A Parent’s Guide: Is it Legal to GPS Track Your Child

By Last Updated: October 19th, 2023Categories: Parental Control

By nature and by instinct, parents will do everything they can to protect their kids from any possible threats. And they can’t help but worry whenever their kids are out of sight. That is what a parent’s unconditional love does.

However, there are also parents who ask: Is there a limit to what I can do to protect my child? Do I Have the right to know who my child is around? Is it okay to track my child?

If you are one of them, continue reading this article to answer “Is it legal to GPS track your child?” and how you can do it the right way.

Part 1: Is it Legal to GPS Track Your Child

Typically, YES. You can legally GPS track your child considering that you fall under the following conditions:

  • Your kids are minors.
  • Your kids are under your custody.
  • You are the legal guardian appointed by the court of law.

Consent is not a requirement in GPS tracking of a child in custody. Thus, you have the right to know who is around your child; however, you can’t do it on your adult kids without their explicit permission.

mSpy Parental Control
Monitor your child’s mobile device without them knowing! Stop worry, let’s take action!

  • Track real-time and history GPS location & geofence setup
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browsing history
  • Read Social Media: FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc

In some countries, however, tracking people secretly, even if they’re family members, is deemed illegal, and there may be repercussions when caught. So, always make sure that you are following the laws in your country before you track someone, be they your spouse, kids, siblings, or friends.

Can I Put a Tracking Chip in My Child

Unfortunately, such technology does not exist today since GPS chips require a stable source of energy. And even if it does exist, many human and children’s rights organizations and religious groups will disagree with implanting tracking chips underneath children’s skin.

You may wonder why other people can put chips on their dogs and other domestic pets. To break it to you, those chips are only for identification, not for GPS tracking. That is why, it is impossible to put a tracking chip in your child or to anyone.

GPS Chip Child

Besides, you don’t need to implant a GPS chip on your kids. There are more reliable and safer GPS tracking programs like mSpy you can use to locate their phones. That is why your kids should have phones so you can track them when necessary.

Part 2: GPS Tracking Child Custody with mSpy

You no longer need to worry about your kids’ whereabouts. When it comes to tracking phones across the map, mSpy is the phone tracker to go!

With mSpy’s GPS Locations and GeoFence features, you can certainly ensure your kids are in a safe place, not to mention that you can also monitor their phone activities without their knowledge. This way, you will know what your kids are up to without any unusual change in behavior. Read on to know more.

mSpy Parental Control
Monitor your child’s mobile device without them knowing! Stop worry, let’s take action!

  • Track real-time and history GPS location & geofence setup
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browsing history
  • Read Social Media: FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc

Track GPS Locations

The best thing about mSpy’s GPS Locations feature is its ability to track the past and current location of your kid’s phone. This way, you will have an idea on the series of activities your child has been up to.

Aside from seeing your kid’s phone on the map, mSpy will also provide a detailed summary of the locations’ addresses, coordinates, and the date & time when your kids touched down in the area.

mSpy GPS Locations

Get Notified with GeoFence

mSpy’s GeoFence feature can keep you posted whenever your child goes somewhere else without letting you know. For example, you expect your kids to be at home or in school, and you go far away to work; with GeoFence, you no longer need to guess whether or not they left the area.

Sneaky kids tend to lie about where they went. That’s why you need to use GeoFence to stop that habit.

mSpy GeoFence

Read Texts and Social Media chats

When your kids become teenagers, there’s a huge tendency that they will assert their independence on you. They begin to do schoolwork at a friend’s home or go on dates with their secret crushes outside.

By reading their text messages and conversations on social media, you will know where and when they plan to meet. This way, you will know if their activity has your permission.

Besides that, monitoring your kids’ messages can help you detect if they are unknowingly interacting with child predators and pedophiles. Here’s how to identify pedophile warning signs and how to stop child predators.

mSpy Text Messages

Monitor WIFI Networks

One way of tracing your kids’ phone location is through monitoring the WIFI networks they connected with. You will know if they went to a coffee shop or visited a friend by checking whose network they used recently.

And you can easily do this with mSpy’s WIFI records. You will see the ID of the network, the date & time when the connection was established, and the location of the WIFI network.

mSpy Wifi Records

There are many great parental controls features you can use with mSpy. And you don’t need to worry about compatibility as mSpy can run on both Android and iOS devices.

How to GPS Track Your Child with mSpy

Tracking kids’ phones is made easy with mSpy. You only need to complete the steps below to get started.

  1. Sign up to mSpy services. You may click the button below to proceed.
  1. Pick a subscription package suitable for your monitoring needs.
  2. Read the complete instructions in the email mSpy sent to you to install the program onto your kids’ phone.
  3. Start tracking your kids’ GPS. Just log in to your mSpy web Dashboard and look for the Locations tab to use the features above.

Bonus: GPS Track Your Child with Scannero

If your kid’s phone is offline and you can’t get their exact location, there’s another effective way you can GPS track them. And that’s with the help of Scannero. It’s a phone tracker that does not require installing spyware; you only need to enter your child’s phone number to mark their geolocation.

Scannero Tracker

This phone tracker works by sending a phishing link to the target number. Once your child clicks it, it will automatically collect their GPS data and transmit it to you. That’s how easy it is. However, you have to compose an inviting text message. That way, your kid won’t have second thoughts clicking on the link.

Localize Process

In addition, Scannero can also track any number regardless of country of origin. This can be pretty handy if your kid has been kidnapped or brought abroad. It also supports location-tracking in all phone brands, be it Android or iOS.

Now, if you really want to successfully GPS track your child, subscribe to Scannero now!

Final Thoughts

There is no compromise when it comes to your child’s safety. And you should always keep in mind whether you have the right to know who your child is around or if it is legal to GPS track your child. This way, you will be guided on what kind of protection your child really needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides using a spyware or phone tracker, you can implement GPS wearables like armbands or watches that are synced to your mobile device. As long as your kids wear them, you can easily locate their whereabouts.

No. Once your kids turn 18, in most countries, they will have full rights and privileges as an adult; therefore, they are entitled to have a private life. But if you still want to track them, you may try asking for their consent.