Facts About Sprint Parental Control App And It’s Alternative!

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Are you looking for a good parental control app? Well, Sprint Parental Control offers great features that can help you guard your kids.

Over the past years, Sprint Parental Control apps have been gaining popularity due to the solutions it offers to needy parents.

If you want to know everything about Sprint Parental Control apps, then stay on this page and continue reading.

What is Sprint Parental Control App

Sprint Parental Control is well-known for several reasons, one of which is the variety of features it offers. These features will surely help you protect your kids from harm and guard them against people who might take advantage of them. We listed the Sprint Parental Control app features below, feel free to check them out.

Sprint Parental Control App

1. Set up Age-Appropriate Content

First on the list is Sprint’s ability to block inappropriate content on your child’s phone. Little ones are curious and innocent. That is why if they encounter stuff on the web that contains mature content, they wouldn’t know. Aside from that, they might also search for videos or pictures that show acts of violence.

Kids can easily get influenced by the things they see, and if they are exposed to things that contain violence or sexual act, there is a huge chance that will copy what they saw.

And this is where this Sprint Parental Control app feature is in need, you will be able to filter out what your kids see and hear. Protecting them from inappropriate influences.

2. Block Text Messages and Calls

As I’ve mentioned above, kids are innocent. They wouldn’t know if someone is already taking advantage of them. That is why Sprint designed a feature that enables you to control who can contact your kids and vice versa.

If you see unknown numbers on your kid’s call logs or malicious messages from strangers in their inboxes, you easily block those numbers and prevent your kids from receiving and sending messages and calls to them. Bullying is also a possible risk in this situation. Better check out your kids’ messages and calls while it’s still early.

3. Block Unnecessary Purchases

There might be instances where you were shocked at how high your credit card bills are. Well, there can be chances where your child is doing a shopping spree online without your knowledge. Luckily, the Sprint Parental Control app has a solution for this.

Sprint lets you block any unnecessary purchases that your child might do. This will help prevent any unwanted expenses on your bill, and you can teach your child the value of money.


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4. Block Inappropriate Apps

If you notice that your kid is starting to get hooked on certain apps on his/her phone, and you want him/her to focus on socializing and studying, well, Sprint can easily help you with that.

A part of the Sprint Parental Control app is blocking applications on your child’s phone.

Now, you can remove their access to addicting games like Minecraft and Roblox or any apps that you think are not advisable for kids. You can now divert their attention to more important stuff like bonding with your family, socializing with other kids, and studying.

Wait a Minute! Is Sprint Parental Control App Enough?

The Sprint Parental Control app has a lot of helpful features. But you should know that apart from the features mentioned above, there are still sections on your child’s surroundings that you should monitor. Sadly, the Sprint Parental Control app can’t cover those sections.

Is Sprint Parental Control App Enough

You need to keep in mind that there are a lot of possible risks that your child might experience when they are outside and even if they are in your house. So if you want to install all-around protection on your kids, keep on reading!

Protect your Kids at All Times with mSpy

Let’s get straight to the point. When it comes to parental control, there’s one name that shines among the others – mSpy.


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This family monitoring tool is packed with all the things you need to guard your kids anytime and anywhere. Keep your kids safe even if you are not with them with mSpy’s helpful features.

Track Location/GeoFence

Kids love to go outside and discover the world on their own, and of course, apart from letting them have fun, you need to make sure that they are also safe. The GPS Locations feature of mSpy can give you your kid’s current location within a snap! You can also check their location history and see if they are skipping classes.

The GeoFence feature, on the other hand, lets you create a digital fence around your kids. You can set safe and dangerous zones and when they enter or exit those places, you will get alerted right away.

mSpy Geofencing

Spy on Social Media messages/Screen Recorder

The online world is cruel, especially to kids. Your kids might be contacted by a pedophile online without your knowledge. These kinds of people will act friendly at first but will slowly lure your kids to danger.

With mSpy you can see if those terrible things are happening to your child. You can read his/her messages on popular Social Media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and more!

If you don’t have time to read them one by one, you can just simply set up the mSpy Screen Recorder, and watch their conversations in your free time. Pretty convenient right?

View Recorded Clips on Phone Screen

Hack Accounts

If reading their messages is not enough, you might want to consider hacking their accounts. mSpy’s Keylogger can give you their possible account credentials along with their deleted messages and other type words!

mSpy Keylogger

This powerful feature records your child’s every keystroke and reveals the account username and password.

Block Apps/Sites/WIFI Network

The Sprint Parental Control app can block applications on the phone, but mSpy can do more than that.

This amazing tool can block apps, sites, and even WIFI networks! Yes! You heard it right. With mSpy you can control your child’s internet usage and prevent them from using applications and accessing pages with mature content. Amazing right?

mSpy Block Apps

Now you can prevent them from accessing porn sites, and playing addictive games. And if they still won’t listen, then you can easily cut off their internet privileges. What a helpful feature.

mSpy still has a lot more features to offer. So grab this all-in-one parental control tool now!

Here’s How to Use mSpy

  1. Hit the button below and register your mSpy account.
  1. After that, mSpy will then send a confirmation email regarding your registration. In the email, the setup guide should be attached.
  2. Use the setup guide to install mSpy on your child’s phone.
  3. After the installation, head to your device and log in with your mSpy account.
  4. Access the mSpy Dashboard and start using the features.

And after those 5 easy steps, your child is now protected. Thanks, mSpy!


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Ending Note

Kids are precious and they make the world brighter. That is why as much as possible we should protect them from any danger that they would encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, both companies decided to do a merger to further improve their services to their clients.

The WatchMeGo, a kid phone made by Sprint, is specifically made for children. It has features that are designed to keep children safe and for parents to easily monitor them.