How to Tell If A Man Over 50 Likes You (11 Subtle Signs)

By Last Updated: January 12th, 2023Categories: Relationship Counseling

“Age doesn’t matter”

We always hear that saying time and again when it comes to adult relationships. Well, that’s kind of true. You see, there are many women in this world who’re into older men, because they want someone emotionally mature and stable. Love is never about age, but the right feelings. If you feel happy when you’re with the person, it’s all that matters

There’s no shame in that as long as you like each other and the connection is not forced. But things might not go well all the time.if you like a man over 50, but you’re unsure if he likes you back. This article is written for you! Read on and check out important signs that can help you how tell if a man over 50 likes you.

1. He Makes Extra Effort to Meet You

A man over 50 is usually busy with his life, especially if he’s a widower and has children to attend to. If he makes an effort just to see you on time and however far you are, that simply shows he’s interested in you in a serious way.

Like he drives or takes the bus or train even if you’re place is too far from where he’s taking. That takes a lot of courage, especially when he’s no longer used to traveling to faraway places. Or if you’re overseas, he buys you tickets no matter the cost just to meet you in person.

Typically, men who are in their 50s have been through a lot. They are usually tired from work and would rather just sit on the couch and drink a glass of whiskey. And that’s something you should take into account. The amount of energy and effort just to see you takes a lot of head space.

It can also be an indication that the man has made you one of his priorities.

2. He’s Being Protective of You

Men over 50 tend to act like parents sometimes. So, if the man who’s been your friend for quite some time shows protective gestures, there’s a high chance he likes you. He doesn’t want you to be in harm’s way because he thinks he knows what’s best for you.

Dating Men Over 50

One clear example is when he takes the time to know where you are and if you’ve gotten home safely. He may also show subtle suspicion over some guys who try to get your attention.

3. He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

This is quite an obvious sign. You see, introducing a potential partner to family members and frieds is kind of a serious gesture. He wants you to know the people around him, and that you are welcome in his circle.

That way, you’d also know that there are people who can support the both of you on his side. And you have to know that such a move is born out of sincerity. Because if he’s just playing with you, he won’t ever bother to let his loved ones know about your existence.

This can also apply if he ever asks you to allow him to meet your family and friends, too.

4. He’s Understanding to You

Most of the time, a man over 50 does not have the patience to deal with all your issues. But if he ever puts in effort to understand each and every situation you’re in, be it good or bad, that’s a sign that he likes you.

You can feel that he’s understanding when he doesn’t want to put more pressure on your shoulder. He also understands that you have your own struggles that you have to fix on your own.

He also respects your time and space, and doesn’t disturb you unnecessarily whenever you need time to be alone.

5. He Sends You Gifts and Surprises

If he’s working far away, and he’s not able to meet you every day or every weekend, he will find a way to reach out. And giving gifts is one way to do it.

Gift Giving

If he frequently sends you flowers, chocolates, and gifts without any reason, he really likes you. He can’t help himself but spend a couple of bucks just to paint a smile on your face. You see, some people’s love language is through giving gifts.

6. He’s Comfortable Sharing Personal Problems with You

Sometimes, you’d know that a man likes you when he can be himself around you. It’s fairly evident when he can tell you his thoughts and stories freely, without fear that you’d judge him.

You can feel this whenever he tries to share his troubles with his kids, like if they got bad grades at school or got into a fight. He might even talk about his ex-wife with you and why they got divorced. Another thing is when he discusses with you his retirement plans. Like why tell you if you’re not included in them, right?

You see, sharing all his personal experiences is an indication that he trusts you and that he wants you to know who he was and who he is now. That way, you’d get a better picture of how he’d become if you ever accept him as your man. Of course, he’d do this in a very natural and subtle way. You won’t even realize that you are starting to know more about him.

7. He Does Unexpected Things to Make You Happy

Even though he’s a serious person, he tries to pull off silly and corny jokes just to make you laugh. This is because he wants to see you smile. That makes him happy in levels you may never know. An obvious sign that he likes you.

He’d even go as far as to be spontaneous with every plan you have in mind, even if you don’t expect him to be that way. And he’d try new experiences just to enjoy them with you. Whatever he does, the end goal is always to make you happy.

You can also conclude he likes you when he does something that you’d never expect him, of all people, to do. For example, he might go serenade you in front of many people, even though his voice isn’t that good. Yes! All the things he’s afraid to do, but he does it anyway to impress you.

8. He’s Trying to Look Younger

Now, if he makes an effort to buy new clothes to follow trendy fashion for young men, it shows that he wants to be a perfect match with you. This is especially evident when you go out on a date or when he tries to meet up with you.

You will also notice this when comparing the first time you met and the recent meetups. You’d see a subtle change in his vibe and aura. He may start building some muscles and get his body more fit to compete with younger individuals. Another thing he’d do would be getting a new haircut. And it’s not just any other haircut, he’d even try the new haircut styles for younger men.

Older Men Work Out

Perhaps, he’s unaware that he’s trying to look younger. He may just be trying to look more attractive to you. Regardless, it is his way of saying that can compete with other guys who also like you.

9. He Asked You if You’re Single

“Are you single?” This is every man’s number one question when it comes to dating someone. It doesn’t matter if the man is older or younger than you. If he ever asked this question before, it’s a sign that he’s interested to be in your life.

Also for older men, they want to be sure that you have no other relationships so he won’t get into trouble. This is valid, especially these days where cheating has become more prevalent.

And of course, every “Are you single?” question comes with “Can I get your number?”

10. He Helps You whenever You Need A Hand

Older men have a tendency to be a father-figure, problem solver, and a superhero if need be. If he’s always there to help you or be there with you whenever you’re in trouble or whatnot, that’s love.

When he helps you, it’s a way for him to tell you that you can always run to him if you ever need help or feel lost.

11. He Says He Likes You Through His Small Gestures

Even though most men in their 50s are direct and frank about what they want, sometimes, they just can’t. This is especially true when they’re in love. You see love makes the heart younger, so he might feel a little shy to confess to you that’s why he’d rather show his affection in small doses.

Gestures Dating

You may not notice it right away, but you have to look closely at his gestures toward you. When you go out for a dinner, he’d pull the chair for you to make sure you’re seated comfortably. And when you hang out to watch a movie or play a game somewhere, he can’t help but stare at you or even try to hold your hand, especially when you’re not looking at him. He finds you beautiful.

And whenever you are sick, he never fails to send you fruits and flowers to uplift your mood. Those are sweet and cure gestures, but they are a language of love as well. No matter how much he hides his attraction toward you, it just shows.

Final Thoughts

If you like a man over 50 and you want to know if he likes you back, the 10 most common signs above can definitely help you get started. However, there are also signs a man over 50 likes you that’s not listed here, because only you and your instinct can tell.

But always remember the most important thing– don’t assume things. You have to observe closely. And if the mentioned signs happen to come up, start there and ask him directly whether he likes you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! However, you have to make sure that he’s already fixed all his issues with the previous marriage. That way, you won’t encounter any problems when dating him. You’d want a man who’s focused on you, not on his past.

The answer to this question varies depending on the person. However, men over 50 most commonly look for someone they can trust and rely on for the long term. They want someone serious enough to take them not for their age but because they are genuinely in love.