Is it Illegal to Hack Someone’s Social Media?

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On this site, we have already gone over several ways in which you can hack someone’s social media accounts. In fact, we have some of the most detailed and best solutions to be found online. Whether it is on how you can hack someone’s private Instagram account, or protect your children from the dangers of Snapchat, Lifechacha is the place to go.

But there is one question we have not answered yet: Is it illegal to hack someone’s social media?

Read on, because the answer to this question is a little bit more nuanced than a simple yes or no.

Part 1: Is it Illegal to Hack your Children’s Social Media?

Let us begin with the easiest case to consider; Child monitoring and child protection.

From a legal standpoint, monitoring your children is absolutely fine. Spy apps, keyloggers, parental control settings; everything is fine if it’s to protect your offspring. But there’s a catch.

Monitoring your children becomes illegal when it extends to the children of others. Obviously, we don’t mean that you are doing it on purpose. However, if you stumble upon your kid’s friends’ private info, that’s your cue to stop.

Part 2: Is it Illegal to Hack your Spouse’s/ Partner’s Social Media?

Regardless of how long you have been together with your partner, it’s illegal to spy on them.

If you think about it, it makes sense. They may be very close or related to you, but your partner is still an adult and is entitled to their privacy.

This doesn’t mean that there are no cases where it is absolutely necessary to spy on your partner. What if they are cheating on you? There are many temptations in our lives nowadays. Worse even, there are apps specialised in matching you with other people. And not everyone using them is single.

You would definitely need to spy on your partner’s social media then, wouldn’t you?


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Part 3: Is it Illegal to Hack Your Employees’ Social Media?

There is one last situation where you would need to spy on an adult. And that would be your employees.

These cases are usually quite different. Hacking your employees’ social media is illegal. However, as their employer, you probably have a non-disclosure contract. That lets you take action to prevent fraud and safeguard your company’s secrets.

To be precise, you can spy on your employees only:

  • While they are in the office.
  • When they are using company hardware or software.
  • During their shift but not in their free time.
  • When they are handling confidential data.
  • If you suspect that they are sharing confidential information.

However, there is a catch. You are allowed to use tools like Anydesk to monitor your employees during work hours. That’s for sure. However, these are not enough to prevent actual workplace fraud.

Bonus: How to Monitor Someone’s Social Media

For parental control or performance monitoring purposes, seeing someone’s social media becomes legal and understandable.

But then comes the question: How to monitor my child’s or employee’s social media? If you’re interested, you may try this monitoring app for social media chats and activities: mSpy.


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This is an all-in-one social media monitoring app. With one app, you have the chance to see all the activities conducted on 10+ social media apps. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, Viber, Messenger, Telegram, and a few more are viewable.

With mSpy, you can read their conversations, browse the pictures, listen to the audio messages, and see likes and comments. If this is a child’s Facebook or WhatsApp, mSpy will display the contact list to you just to make sure no pedophile is around.

Is It Legal To Hack Social Media mSpy Social Media

When video chatting is also a big trend now, mSpy offers you the chance to monitor the whole conversation. Just download the video from the ScreenRecord feature of mSpy. You can see the person’s face and activity on the other end of the chat. Besides, every word is recorded.

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Concluding Remarks

To conclude, hacking into another person’s social media accounts is illegal. Thus, you should not do so lightly. However, when circumstances demand it, at least, make sure you are not caught. And with this article, you know how to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. While the general concepts about the protection and safeguarding of one’s personal data are pretty much the same, each country has its own ways of implementing them.

The GDPR is a set of regulations that establish the rights of individuals to their personal data, as far as the internet and companies are concerned. As it is a European set of laws, it is only enforced in Europe with similar systems existing everywhere else in the world.