iPhone Parental Controls – How to Put Parental Controls on iPhone/iPad

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You may think that phones are only for adults. But in today’s reality where entertainment, socializing, and learning happens online, there are compelling reasons why your kids should have a cell phone, too.

With that in mind, many parents wish to provide their kids with iPhones as they believe it’s the safest and most practical option out there.

However, the biggest obstacle that makes them think twice is the fear of their kids getting into cyberbullying, viewing inappropriate content online, or fall into a child predator’s trap.

If you are also torn between such a dilemma, worry not! In this article, we will introduce you to iPhone parental controls that can help you protect your kids. This way, you can let them enjoy their phones without worrying too much. Read on and explore!

Part 1: The Importance of Parental Controls on iPhone/iPad

You may think that iPhone parental controls are only meant for your kids protection from people who may have the intention to abuse them. In fact, there is a lot more you can do if you add parental controls to iPhone.

For example, if you are wondering why your kids are misbehaving, you may immediately think that what and who they are interacting with on their phones is a bad influence. To confirm that, a parental control on their iPad or iPhone will help you identify the cause and then proceed with a reasonable disciplinary action. This way, you can prevent your kids from growing up with a bad attitude toward themselves and others.

mSpy Parental Control
Monitor your child’s mobile device without them knowing! Stop worry, let’s take action!

  • Track real-time and history GPS location & geofence setup
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browsing history
  • Read Social Media: FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc

Aside from protecting and monitoring, you can rely on parental controls on iPhone to ensure that your kids are in a safe place. Most parental control apps now have GPS locators that can track their phone’s whereabouts. This suggests that in case of emergencies, you know where to find them.

Hence, if you are giving your kids iPhones or iPads, make sure that you enable parental settings on iPhone or pre-install spyware to help you monitor kids from a distance.

Part 2: How To Enable Built-in Parental Settings on iPhone

Parents trust iPhones and iPads because they have built-in parental settings. However, the question lies on how to enable them. Below are the most important iPhone parental controls settings that you need to pay attention to.

iphone Parental Settings

1. Disable iTunes/App Store Purchases

If you have kids who are addicted to a certain mobile game, there is a possibility that they might purchase in-game items aimlessly. To prevent this from ever happening:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Screen Time.
  • Look for the Content & Privacy Restrictions option.
  • Enter your kid’s passcode when asked.
  • Select iTunes & and App Store Purchases and then toggle “Don’t allow”.

2. Filter 18+ Web Content

Kids are naturally curious. Who knows when they will discover adult websites on Safari, right? To prevent that from inflicting confusion and damage to their innocence, iPhones and iPads have a feature that can instantly filter out inappropriate content on websites. You may use this feature to block porn sites for good. To do this:

  • In the Content & Privacy Restrictions option, select Content Restrictions.
  • Open Web Content and then pick which among the settings you’d like to enable: Unrestricted Access, Allowed Websites Only, or Limit Adult Websites.
  • If asked, add further details on the website you want to block.

3. Apply Restrictions on Game Center

One great thing about iPhone parental controls is you can restrict and regulate your kids’ mobile gaming. This way, you can prevent your kids from playing multiplayer games during study hours, add friends they barely know, message other players, and many more. To implement these:

  • Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Tap Content Restrictions.
  • Look for Game Center.
  • There, you will see which settings you’d like to restrict.

4. Set Up Screen Time

You can also control your kids’ usage of iPhone apps and the time when they’re not them. This means that you can always schedule when to allow apps and notifications on your kids device. To do this:

  • Open Settings and look for Screen Time.
  • Enable Screen Time, and then enable Downtime.
  • Choose which setting you’d like to implement: Every Day or Customize days.
  • Set up when to start the feature and when it should end

Part 3: How to Put Parental Controls on iPhone with mSpy

If you want a more potent iPad and iPhone parental controls, you will need the help of a third-party parental control app called mSpy.

mSpy can monitor all sorts of phone activities remotely. You can bet that from simple calls to blocking websites and apps, this parental control app is the best there is. In addition, it runs hidden in the background, making it easier for you to check your kids’ iPhones and iPads without getting into unnecessary fights with them.

mSpy Parental Control
Monitor your child’s mobile device without them knowing! Stop worry, let’s take action!

  • Track real-time and history GPS location & geofence setup
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browsing history
  • Read Social Media: FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc

Monitor SIM Activities

When using this iPhone parental controls app, the first things you may need to check is your kids’ SIM activities such as:

  • Calls – check your kids’ call history and monitor their outgoing, incoming, and missed calls.

  • Text Messages – read the content of their text messages and learn who they are texting with during study hours or bedtime.

  • Contacts – get the latest copy of their contact list so you can have a reference on the phone number and personal info of your kids’ friends.

 Messages mSpy

Read Social Media Chats

This mSpy feature is incredibly helpful if you want to know whether your kids have had interactions with bullies, pedophiles, or child predators. It’s common knowledge that people with malicious intent are always online on Social Media, waiting for their next victim.

So, you better check your kids’ conversations on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kik, etc. before it’s too late.

Track Facebook mSpy

Check Web Usage

Besides Social Media chats, you also need to pay attention to your kid’s Web Usage like what kinds of websites they visit and subscribe to. Kids are very curious, and you will never know they are viewing inappropriate content unless you check them yourself.

With mSpy’s Browser History and Bookmarks, you can easily review the webpages your kids opened recently.

If by any chance you discover them watching pornograhic content, you can try blocking porn on Chrome.

Browser mSpy

Block Websites/Apps

You can’t let your kids do whatever they want on their iPhones. If they spend too much time on a website, watching porn, or playing games, it’s time that you step in and block these things they are addicted to.

Record Phone Screen

When your kids have an on-going chat with someone you barely know, you can use mSpy’s Screenrecorder to get footage of their conversation. You can use this as evidence in case the person they’re chatting with has bad intentions toward your kids.

Furthermore, don’t forget to download recordings so you can submit them to proper authorities when deemed necessary.

Screen Recorder mSpy

GPS Locations & GeoFence

Two of the most important mSpy features that you need to use are GPS Locations and Geo Fence. These can help you locate your kids on the map and get you notified whenever they attempt to leave school or home without prior notice.

GPS Locations mSpy

These mSpy features are only a glimpse of what this iPhone parental control app can do. There are more functions that might interest you on the official website.

If you are interested in using mSpy for iPhone parental controls, just click on the button below to get started.


To add parental controls to kids’ iPhone is one indicator of excellent parenting. In fact, it is highly recommended as it can help you monitor your kids behavior when you are not around. If you want to put parental controls on iPhone, just follow the methods above. They’re proven effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! You can be transparent about your monitoring with your kids; however, if your kids are secretive and unruly, they might find a way to go around your iPhone parental control measures without you knowing.

Given that you have a strong relationship with your kids, it is unlikely that you will have any problems with them regarding iPad or iPhone parental controls. However, if your kids are in their teenage years and want to be as independent as possible when it comes to their phone activities, you may need to install secret monitoring programs to avoid conflict with them.