Your kid’s birthday party is always a big deal. They’re going to remember it for the rest of their life. So, you’d better make it special and remarkable. And each time, when your child thinks about the party, happiness will be dominant.

Also, if you’re a single parent or married to a serviced partner, a splendid birthday is going to ease your child’s sorrow and loneliness.

To give your child the best birthday party, here are 20 ideas that might inspire you. No matter whether you take the one idea below or not, always remember to surprise your kid. They will thank you and remember this day forever.

Part 1: Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

To celebrate your child’s birthday, a party is always a good idea. By holding the party, your child gets to cheer with friends and family. Everyone presented is there for him/her. Your child can feel the love of all.

To make the party special and memorable, we have some ideas for you. Parents, take a look at these ideas and make your child’s birthday party unique!

1# Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: A Cartoon-Themed Party

What cartoon does your child like?

  • If he/she is still 5 years old or a bit older, cartoons like PAW Patrol, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Bluey, Hilda, and Peppa Pig may be the answer.
  • Naruto, One Piece, Jigshawman, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Demon Slayer are very popular among older kids and teenagers.

Anyway, target one cartoon or anime that your kid loves. Decorate your house with all the cartoon or comic accessories.

PAW Patrol Porch Decorations

Also, to make the party more thrilling, you may rent a costume and dress in your child’s favorite character. Say “Happy birthday” to your kid and bring the cake with this costume. Hug them!


It can be other themes as well. If your child loves sports like football, you can decorate the house with some jerseys, helmets, flags, and other accessories. This is the same when your child’s biggest interest goes to music, movies, or series.

2# Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: Facepainting

Facepainting is very popular among kids of all ages. At school fate or community events, kids would love to wait in long lines to get a face painting.

For your boys or girls, you can have a face painting party then. If you have enough budget, book a face painter for the party.

Or, you can order a set of face painting kits and learn some skills. There’re tutorials sent to you when your purchase is done. Practice on your own face or on a plastic model. In this way, you can not just surprise your kids and his/her friends but also get their admiration.

Kid Having Facepainting

3# Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: Magic Show

Nobody hates magic shows! We all like it, adults and kids. And the same as the face-painting party idea, you can either book a local magician or learn some tricks by yourselves to surprise everyone that presents.

Magic Show For Kids

Bonus: To help you out, here are some links to some famous magicians who give courses on YouTube. Subscribe to their channels and learn the tricks!

4# Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: Nerf War

A nerf war is the perfect activity for the hot summertime. It’s cool, competitive, and entertaining. Invite your child’s friends and classmates to your house if you have a garden or backyard. If not, a nearby swimming pool or park is a great location too. Book it in advance.

As for the water gun, ask the attendances to bring their own. Prepare some rules and indicate the specs of water guns that they can bring. Also, don’t forget to tell the kids that winner’s team will be awarded. This makes them more active and focus.

#5 Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: Board Game

A board game birthday party is such a good idea as well. Kids love all kinds of games. They can team up to play against each other.

If your child has so many friends for the party, this is even better. You can have this little tournament where all kids can compete for the crown – buy some on Amazon. The kids will be crazy about it.

To make sure the game run well, you’d better invite other parents to be referees. Keep the game fair.

How to Play the “Do You Really Know Your Family” Game

6# Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: Nametag Ripping

In recent years, Korean shows are starting to appear on the watch list of kids. The Korean TV show – Running Man, in particular, is viral. As the most well-known activity of this show, the nametag ripping always makes everyone sitting on the couch burst into laughter. Chasing, hiding, and ripping are some interesting that most kids would love to try in this game.

For kids, this is a very easy game that has only a few rules. For parents who have no idea what this is, here is the explanation:

  • Kids will be divided into two teams, one to chase and one to hide.
  • The chasing team needs to rip the nametag of all the members in the hiding team or just one special member, depending on the rules.
  • The location where the battle will be held should be somewhere that has a complex structure and is large.

You can add other rules to make the game last longer and worth playing.

8# Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: Costume Party

There’s nothing else that we need to say about this, right? Whatever the kids like, dress up and come to the party! And for the party, you can arrange some activities like board games, magic shows, movies, cartoons, etc.

Kid in Marvel Costume

9# Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: Sports Party

Let’s have a challenging tournament. Choose a sport that most kids will be avid for and get ready for:

  • The rules:
  • The field: A park, backyard, or football field will be great depending on the sport and the number of attendants.
  • The award: Medals and trophies are great. Some gifts are exciting too.

What sports can you choose? Any sports that relate to shooting, catching, passing, and tossing will be good subjects, such as baseball, football, soccer, frisbee, or basketball.

10# Kid’s Birthday Party Idea: Karaoke and Dancing Party

Kids love to sing and dance! Get (rent or buy) a set of karaoke equipment, some disco mirror balls, and neon lamps to make your living room a ballroom for kids!

Remember to download all the songs that the kids may think about, for instance:

  • OPs and EPs of all heated cartoons and anime;
  • The most clicked Tik Tok music;
  • The hit singles of pop singers and bands.

Let them sing and dance, and release their nature!

Part 2: Best Kids’ Birthday Celebration Ideas

A party is not necessary when your child is not outgoing. You may take your child to some special and remarkable events or activities in that only family members are involved. The companionship of family and the pleasure of the event will be the greatest gifts to them.

