Blogs For Women: Pinch of Yum

If you want to spice up your meals and stay healthy with the proper guidance of food experts, then Pinch of Yum is the best place for you. This lifestyle blog for women provides cooking ideas that are easy to follow and of course, healthy and delicious.

#14. Best General Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Blog: The Stripe

Founder: Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom

Category: Blogging, Travel Guide, Beauty Products, and more

Top Posts:

Best Blogs For Women: The Stripe

The Stripe is one of the modern women’s inspirations in life. Every aspect of life is covered by this blog, including personal style, DIY projects, the best beauty products, plus books, travel guides, wellness, and more.

#15. Best Lifestyle Blog for Blogger and Writer Aspirants

Lifestyle Blog: Twins Mommy

Founder: Elna Cain

Category: Blogging, List building, Mompreneur, Productivity, Twins, WAHM

Top Posts:

Best Blogs For Women: Twins Mommy

Twins Mommy shares ideas on aspiring bloggers and writers, especially moms. This blog helps moms on making money while they are starting blogging. Elna also advises on how to increase website traffic and income online.


Here, we’ve learned that lifestyle blogs for women are the place where you as a woman can get some tips and learn new things that you can apply to your lifestyle to have a better life. Reading blogs and taking their advice will be your key to achieving a successful career, and healthy relationships with your families, and friends. Lifestyle blogs are your stepping stone to making some changes in your life.


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A lifestyle blog focuses on daily activities and your interests while a personal blog is all about personal desires, or feelings that you want to share with your readers.