(Stop Them!)How To Tell If Someone Read Your Text On Android

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Text messaging is one of the most popular ways of communication. We can reach people from afar and send them messages whenever we want.

Yet sometimes, reaching people and relaying a certain message can be quite a hassle, especially when the receiver does not read your messages right away. And some of us get annoyed and lose patience while waiting and wanting to know if they have read our messages.

But no matter how helpful text messaging can be, people with bad intentions can still use it to steal your data. Yes, data breach through text messaging is possible. And the worst part is, victims, don’t even know their messages are being hacked!

Now, to solve the issues mentioned above and to know how to tell if someone read your text on Android and to know if someone is secretly reading your messages, stay tuned! We have compiled different ways to help you out.

Part 1: How to Tell if Someone Read your Text on Android

For the first case, we have to figure out how to tell if someone has received and read your messages. Check it out.

Turn on the Read Receipt Option to Tell if Someone Read your Text on Android

An easy way to help you see if someone read your text is to enable the Read Receipt option. It is a built-in feature on your Android Messages app that lets you monitor if your messages were sent, delivered, and seen by the receiver. With this feature, you can tell if someone reads your text on Android.

Turn on the Read Receipt Option

Here’s how to enable Read Receipt on Android

  • Launch the Messages app on your Android device.
  • Access Settings and find the Chat Options/Features.
  • Next, look for the Read Receipt option and enable it.

Caution! – Your Data Might be at Risk through Text Messaging

The Read Receipt option is indeed helpful when it comes to knowing if your messages were successfully sent to the receiver. You will also know if they have already read the messages or not. But there are certain issues with text messaging that we need to address urgently.

Your Data Might Be At Risk Through Text Messaging

Not a lot of people know this, but the data and information you share through text messaging might be at risk. People with bad intentions may try to steal them and use them against you by installing spyware on your phone.

Read the tip we included below, this will help you prevent and remove such risk on your end.

Part 2: Protect your Data – How To See If Someone Secretly Read Your Text

Have you ever felt that someone is secretly watching you? Like a certain person tracks your every move and knows all the things about you. We can all agree that it’s creepy and scary.

As of today, there are a lot of spy apps available that people can use to spy on others. Spy apps have a lot of good benefits if used properly. But if handled by unlawful hackers, things will definitely be the other way around.

Hacker Reading Text Messages

One of the common things hackers do to obtain personal information from their victims is by hacking their text messages. Most of us still exchange personal messages and information with our family or clients through text. And if dangerous hackers can get their hands on them, they might use them to harm us.

If you think someone is snooping on your text messages and want to know how to tell if someone read your text on Android, then read on.

A Spyware Could be Installed on Your Phone! – Here’s How to Know

As I’ve said, if someone is really reading your messages without you knowing, then they could be using spyware installed on your phone to track you.
You may try to look for the spyware, but surely the hackers have hidden it well so you won’t find it easily. You can also try out these codes to see if your phone is really hacked. Or you may check some physical signs of hacking on your phone like;

  • Overheating
  • Constant Crashing
  • Unusual Battery Draining

Now, if you found out that your phone is indeed hacked using these methods and signs, then you should take action immediately.

Tell if Someone Read your Text on Android with McAfee Total Protection

When it comes to removing spyware on Android, there is one name that shines among the others- McAfee Total Protection.

This tool is one of the most reliable and effective anti-spyware apps in the market today. It safely scans and effectively removes any harmful spy tools on your Android phone. This is the perfect tool if you want to stop someone from reading your messages and prevent them from leaking your private information.

McAfee Poster

McAfee can detect any type of spyware like Keylogger, and more. Aside from that, it also removes harmful bugs and malware that may try to mess up your phone’s system.

With McAfee, your data is guaranteed to be 100% safe! No need to trouble yourself in finding the right method to remove spyware. McAfee can help you out with no hassle. Try it now!

Steps to Remove Spyware on Android via McAfee Total Protection

Step 1: Create your McAfee account, then choose a subscription of your choice. After the registration, you should receive an Activation Code.

Step 2: Head on to your device and download and install McAfee Mobile Security on Google Play.

Step 3: Launch the app and click the Enter Activation Code button. Next, enter the code you received.

McAfee Installation Antivirus Setup

Step 4: Follow the instructions prompted and grant all permissions.

Step 5: Go back to the apps’ main menu and hit Scan. After that, all installed spyware on your phone will pop out. Hit the Resolve button to get rid of them.

McAfee Remove Spyware

After that, rest assured that your messages will be safe and secure.

Ending Note

Text Messages are meant to be received and must be kept between the sender and receiver. That is why if you are stuck in a situation as we mentioned above, feel free to use the methods we provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from you and the receiver, your service provider can also view your text messages. But they can only do it if you send a request.

Yes, you can. You may use a monitoring app like mSpy that lets you have access to your target’s text messages, and their Social Media messages.