How to Turn Off Web Guard The Right Way

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Many people like subscribing to mobile plans because of the services and perks included. One of the most popular services you can get on a mobile plan today is the Web Guard. It’s a free service for Metro PCS and T-Mobile subscribers.

What Is Web Guard?

The Web Guard is a service that allows Metro PCS and T-Mobile users to filter out explicit, adult content to protect one’s web browsing experience. This is practically the best way to prevent kids from watching porn and other disturbing stuff on the internet.

An Issue With Web Guard

While Web Guard is great in keeping your browsing history safe, there’s an issue that makes other users frown. Yes! Sometimes, the Web Guard makes your access to your favorite websites difficult or faulty, which spoils your web experiences. In that case, you may need to find a way how to turn off Web Guard.

Good thing you’re here! In this article, we will teach you how to disable Web Guard on Metro PCS, T-Mobile, and Chrome. We will also provide you some useful tips on how to solve websites not loading.

Part 1: Things to Check Before You Turn Off Web Guard

Before you blame T-Mobile/Metro PCS Web Guard, it is important that you find out possible culprits first as to why you can’t access some websites. There are other factors you need to consider why such an issue occurs. The most common ones are below:

Internet Connection

You need to check whether or not your internet connection/signal is strong. Signal strength and your network’s speed are a huge factor when accessing websites. Monitor your mobile data usage as well in case you’ve already hit the limit.

WIFI Signal

Website Status

There are times when your favorite websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, are down. There could be issues with their servers. To test this, try going to the website using other web browsers or devices.

Phone Storage

If your phone storage is full and your browser or favorite website can no longer store temporary files, it can cause lagging and possible websites not loading properly. You may clear your web browser’s data if you suspect it’s causing the problem.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Look for Apps/App Manager.
  • There, scroll down and find your web browser.
  • Tap it and hit “Clear Data”.

Part 2: How to Turn Off Web Guard?

If the above-mentioned factors are not the suspects, it’s highly likely that the Web Guard is the one causing the problem. With that, below are methods you can follow to turn off or disable WebGuard on MetroPCS, T-Mobile, and Chrome.

How to Turn Off T-Mobile/Metro PCS Web Guard?

Although Web Guard is a free service for T-Mobile and Metro PCS subscribers, it is optional and can be turned off at your discretion. However, you should be the primary account holder or subscriber to pull this off.

  • Launch your “My T-Mobile” app. If you can’t find it on your phone, you may install it from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Using your T-Mobile account, sign in to the app. No account? Just sign up and register your credentials.
  • On the main interface, tap on the 3-line option in the upper left corner to proceed to “Profile Settings.
  • There, look for Family Controls and toggle on “No Restrictions”.
  • Tap “Save” to turn off Web Guard completely.

In case installing an app is a bother to you, you may do the same process using T-Mobile Website. Just log in to your T-Mobile account there and follow the steps as prescribed to disable Web Guard.

T-Mobile App

T-Mobile Web Guard Won’t Turn Off – What to Do?

When your Web Guard won’t turn off after trying the steps above, check your internet connection. Changing the settings on the app or via the T-Mobile website requires internet access to apply changes successfully. You may also refresh the app or reload the page, and that should fix the issue right away.

If your T-Mobile still won’t turn off, you may contact your network provider for guidance.

How to Disable Web Guard – Chrome

Disabling Web Guard on Chrome is pretty straightforward. You don’t have to complete complicated steps to do it.

For Mobile:

  • Open your Chrome app.
  • Go to Settings and find Privacy/Security.
  • There, you can toggle off Web Guard or Safe Browsing.

For Desktop:

  • On the URL bar, paste “chrome://settings/security” and then hit Enter.
  • Remove the check beside the “Enable Web Guard”.
  • Then, save your changes by clicking OK.

If you have installed Chrome extensions similar to Web Guard, you can disable them on the “Extensions” . You can access the extensions settings page by clicking the 3-dot option on the upper right corner. Then, hover over “More tools” to proceed to Extensions.

Part 3: What to Do if Disabling Web Guard Doesn’t Work?

If you’ve already done the suggestions above, and your favorite websites are still inaccessible, it’s possible that someone installed a hidden website blocker on your phone. Another instance is when your phone is bugged by malware and viruses.

The best thing to do is to use McAfee to remove hidden apps and viruses. This powerful program can deeply scan into your device and protect you from offline and online threats 24/7.

McAfee Poster


McAfee’s antivirus system can instantly detect potential threats such as bugs, malware, and spyware that could try to block your favorite websites. In just one click, you can effortlessly get rid of the issues that are causing inconvenience to your mobile browsing.

McAfee Anti Virus

Virtual Private Network

This reliable tool also has an extra feature called VPN. It allows your device to connect to private networks that will allow you to access blocked websites without fear of tracking, etc. Yes! This can put a shield on your web browsing activity so you can enjoy every website you visit without interruption.


Device compatibility is not a concern with McAfee. It can run on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. Yes! You can install it to all of your devices for total protection.

So, if you think it’s not the Metro PCS Web Guard that’s causing the problem, it’s time to consider McAfee for an all-out protection. Subscribe now by hitting the button below.


Browsing the web to watch videos and read interesting posts is perhaps the primary source of entertainment for many of us.That’s why network providers have made sure you can access services like Web Guard to ensure that we only get quality websites and content when surfing the web.

But if it’s the one causing you headaches online, the suggestion above will help you how turn off Web Guard for good. Try them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

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