What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches

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It’s a normal day and you’re doing the usual stuff. All of a sudden, your left hand starts to itch for no reason. Thinking back to an old-fashioned superstition that your parents or grandparents told you, the impulse of buying a lottery tick can hardly be fought back.

Left Palm Itching Means Good Luck Is Entering Your Life

Is this true that you will get money when your left hand is itching? It’s hard to tell though.

Superstitions are everywhere and believed by a lot of people. To some believers, an itching left hand is a hint from god and they will definitely get a lottery ticket.

“You won’t lose anything but 7 dollars. But it’s true, I get millions. Why not?”, this is the answer that I got from a friend of mine who has a strong belief in superstitions.

What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches

A True Story of Fortune Brought by Left Hand Itching

A day back in 2010, a granny named Mary Shammas had a terrible itch on her left hand when she was on the bus. And that itching happened three or four times in a very short period. She got off the bus and went to buy a lottery ticket.

What’s the result? The jackpot – she won the $64 million ($42 million after taxes)  Mega Million lump-sum payment.

She later had an interview with CBS reporters and unveiled her secret of winning this fortune. It was her left hand itching.


An Itching Left Hand Means Good Luck

Superstitions are everywhere. Some believe them and others don’t. It’s a personal choice.

Granny Mary chose to believe this old-fashioned superstition of left hand itching and she was rewarded. Surely, there’re other unshared cases, too.

Fate is unpredictable. You never know which, good luck or bad luck comes first a minute later. But now, there’s an accepted and old sign of good luck that occurs to you. I strongly recommend you to get a lottery. After all, you won’t lose anything but $7. You can skip tomorrow’s snack for this.

What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches

An Itching Left Hand Means Bad Luck In Different Cultures

In India, the right hand is the lucky hand – they use their right hand to eat, shake hands, wipe their mouth, and such.

On the contrary, left hands are considered as unclean. People use their left hand to clean themselves after excretion. Under this etiquette, an itching left hand is believed to be a sign of bad luck.

Gender Affects the Meaning of An Itchy Left Hand

In some provinces of China, people believe when left-hand itching occurs on a woman, it symbolizes bad luck. And relatively, right-hand itching means good luck.

For a man, the meanings are completely the opposite.

Caution: Left Hand Itching Could Be A Symptom of A Condition

It’s normal that our body part itches for a while. It can be a bug sting or maybe you just touch something that makes you allergic temporarily. Of course, it can be a sign of fortune too.

However, once the itching on your left hand becomes unbearable and persistent, you should stop ignoring this itching. Maybe it’s not fortune that’s storming but sickness.

Dry Skin/Eczema (Dermatitis)

Check your left hand for the itching area and see if it turns a bit red. Also, Is it cracked and scaly? If blisters occur, for 90%, you have Eczema. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.

It happens mostly in a dry winter and people fail to properly moisturize their hands. Also, if you wash your hands too many times with soap, the natural and protective natural oil will be washed out.

As a result, your hands will face dry and cold air without protection. They start to itch. This will get worse if you have sensitive skin.

What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches

For Eczema, you can cure it at home. Starting today, use mild soap or just stop using any soap or sanitizer if you’re not sure what soup you’re using. Cut them off.

Then, moisturize your hand with hand creams or just vaseline several times a day. Wear gloves every time you go outdoors.

When the condition is not eased, go see a doctor.


Being a chronic autoimmune inflammatory condition, Psoriasis mostly occurs in women and can appear on both hands and feet with white blisters and redness. Also, itching and pain will come along.

This is a very disturbing skin illness since it will return for years and months repeatedly even if you cure it once. So far, there’s a perfect remedy to kill this condition completely.

What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches


If your left hand itches constantly and repeatedly along with numbness, pain, and tremble, you may have early diabetes. Go see a doctor right now!

Apart from those, if your hand gets slightly swollen and has some small yellow bumps which are associated with diabetes, you should stop digesting sugar from now on.


A random left palm itching is a hint of good luck based on an old superstition. You may follow your heart and play the Lotto or other activities that might deliver you a small fortune.

However, once the itching won’t go by itself, you’d better watch out and go see a doctor. Cure it before something worse is developed.


If you get itchy palms at night and it itches repeatedly, go and see a doctor immediately.

  • Diabetes: Your blood sugar level will
  • Allergy: This may relate to something that you touch or use in the evening
  • Etc

There’s no such answer. But according to some interviews with lottery winners, they chose the numbers based on the birthdays of the family, some important anniversaries, and lucky numbers.

It’s all up to you to decide. If you believe that “yes! I will get a jackpot with these numbers”, then, maybe you will achieve that. So, it all depends on your own mind.

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