Help Now! How Do I Unhack My Phone?

By Last Updated: October 23rd, 2023Categories: Antispy

Having your phone hacked is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the worst things that can happen to someone. In the best of cases, you would lose your data and maybe have to reset or throw away your device. In the worst of cases, the hacker could gain access to your personal information as well as your bank accounts costing you a lot of money.

This is why people buy anti-spyware, and try to avoid answering spam calls and phishing emails. However, no matter how careful one may be, one can still fall victim to a hacker. After all, all it usually takes is one moment, one misclick and you can end up with your phone hacked, or some kid of malware like a keylogger installed on it.

So, is there anything you can do after you have been hacked? Is there a way to unhack your phone?

Here, we have found all the ways you can protect yourself even after your phone has been hacked. Here is how to unhack your phone.

FYI: How to Find out your Phone Has Been Hacked

Before we go into the details of how you can unhack your phone, you should make sure that your phone has indeed been hacked. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a hacker to figure that out. All it takes is to look out for some telltale signs on your phone.

You should start worrying that your phone has been hacked if you notice one of the following signs.

Your phone has gotten considerably slower.

  • We are not talking about the effects of natural wear and tear. We are talking about a sudden, inexplicable slowing down of your phone.

You see spikes in your data usage.

  • Most spyware will need to use your data or Wi-Fi to establish and maintain a connection between your phone and the hacker. Depending on the amount of data the hacker is mining from your phone, you could see an increase in your data usage.

Your phone’s battery drains too fast.

  • Spyware will inevitably put extra strain on your phone’s resources and thus, shorten its battery life.
Dead Battery Unhack Phone

Method 1 to Unhack your Phone: Use McAfee® Total Protection

If you are like most hacker victims, the way your phone got hacked was through some kind of malware like a trojan. Those are some of the most infectious and most common kinds of viruses.

The good news is that they can be found and removed even after they have infected your phone. But you will need some help.

And there is no better way to remove any kind of virus than McAfee® Total Protection.

Data Eraser Unhack Phone

McAfee® Total Protection is an antivirus that will clean your device in seconds and keep it that way so long as it is active.
What we love about it is the fact that:

  • It offers 24/7 protection for all your devices.
  • Is constantly updated to keep up with all the new viruses coming out every day.
  • It requires no user intervention.
  • It will not hinder any of your usual activities as it protects you discreetly from the background.
  • You can protect up to five or ten devices with just a minimum additional fee to the price for one device.

So, if you want to unhack your phone the easy way with McAfee® Total Protection and keep it hacker free, click on the button below;

Method 2 to Unhack your Phone: Use Data Eraser

Most experts recommend hard resetting your phone to delete all files and, hopefully, the spyware along with them.

This is, unfortunately, the only solution in such a situation, but we cannot guarantee that it will always work. Some spy apps embed themselves in your phone’s main memory, which remains intact even after a hard reset.

This is why we recommend using Data Eraser. The app will help you remove all the data from your phone, including hidden files, in a few minutes.

With Data Eraser you will not have to worry about traces of spyware being left on your phone. It will delete everything and leave nothing behind. Also, it will do so very quickly, saving you precious time that a hacker could use to gain more data.

And if you are pretty confident about being able to recognise the spyware files, and do not want to lose data unnecessarily, you can also delete just the files you want and leave everything else unscathed.

And it takes no skill to use it. Just a computer and your phone, and you can remove all the data in it.

How to Unhack your Phone with Data Eraser

Step one:

Download and install Data Eraser by clicking on the button below.

Step two:

Launch the app and connect your phone to your computer.

Step three:

After the app recognises your phone, click on the Start button.

Data Eraser Unhack Phone

Step four:

Then, select the level of security you want for your phone afterwards. We recommend High as it will delete your files and fill the spots with junk as placeholders until they are replaced.

Data Eraser Unhack Phone

Step five:

Then, click on Start and wait for the app to wipe your phone clean.

Data Eraser Unhack Phone

Method 3 to Unhack your Phone: Use Micro Guard

We understand that while the above solution will guarantee results and grant you peace of mind, the cost at which it comes might be a bit too high. After all, this is your data we are talking about.

Anything from passwords and account information, to photos of moments you treasure, can be stored in there and you probably don’t want to lose them.

If that is the case, then you should consider Micro Guard.

Micro Guard Anti Spyware

for Android

Remove bugs, malware, virus, spyware

Scan for any protential risks of privacy leak

Clear up junk and hidden apps to boost phone

Micro Guard is an app that revolutionises mobile phone security by giving you full control over what you protect while making the whole process as simple as it possibly can. (One button to start protecting your phone!)

  • It works 24/7.
  • It never fails to find and eliminate any threats.
  • It is incredibly lightweight.
  • And you can have it all with the press of a button.

Or, to be precise, two buttons. First, you should press the one below to download Micro Guard and start the process of unhacking your phone.

How to Unhack your Phone with Micro Guard

Step one:

After you have downloaded and installed Micro Guard on your phone and launched it, you will see a Scan button. Tap it to start the process.

Step two:

Micro Guard will scan your mobile and show you all the spy apps it has found. Tap on Fix all to remove them.

Step three:

For good measure, go to the Junk clean section of the app and tap on Clean to remove any surviving spyware traces.


Having your phone hacked can be a truly terrifying experience. We scarcely realise just how much info we store in those devices and just how vulnerable they are to attacks. This is why we should always protect our data and make sure to back up everything regularly in case we have to wipe our phones clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Hackers are very good at hiding their tracks, which means that no one will be able to tell for sure whether you have been hacked or not. If you want to always be sure that you are protected, though, you could install antiviruses like McAfee® Total Protection or apps like Micro Guard.

While it is not easy to do, a hacker could hack into your phone and activate your camera remotely to spy on you. They can even take photos or record videos. You should make sure to have a case that covers the camera when not in use or, at least, have software like Micro Guard installed that will protect you from such attacks.

In most cases, wiping your phone will remove all spyware from it, effectively removing the hackers as well. However, there are apps out there that remain hidden even from hard resets, which means that they will survive even a complete wipe.