 1# Kid’s Birthday Celebration: Fan Experience At A Live Sporting Event

Is there any sport that your child love or plays at school, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, athletics, or, swimming? Take your boy/girl to the stadium and enjoy a game live. For a sports fan, nothing is more exciting than watching a live game. The cheers and applause made by the crowd are amazing.

If your kid loves football, basketball, or baseball, and the birthday is around matchday, this can be easy. You can order tickets from NFL, NBA, or MLB online right now.

But if your kids love soccer, I’m afraid that the MLS is not very satisfying, especially for kids who love football right now, the American footballers they love are all signed by big clubs in Europe. So, first of all, know who your kid’s favorite star is and get the tickets for this player’s team. Note that this applies to all sports.

Kid Received Shirt From Player

If luckily, you get to sit on the closed seats, you may get the player’s jersey. Remember to bring a board and write some words on it. Trust me, a jersey worn by the player will comfort and inspire your child a lot.

2# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: Live Concert Experience

A concert of your child’s favorite singer or group shines. However, it’s not that easy to have this coincidence: your child’s birthday is on the same day or week as the favorite singer’s concert. Still, if you have the chance, get two tickets at least, bring your kid and let’s enjoy the concert.

If opera or drama is what truly attracts your child’s mind, a visit to Broadway is definitely worthy of a remark. There’re a lot of halls and theatres there giving out shows every day!

Kids At Concert

3# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: Anime Convention

Kids love Japanese anime now. It’s so much fun with those exciting stories and extraordinary characters.

For an anime convention, weebs and otakus (both nicknames of anime lovers) will garb themselves as their favorite characters with self-made or purchased costumes. Before you bring your kid to the meetup, you may help your child make his/her own costume instead of buying one.

If you don’t know how to do that, there’re tutorials online. Simply search for the character’s cosplay costume and you will find the solution. Short of time? Buy it on Amazon or go to a nearby tailor shop and ask if they’re capable of making it.

4# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: Outdoor Adventure

Kids now love everything on the phone and computers. TikTok, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, Fortnite, and, Call of Duty are where their concentration goes.

They should embrace Mother nature. What outdoor adventure can they experience? Look at the waters, mountains, and forests. Go fishing, surfing, hiking, camping, hunting (if you have the license), and everything you can think about the wildness.

And bare this in mind: safety first. Avoid extreme activities and dangers.

Kid Paddling

5# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: Vacation

There’s nothing more relaxing than having a vacation. Your child can be free from school, social stress from classmates, teachers, and friends, as well as the burden of after-school interest.

Ask for a week’s leave from school for your child. Let him/her rest at home with games, movies, snacks, and other. If you have time and budget, a trip to a whole new city or country will be absolute heaven to you and your little girl/boy. You can throw everything behind the head and enjoy the sunshine of the other sky, dine with different dishes, and see people from unique cultures.

6# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: A Visit to A Themed Park

Disneyland, the paradise to kids, is the place that you must take your kid to once in a lifetime. Do I even need to explain the reasons? I’m afraid not.

If you’ve already taken your child to Disneyland, there’re other parks for your child’s birthday celebration. The competitor of Disneyland – Universal Them Park is such a good choice. There, your kid can see all the interesting elements of the Universal movies, like Transformer, Jurassic Park, Shrek, The Mummy, and more.

Besides, a waterpark, aquarium, or zoo is a good place to relax and celebrate!

7# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: A New Challenge

At your child’s birthday, it’s time to let him/her try something new and challenging, some less extreme sports, like skateboarding, skiing, skating, roller casting, and rock climbing.

They will definitely fail in the first place while trying on any of these sports. But later when they learn from the failure and start to make progress, they will be happy. And they have a new hobby now! If possible, learn the sport first. So, you can teach your child when he/she is in trouble mastering it.

8# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: Treasure Hunt

Let’s set up a treasure hunt! Before everything, you should water a movie about treasure hunting first, like the Indiana Jones series, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Da Vinci Code National Treasure, etc. While watching the movie, ask your child if he/she would like to have a treasure hunt. If yes, you can start planning for this!

Kids Finding Treasure

You’d better bury the treasure somewhere in the wild. Don’t make it so distant and dangerous. Pick a spot that’s easy to identify on the map. Then, work out a map and think about the tips. Come back home. Try to have a friendly conversation with the owner of a local antique shop or bookstore and ask for a favor. Take your child to the shop and pretend to get the map.

What’s next? Hunt it!

9# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: A Shooting Class/Gun Safety Education

How old is your child? 10, 11, or 12? It’s time to teach your child about guns and powders, not to hurt people, but to realize the power of weapons and know how to escape from possible attacks.

Search for local shooting experience classes. The staff there will teach all the basic knowledge about guns and emphasize the effects, positive and negative, as well. Or, you can take your child to the wild where nobody will visit. You can be the teacher!

Gun Safty Education

10# Kid’s Birthday Birthday Celebration: Paintball

Take your child to a paintball fight! It’s so much fun. There’re a lot of paintball centers that are open for kids below 8 or 9. Always remember to check the limit of the local center then.