Gotcha! – How To Know If Someone Is Chatting On Messenger

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With its ability to reach almost every people around the globe, There’s no doubt why Facebook Messenger is considered one of the most famous instant messaging apps today. However, the app has a downside that it can ruin a relationship or worse, a family.

With Facebook Messenger, people are free to chat with anyone they like, and with just one “Hi” and “Hello” Boom! The Facebook cheating extravaganza begins!

Finding the Truth

Perhaps you’re here because you’re getting paranoid about your partner’s sudden changes in their behavior. As they keep on refusing to show their messages to you, they’re being shady and they even can’t keep their hands off their phone.

Do you wonder if there’s a way you can find out the truth? Well, you’re in a perfect place. In this guide, we will show you how to tell if someone is online on Facebook Messenger and know if they are chatting with someone else.

How to Tell if Someone is Online on Facebook Messenger

You will know when someone is chatting on Facebook Messenger if they are online. This means they can instantly receive messages or are currently in a conversation with someone. But how to tell if someone is online on Facebook Messenger?

Well even if Facebook and Facebook Messenger are two different apps, these two are synchronized. This means if someone is online on Facebook their FB Messenger status will also be the same.

How to Tell if Someone is Online on Facebook Messenger

You will know if someone is online on Facebook Messenger if you see a green dot beside their profile. You will also if they have been currently online as the green dot will be replaced with the number of minutes since they were last online.

Now, if your trying to catch a nasty cheater this feature could be very helpful if you want to confront them. But cheaters are not dumb, they will probably make up a lame excuse to get out of the situation. What you need to do is collect enough evidence so you can prove your claim.


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Tell if Someone is on Facebook Messenger with eyeZy

One of the best ways to collect evidence and know if someone is cheating on Facebook is by using a trustworthy tool like eyeZy.

eyeZy is the ultimate cheater-catching tool in the market today. It is packed with amazing features that will help you catch a cheater red-handed!

This tool can easily penetrate into your target’s phone and access his/her Facebook Messenger. You then be able to read all those nasty messages and prove whether they are cheating or not. Aside from Facebook, eyeZy can also access your target’s inbox on Snapchat, Instagram, and other Social Media sites.

If you want to fully access your target’s account, the Keylogger feature is the best option. This will allow you to see possible passwords and usernames that you can use to bypass their Facebook and other social accounts. Pretty amazing right?


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Aside from that, eyeZy has a Screen Recorder feature that will help you record conversations and tell if someone is in a video chat on Facebook Messenger. The face is your partner’s possible lover will finally be revealed.

With its simple interface, you will feel no pressure at all while doing the process. You also don’t need to worry because this app works perfectly whether you’re an iOS or an Android user.

Now that you know about eyeZy, let the investigation begin.

Steps on How to Tell if Someone is on Facebook Messenger

Step 1: Go to the eyeZy official page and click Try to create an account.

Step 2: After creating, follow the instructions and prepare the necessary requirements as stated in the sent email. Next, use the installation wizard to set up eyeZy on your target device.

Step 3: Once eyeZy is installed, go to your own device and log in with your account. From there access the Dashboard.

Step 4: After that, hit the Facebook Tracking feature to read their messages.

eyeZY Facebook Tracking

Step 5: On the Keylogger feature, select Messenger or Facebook and you should instantly see the recorded keystrokes. Browse until you find your target.

eyeZY Keyloggers

Step 6: To record their conversations, access the Screen Recorder feature, choose Messenger and by your next log, the footage will be ready.

eyeZY Screen Recorder

eyeZy still has a lot of powerful features to offer, get it now and know the truth!


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I caught my Partner Cheating – How to Deal with it?

One of the best ways to deal if you found out that your partner is cheating is by talking calmly. Ask him/her about the truth; let them talk and explain their side. If he or she denies it and lies to your face, show him/her the proof.

What To Do If Your Partner Is Cheating

We should always remember that in a relationship, honesty and communication are very important. Therefore, you and your partner should deal with the entire situation, whether you decide to fix the problem and stay with your partner or walk away and just move on. Just remember that everyone deserves a faithful and loyal partner, and no one deserves to question their worth.

Final Thoughts

Secrecy is never and will never be good when you’re in a relationship. There will always be consequences to your actions. We should always keep in mind that there is no secret that cannot be revealed. Therefore, stay faithful to prevent headache and karma.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the blue dot mean on Messenger?2022-07-14T07:27:58+00:00

The blue dot on messenger means that you have an unread message from your contacts and it will just disappear once you have read the message.

Does a green dot mean someone is actually chatting or just on Facebook?2022-07-14T07:26:54+00:00

The green dot does not mean that someone is chatting. A green dot means that the person is currently online.