Spectacular Italian Beer Brands You Must Try

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People from all over the world not only come to Italy for fun but also to taste the exquisite food and drink they offer. Speaking of drinks, wine isn’t the only drink that Italians are proud of. Italian beer brands have created a range of spirits that has captivated the heart of the masses.

Since ancient Rome, Italy has made significant contributions to the production of beer. That is why it’s not surprising to know that certain Italian beer brands are famous and praised all over the world.

Now, you might want to try the best beer bottle Italy has to offer. Well, you are on the right page. We have compiled and reviewed 5 of the best and most famous Italian beer brands, so stick around and read on!

World Famous: Birra Peroni

Price: $4 /750 ml

Alcohol Content: 5.1%

One of the most talked about Italian beer brands is Birra Peroni. It is dubbed the most famous Italian beer brand all over the world! Its lightweight blend and great aroma make it the perfect drink when you’re having deep talks with your friends or while enjoying your favorite Italian pizza!

Birra Peroni

The secret to this world-famous Italian beer brand lies within its meticulous production process, and high-quality raw materials. It is loved by the locals and for the tourists, it is highly recommended that you get a bottle of Peroni to get the whole Italian-dream experience.

Birra Peroni has released special beer bottles including Peroni Gran Riserva, Peroni Chill, and Peroni Nastro Azzurro (best-selling among the bottles released by the brand).

Award Winning: Birra Menabrea

Price: $5/750 ml

Alcohol Content: 4.8%

If you want to taste old fashion Italian beer, try to grab a bottle of Birra Menabrea. Birra Menabrea has been manufacturing beer since 1846. This Italian beer brand has received numerous prestigious awards because of its excellent customer service and its great-tasting beer.

Birra Menabrea

Birra Menabrea has hints of fruity with citrus, floral, and bitter notes. It is well-balanced and is perfect for light drinking. This Italian beer brand makes a variety of well-blended beer, two of the most sought-after bottles are Bionda Lager and Amber Ambrata. Both beers are refreshing to drink and can be enjoyed with your favorite meal or snack.

This bottle is a must if you’re having deep talks with your friends or during a movie night with your family.

Most Popular in Sicily: Birra Messina

Price: $4/750 ml

Alcohol Content: 4.7%

If you have low alcohol tolerance but still want to know what Italian beer tastes like, Birra Messina is the perfect bottle for you. It has low alcohol content and the foam has a smooth, fine, and compact blend. Perfect for light drinkers. The taste on the other hand is somewhat bitter but still has that refreshing notes of hops and malts.

Birra Messina

Birra Messina is brewed and made in Sicily, it has a special ingredient that can only be found in the city – Sicilian crystals of salt. Apart from that, this blend is made with the finest ingredients sourced by master beer brewers themselves.

Some say that because of this special ingredient, you’ll really feel the atmosphere and culture of Sicily. The locals love this brand and it is the best drink to try if you’re on a tour of Sicily.

Dark and Bitter Beer: Lambrate Ghisa

Price: $8/750 ml

Alcohol Content: 5%

Ever since its launch in 1996, Lambrate Ghisa has become one of the most loved and popular Italian beer brands not just in Italy, but also in the world.

Lambrate Ghisa is a cappuccino-colored beer with a very thick and rich foam. You can easily tell it apart from the other beers on this list. But despite being different, the taste of this blend is something else.

Lambrate Ghisa

The ingredients include licorice, cocoa, and licorice, giving it a Stout-like flavor. The subtle bitterness is created by the toasted malts blended within the liquid. And even if it is somewhat bitter, it still has that rich deep taste with hints of coffee and toffee. It has a soft finish and is a must-try if you’re in Italy.

Best Inexpensive Beer: Birra Cortigiana

Price: $3/750 ml

Alcohol Content: 5%

Birra Cortigiana is enjoyed by the locals during summer, and if you’re planning to spend your summer in Italy, this bottle is a must-try. It has a refreshing blend with a very smooth finish, making it the perfect drink while you enjoy the heat of the bright summer sun.

Birra Cortigiana

The taste is a bit different from other traditional beers. Birra Cortigiana has a signature sour taste with the rich aroma of cinnamon and vanilla essence. It is made with different kinds of cereals, barley malt, orange peel, ginger, and coriander. All those ingredients are blended to perfection to achieve the beer’s lightweight and refreshing taste.

You can drink this straight out of the bottle or serve it in a glass with a tulip for a unique drinking experience.

Final Thoughts

Beers are perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Just remember to always drink responsibly.


Peroni Nastro Azzurro is the most sought-after bottle among other Peroni bottles. It is loved by the locals and is pretty famous in other countries.

Peroni and Moretti are two beer brands that most Italians drink. These two dominated the Italian beer market and offered great blended beers to their consumers.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is Italy’s most famous beer. It has a refreshing taste and is a must-try if you visit Italy. It is sold to over 70 countries in the world.

Beers usually have lower alcohol content compared to other liquors. For heavy drinkers, a couple of bottles of beer has no effect, but for some people, one bottle is enough to make them tipsy. This is because people have different levels of alcohol tolerance.

A study showed that beer is effective at improving general heart health. But you have to remember that it still has some alcohol content. It is advised to drink moderately.