Keyboard Tracker: How To Check Keystroke History on Windows 10

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Hacking and tracking keystrokes on someone’s PC is a piece of cake for professional hackers. You may hire one if you have a lot of money to spare.

However, for most of us who can’t afford but still want to check someone’s keystroke history– be it on our family or friends’ computer– there is no better option than using a discreet and reliable keyboard tracker.

In this article, you will learn how to check keystroke history on Windows 10 PC. Read on and check it out!

Part 1: Why Check Keystroke History on PC

To check people’s keystroke history on a PC is no small thing. You must have a reason or two as to why you are considering such a move. So, before you use a keyboard tracker, let us revisit your reasons first to have a wider perspective on how to proceed.

1. Check Keystroke History to Catch a Cheater

If you can’t catch a cheater straight from the horse’s mouth, try using a keyboard tracker on their PC – their keystrokes never lie. With such a powerful tool, you will know what your partner is doing when they’re not around you. You can see their secret chats, notes, and drafts that may contain suspicious messages that constitute cheating.

ClevGuard MoniVisor for Windows

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2. Check Keystroke History for Parental Control

Kids like spending time on their computers, studying, playing games, or just surfing the web. However, as a parent, you can’t help but worry about the websites they visit or the things they search online.

To ensure that your children are only viewing and going to age-appropriate webpages, install a keyboard tracker on their PC. That way, you can easily monitor their web activities without them knowing.

If you are still worried, you may consider learning how to block porn on Chrome; it’s a great sigh of relief for parents like you.

Parental Controls

3. Check Keystroke History for Employee Monitoring

If you have a company that has many competitors, the last thing you’d want to happen is an important piece of highly confidential information gets stolen right under your noses. Installing a keyboard tracker on workstations can help you monitor who among your employees is trying to leak your plans or products.

Employee Monitoring

4. Use Keyboard Tracker to Extract Sensitive Information

You may also use a keyboard tracker to collect valuable information on someone’s Social Media or Banking details such as usernames, passwords, email addresses, etc. With that in mind, you can easily hack into your target’s accounts, given that two-factor authentication is disabled.

Get Sensitive Info

Part 2: Check Keystroke History on PC with ClevGuard Keyboard Tracker

If you need a keyboard tracker that can catch a cheater, monitor kids, and collect login information, good for you – Clevguard for Windows is here to make your day!

ClevGuard has a dedicated monitoring program for PCs called MoniVisor for Windows. It offers over 20+ features that you can use to check someone’s online and offline activities. Among them is the Keylogger or keyboard tracker.

Aside from that, ClevGuard is 100 % invisible while it collects PC data and syncs them to your remote Control Panel. This means that your target will have no idea you’re checking their keyboard history.

ClevGuard MoniVisor for Windows

Track Child’s Windows Computers Easily

Read WhatsApp Chats & Attachments

Capture PC Screen Automatically

Track visits, downloads, and views

Record every keystroke

Use Keyboard Tracker for Windows

Once ClevGuard for Windows is installed on the target’s computer, you can use the Keylogger right away. It will record all the data registered through keystrokes and keyboard taps. This means that you will be able to check every word search, draft, password, username, email, and text made on someone’s PC apps.

Clevguard Keylogger

Export Keystroke History

In case you want a copy or a backup of someone’s keystroke history, you will be delighted to use the Export Data option. This feature enables users to download different sorts of data, including keystrokes, in bulk. This way, you will no longer export each and every file one by one. It surely will save you a lot of time.

Clevguard Export Data

Monitor Web Chats

Aside from keystrokes and simple texts, you may also use ClevGuard for Windows to monitor someone’s entire chat history. There, you can have a wider insight on the content and the context of the messages. You can also see the date & time of the conversation, which will give you an idea when a certain chat was created.

Clevguard Web Chats

Check Web Mails

Now, if reading keystrokes and chats is not enough, you may try checking web-based mails. Yes you can scan someone’s emails on Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook in one place. This way, you will also learn of their transactions, subscriptions, and linked accounts.

Clevguard Web Mails

Capture PC Screen

One solid piece of evidence that you can gather regarding someone’s web activities is a screenshot. With ClevGuard’s Capture Screenshots feature, you can take a picture of computer screens remotely. This comes in handy when your target doesn’t want you touching their PC.

Clevguard Capture Screenshots

ClevGuard still has a lot of monitoring features to offer. And besides Windows computers and tablets, you can monitor iOS and Android devices as well if you try the other subscription packages.

How to Set Up ClevGuard Keyboard Tracker

To use the keyboard tracker for PC, you need to complete the initial steps below. You need not worry about the setup; it only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Create a ClevGuard account and then select a subscription package. Purchase MoniVisor for Windows.

ClevGuard MoniVisor for Windows

Track Child’s Windows Computers Easily

Read WhatsApp Chats & Attachments

Capture PC Screen Automatically

Track visits, downloads, and views

Record every keystroke

Step 2: Download the program and install it on the target PC. There will be a series of instructions on the screen. Just follow them with care.

Step 3: Set up the provided browser extension to allow the program to access web-based activities.

Step 4: Once all the things are settled, you may log in to your ClevGuard account to check the target computer’s keystroke history. You can find the features above on the Dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Keeping track of someone’s keystrokes on a PC may seem difficult at first glance, but with the help of powerful spyware like ClevGuard, you can check keystroke history and record computer activities without much trouble. This keyboard tracker can surely help you catch a cheater, monitor kids’ web activities, extract secret information, and for whatever objectives you can imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Keyboard trackers or keyloggers, in general, are used to monitor and record keyboard and keypad data in the form of texts. This means that they can be used to get the usernames, passwords, emails, mobile numbers, etc. that someone types in whenever they log in to their Social Media accounts. It is an easy way to know a person’s login info.

If you install it on your underage kids’ computers to safeguard them from online threats, it is justifiable. Afterall, they are legally under your responsibility. However, if you are going to track other people’s keystrokes without their permission, you may face certain charges when caught. Thus, the best way you can avoid the risk of discovery is by using a reliable keyboard tracker that works 100 % invisible on a computer.